The Gathering

Take your Serians here to chat or just roam their homeland.
The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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The Gathering

It was a party of sorts, and yet at the same time it was an entirely unremarkable event. They were gathered here, all together in the fields once again; or at least those that weren't otherwise occupied.

Hybrid had been wandering deep caverns for a while now, getting to know the darkness better. Sparkle had left with Tribe and Sign some time ago, attempting to help the little blue mare heal a little bit - when she wasn't visiting the realm of Pendar she had to be actively looked after, babysat in a way, to ensure she didn't deteriorate further. Path had gone to find her mate, to build trust back into their own relationship, and Thorn had been instructed to get his jaded, dark-hearted self out and about before something poked him for a change. Breeze and Nova had been wandering for some time out here, the pair spotted in the blissful thrall of true love as they simply went out walking together. Caelum was lingering in Pendar, having come across a strangely unsociable stallion in a cruel desert; while Sign and Tribe oft visited their sister-realm, Caelum was the only one to linger still. The mares were known for flickering back and forth, whenever their friends were to be found in the sister-realm.

The rest, however, had joined here for the simple sake of coming together. They did so regularly, sharing in treats around a great bonfire back home, so socializing was not at all a strange concept. Today's even had a slightly different feel; a little more formality, some more structure, a planned event rather than one that happened regularly. Besides, there were no juicy bits of fruit or sweet clumps of sugar or other treats for them to nibble on around the Great Fires.

The sensation was only because this was more than merely living, and they all knew it. Eating together, sitting around the Great Fire, that was part of their lives. Coming together to reconnect now and again; that was an event, a party, a Gathering of Kinds. They would meet up in different areas, one home or another, or else find a clearing within one of the neutral woodlands that were known to be scattered between.

This morning, they were all in the fields of their birthlands, all eight who remained for this Gathering. The other nine would come to different events, of which some of the current members wouldn't be able to attend. It balanced.

Eternal was leading the current Gathering, and in her absence Caustic would have led. Flint would take over if both of them were occupied, and so on down the chain of command on who was the most like an older sibling to care for the others. This was Eternal's first Gathering within her new bond-herd and she found it only proper that she should attend and lead such an event.

They were milling about, as crowds will, talking easily and shifting around to get comfortable. With a mild word she instructed to Shiro to break out his panpipes and begin to play, an approving smile curving her muzzle as the music began to underscore conversations. After a moment she picked up her own instrument - crystal chimes which struck against glimmering strings of silver whenever she tapped them with a hoof, creating a sound not unlike an ethereal piano.

Flint was laying his head upon his mate's back while he played his panpipes, a peaceful expression crossing his face as he listened to Shiro play. Caustic was nodding to something Darroch was saying, an expression of such seriousness set in his features it was nearly severe. BlackIce and Frolic had their heads bent with Thyme, all of whom seemed entirely engaged in anecdotes of the past. It was a simple moment, and yet it completely enveloped each of them in a different way.

Pleased, Eternal half closed her eyes and played on, allowing the melodies she and Shiro wove together to dance through her mind and take control of her heart. This was a good start.

OOC| This can be either a party-type thread or simply a self RP. No pressures! I plan on keeping it going for a while, swapping out some for others where required, so feel free to come in and pop out as y'all'd like. :)
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Re: The Gathering

I like the strength of trees, Darroch said while the two played their music, a wistful grin crossing his face. And I like art. I think I get that from Momma, that softer, creative aspect; she dances, you know. I like color and shape and bringing out patterns in the plants. I have these willows back home that have been woven into lace designs, and within each is a face. You are in one.

Caustic blinked, surprised. He had asked how Darroch's self-exploration had been going, the one that had started shortly after meeting his father for the first time. The boy was older, had outgrown his name of Green-Horn and into Oak-Heart.

You've created a likeness of me in your homeland?

Of everyone, he said firmly, looking right at Caustic's forehead. While I was young, when I really needed him, Pixie was not around. But my bond-mates were. You are all my family.

Especially Hybrid.

Oh, yes. Most especially Hybrid.

When did you see him last?

Before he left for the caverns, Darroch admitted, and couldn't suppress a mild squirm of worry. Caustic grinned a little at the uncomfortable move; the lad was older, yes, but still young as of yet.

He is fine. You would know if there were any danger for him. Now tell me more of your travels. What did you find?

There is a land made entirely of Crystal, Darroch answered, his gaze slipping off somewhere far away, I found that first. It is strange, to be in an area where you are surrounded by rock and stone, even the pretty shiny sort such as crystal. I could feel it, as I feel all things from nature, but I couldn't speak to it oddly enough. I connect best with the plants and earth, less with stones.

