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Re: Experiments {Silv/Astarte}

Oooh, yesyes, your workshop! AuraSidra gushed, and pranced up to the edge of the wooden incline with her usual, youthful enthusiasm. The moment her hoof touched it, however, she paused. Lifted her leg. Sniffed at the strange, dead wood that spiraled and twisted up into the air. She had walked uphill before, of course, but this was... Different, somehow. Uphill was still on the ground, and this lifted her friend up over her head, making the blue filly crane her neck back to keep the vibrant young mare in sight.

OakHeart paused as well, watching her, curious about what she would do. This could easily be a defining moment in what sort of leader the young one would grow to be.

That she didn't even look to him spoke volumes; not for reassurance, nor for his own reaction. She sniffed the wood, looked at her friend who so confidently strode upwards into the air, tapped the incline with her hoof once more, and took a few deliberate steps. Once she had a feel for the angle and the strange, hollow vibration that tickled with every step, she was right back to her usual, bouncy pace.

Interesting, OakHeart thought, and shook his head slightly as he also grew used to the new way the incline interacted with his step - it was different than walking on grass or sand, different than the rough mountain stone. He could understand her hesitation and found it all the more reason to approve of her willingness to try it herself; those who relied too heavily on others during uncertainty did not in truth lead anything.

Glancing up let him see the pretty flower bobbing along, tucked safely behind Astarte's left ear. The sight made him smile; a pretty flower for a pretty desert blossom.

Grinning about all these Books?, AuraSidra asked, and though she was teasing him it told him that she had looked back to check on him; another hopeful trait.

Grinning at Astarte, he corrected, and didn't bother at all to quiet his voice as he added his thoughts. A pretty flower for a pretty desert blossom. You found a very impressive friend, Princess. Try not to screw it up.

AuraSidra snorted at the thought, flicking her tail at his nose as she cawed I love Astarte more than you do! At least until you get ahold of those Books, she teased, and there was a tone of amusement in her voice as she said I would be hard pressed to match that level of enthusiasm.

She could see it now, what she had missed before; OakHeart loved learning. AuraSidra had always believed he was simply excited about his talents, but if he was truly never done learning new ways to see the world around him then that would be the source of his joy; learning, discovering, expanding.

They passed a landing and a doorway - a new set of flooring beyond it, and now the term of the 'third floor' began to make sense. How anyone brought another ground to float above their heads, and another above that, was well beyond them, but the marvel of the achievement was well worth the puzzlement.

That thought reminded AuraSidra of something that had occurred to her a moment before, and she trotted forward a few steps so that she was within striking range of her older friend's tail.

When you said it was usually in a place, this library, she asked, and swiveled her ears as some new sound reached them, Did you mean that it sometimes is not? Our home moves like that, as well, and even has layers upon itself like your Tower. Somehow, in a manner that none had ever been able to figure out, there were forests stacked upon forests within their home realm, but not in any way that would be obvious - they didn't have a whole lot of floating islands, and there were no roots in the sky.

What she didn't know was that it was better to think of it as all being stacked in the same area, one atop another, and a step sideways - or up or down - would shift them into that other space that was almost where they had been standing previously. OakHeart had only just begun to try and understand the nature of such a land, but Eternal, with her abilities that matched that of their Bonded, was the only one to truly grasp the reality of their realm.

Maybe you can find a Book about the concept, within this library, OakHeart said lightly, and grinned as she all but chittered with enthusiasm. That would unquestionably help her to see their world a little differently!