Caustic nodded, considering such an area. The only life he would have to watch for would be the ones which might live there; an interesting concept. He preferred his own dark home, but at the least he now had a location he could visit without having too much to hinder him. Preparations, cautionary measures, the whole lot of it just ruined the aspect of open travel. It got quite annoying at times, not being able (or more accurately, allowed) to simply move about with a complete disregard for life.

I came across another realm that had a strange sticky substance black as midnight. It looked to be a dark lake, and it smelled horrid. I have no idea what it is, or what sort of creatures lived there, as they came at a dead run and it was impressed upon me that a hasty exit would be in my favor. I made a note to avoid that land in the future.

What of the creatures? Have you met any of interest - such as Nova's sun-bears, as she calls them?

I did meet Nova's sun-bears, actually, and they seemed amused at the fact that this was her name for them. They are actually quite dark, a rich brown like good soil, and they were quite friendly as she promised. We shared a good meal and I told them some of my travels as well. One had a new babe with her; it was quite the cute little ball of fur.

If they were so impressed with you, you must have minded your manners well. Nova said they are a very proper sort.

Path is my mother, Darroch grinned, and that got a dry chuckle out of the warrior.

Path, he knew, was to blame for the odd way in which Darroch talked. He didn't use the old tongue, not as the mare did, yet Caustic had yet to catch him using a contraction either. He was friendly and of strong heart, yet he was also easily distracted and appreciated the subtler, sweeter parts of life. Such as growing his trees into having lace-moss semblances of his bond-mates.

He had added a new one for Eternal, of course, and under her supervision as to where it would be placed. He had a feeling upon their first introduction that while the notion itself would please her, having the right to have some say in it would please her more. She was very much the sort to like having her hoof in things, he thought. Like Darroch, she would often simply stop and listen, watching closely.

Caustic found the concept amusing, that the young one would be capable of remaining so perfectly still while he listened and yet very nearly continuously shifted or swayed with the motion of the plants. He very much doubted that Oak-Heart was even aware of it; as the grass would bend and lean in the wind, so would Darroch. Was there ever a time where he wasn't intimately tied into nature in all forms?

I discovered something, something more than strange lands and interesting creatures, he went on to say. He seemed almost perversely comfortable with the other stallion, even though Caustic brought death with his every step. Perhaps it was young confidence, perhaps it was something else, but Darroch had very rarely ever seemed to be shaken. Another trait he got from Path, perhaps; it was hard to tell. Nobody seemed to know very much about Pixie at all. My favorite part was watching them all live. Seeing how they walked around or used, interacted with the plants and nature all around them, I loved that. They all saw the world so differently, and so they all treated it differently. Learning to live with and see the land through their eyes while still knowing it as it new itself was a fascinating experience. There was a species of long-legged creatures that would walk on tip-toe simply to keep from harming the grasses and yet they would shake entire trees with all their might just to get the fruit to fall!

Caustic nodded, his expression serious, almost to the point of being severe. He was listening, taking note of what the young one had discovered about himself. For as long as he had known the lad he had been distractable, ever shifting and growing as if he were a tree himself. Now, having finally gotten some answers as to who and what he had come from, he was determined to know who and what he himself had become. It made sense; it was this very knowledge which seemed to underscore Eternal's strength.

You still shift about restlessly, Caustic noted, his rough voice holding a hint of amusement as Darroch flicked an ear towards him curiously. Few things can ever hold your complete interest. Did you find any place, any of such interactions, that encouraged you to be perfectly still and silent?

Rather than shifting about with the rustle of a bush was thought yet left unsaid. Nature was not still, although it was often silent; they both knew that. Plants turned with the sun, branches bowed under the weight of fruit, leaves and squirrels, the wind earned a chorus of whispers as green danced with green. No, it was not still, and Darroch had an equal number of small twitches. One had to look close to truly notice them; he didn't exactly wriggle. But Caustic did look close, so he saw the shift of the young stud's weight from one hoof to another, the twitch of his tail, the tilt of an ear, the way his face tilted ever to slightly to bring some other green-thing into his line of sight for a moment, or the slight flexing of his spine. Darroch was a fascinating fellow to Caustic; mostly because he had never gotten the chance to watch the development of a foal before. He had stripped Frolic of her sense of self, all the fluff and padding that life and time had heaped upon her by which she defined who she was. He had taken away all of those experiences and left her with nothing but her own core truths. And from there she had begun to rebuild. Watching the process of growing, of life and time helping to fill out what a Serian saw in themselves, this was something Caustic was unfamiliar with.

Oh, I am sure there were a few instances, Oak-Heart was saying now, tilting a back leg to rest his hoof on the very tip, Yet none happened to catch my attention. I was particularly fascinated with the methods of one land on growing vines into particular patterns, however. I may have gone still for perhaps half a breath at that point.

Caustic grinned. Darroch, he decided, was doing a fine job in understanding himself, and he was doing credit to everyone by finding out what lay within his own heart. Yet the lad had as of yet to find something which would awaken his true passion.

When he did, Caustic decided, it would be something that would not only grab his entire focus to the point of going completely still, but it would completely uproot the colt's entire world. Rather than having it be another thing of interest, it would become an intent focus for him - and that fact alone would be frightening.

He was looking forward to when Darroch found what - or perhaps who - would possibly have the talent to do this, yet it seemed to be nowhere within the near future for the young stud. It was a shame, really. Caustic loved to see others knocked off their hooves.

Oh well. At least the colt knew how to properly observe. He supposed Hybrid was to thank for that. Hybrid like to act, to do, and would only really talk if he was comfortable or else felt strongly about something. Path herself was rarely so still and silence made her uncomfortable unless she was around someone she trusted implicitly.

All in all, Caustic thought Darroch was growing to become a fairly tolerable stallion.

It is actually quite an interesting process they use, too. See, they actually understand a few base facts about climbing ivies and...

Ah, but the boy was such a gardener. Tilting an ear, Caustic shifted his own weight and got ready to learn a little too much about that particular method of guiding ivies into desired forms.
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Re: The Gathering

It's lonely, BlackIce noted with a solemnity that could only be heard from one with too many years behind him. That's what mostly gets me, y'know. These young'uns now, they have no real sense of what it is to be a Serian.

Back in my day the fields were buzzing with others, Frolic agreed, although she wouldn't admit that having been drawn into using such a term as 'back in my day' by BlackIce made her feel rather ridiculous. She wasn't quite that old. Not yet.

Perhaps it isn't quite as crowded, but we shouldn't shorthand them, either. Darroch has visited his birthlands a fair few times, and even now half our number are out with others. Glimmer and Horsefeathers will be gone for quite some time, if their need to wander together is anything to judge by.

Nonsense, BlackIce grunted, giving a rough toss of his mane to accentuate his point, Enough time has passed to have completed three journeys by now! Yet still they've not even checked in.

At least we know that danger is unlikely; the worst events have always been fighting with others.

You never did finish your one tale of which fight got Path so terrified of the sea.

It must have been one hum-dinger of a round!

Frolic snorted, clearly displeased at the memory. Disapproval poured from every inch of her. The tale she told was one of a first sea-outing, one where she had hoped to come upon her mate again - and for a moment had, but only the briefest of moments. She had swam out to explore the reef and sea treasures when these horrible dolphins teamed up with a disgrace of a stallion. She was dunked, held under and couldn't find her way back up.

Thyme tsk'd sympathetically while BlackIce flattened his ears in distaste, the cold ice of his home seeping into his voice. Disgraceful! Sparkle is living proof that such games in the water can be a joy, if only done with respect. Even while I roamed unbonded I would not have considered such an act.

You had other concerns, your own responsibilities. Staying safe from what lay outside the fields whenever you had to wander there for extra food, for instance, or making sure that sister of yours had no need to go out there herself.

One might think that should a true tragedy befall such creatures they might learn to grow up. Indeed, when I met Spin I had nothing more than a comfortable life and so fell into a comfortable love; one which has not managed to weather the family insanity. Perhaps if I had gone through these ordeals first, I would have held a greater character and found stronger bonds.

You've come out of it beautifully, all the same. They are your family, and in his case even your Circle; to lose any true bond with even that is devastating.

Not so much as you have, good sir. Even I required time for meditation upon my arrival to our realm, time to sit amid the openings to my caves and watch the critters and visitors live in peace before I could adjust. You seem to have adjusted almost instantly.

There was some stumbling, even for me, Thyme murmured, dipping his head graciously with a small smile. In my day Serians did not keep to themselves as much as they seem to prefer now. It was not enough to have the bond-herd; that of a Circle was required, one of proper binding to never be undone. I was alone for a long time after my bonded left me, without even a Circle Home to rely upon; to have others around, even those creatures which share my thick woodland, was a relief and comfort. Though still I find myself slightly surprised now and again to look up and find someone else with me.

At least you were smart enough to welcome such a change, not like my own sister.

How is she?

Wouldn't know, BlackIce grunted, a disapproving frown creasing his muzzle, Hadn't seen her back here since she chose.

That's a shame, Frolic soothed, and the three of them nodded together, their minds spinning in different directions.

What made you choose to come here to us?

Bah, that wee bonded went and showed me an easy respect, one I couldn't resist. Fell right in with the likes of me, quite happy to just go right along with whatever I had need of. How does someone turn away such instant companionship?

It is a difficult feat, at best. She was the best choice for each of us, although I hear she is withdrawing contact with any strange Serians.


Where did you hear such a thing?

From the Lady Eternal. She and our bonded have sat together, just as each of us have in our own homes, and it is said that she fears losing sight of us as anything other than a grouping, a herd.

She would be opposed to having us become anything resembling a collection to her, or even having those others who have bonded to our kind think such of her, Frolic mused, and yet disquiet still rested on her face. I don't believe such could happen. Not with her.

Think you there be danger of losing even this one, as well? I would like to keep such bonds as we have together, should the worst befall.

No, no, Thyme muttered, shaking his head slightly as he tossed a look to Eternal and Shiro playing their music, That is precisely the reason The Lady gave when I heard this news. Songhue does not wish to take us for granted, to have our bonds diminished.

If this is true, BlackIce mused, a strange spark emerging from the depths of his gaze, Then this is it. We are all we have together, in our bond-herd.

They were silent a moment, each of them digesting that in their own ways. No more upset whenever a new Serian came in, as they learned how they fit within the group. No more discovering strange new parts of their realm that had previously been overlooked.

What of Glimmer and Horsefeathers, Frolic fussed, a deep note of worry in her voice as a bone-deep chill settled on her, They wish for foals, some day, and their love is strong. The desire to foal together will only grow.

But if our realm becomes closed...

They both belong to our lands. If it becomes closed, then they will never foal.

If one lived in another realm then it would simply be a matter of having the foal go with that other land, Frolic said in that worrisome tone only a mother can use, And I doubt they would wish their youngling to go to another.

There is no use fussing over it now, BlackIce sighed, although worry lines still wrinkled his mouth, We'll only know for sure what may happen when breeding season arrives again.

Darroch is growing beautifully from the last breeding, Frolic agreed, and lifted her head slightly to look at the delicate framed stud. Sundancer must be quite proud.

You must have been proud to see your own grow. And twins, at that!

It's a shame Sign hasn't had that same luxury.

It's been so long since any have been heard of that share that bonded, I worry that when he fully comes into his own he won't be granted a proper new home.

If he isn't shown his larger home, he'll need to find a new one somewhere.

Not here. Sign couldn't handle it.

What makes you say that?

Thyme snorted, showing the first sign of agitation. He pawed the ground slightly as he spoke, making Frolic and BlackIce exchange a surprised glance and listen a little closer. To go from being a perfect stranger to having him directly under her nose? She saw him once, and briefly, from what I hear. She would have a fully grown stallion living next to her that she's supposed to know as a son - but doesn't.

Small steps, Frolic agreed, that's what I was always told. She would have to at least get a chance to see him first, talk to him.

Diving straight into a mother-son relationship that never existed wouldn't be fair, BlackIce agreed, And taking it slow with him while they live together would be awkward at best.

Not to mention difficult. She would only become even more unwilling to leave her cove, for fear of seeing her son-who-is-not.

But if he can't come to his mother... Then where?

They were all silent for a long moment.

Hopefully he'll be granted the proper home and it won't be an issue.

Speaking of new homes, did you hear that our Strangeling apparently has clan in these lands now?

Clan? Part of her elusive family has followed her to Sionayra?

Her little sister, even. I met a stallion bonded to her.

How was he?

Broken worse than I, sadly. He showed no true personality with me, outside of instigating a riddle game.

Did he know any good ones?

There was one which I had approved of at the time, but I'd have to try and remember it.

There weren't nearly so many broken when I wandered the fields.

And there are so few coming whole from an Alter now, directly to their only bonded.

Only Path has that claim among us, even.

And she hasn't exactly had it easy, what with her own mate disappearing after she foaled.

They're working it out, I hear. She's supposedly off speaking with him even now.

He's a good stallion, to actually be around for her.

Ah, such bitterness for a whippersnapper like yourself!

Which reminds me, Whippersnapper, have you heard of what they're calling Caustic?

Death himself, I think I heard. It's enough to go straight to a stallion's head!

He could be, should he lose his honor.

No danger there. We all know how strict the bonded can be.

How can she keep him in line while he's away from her?

You know we're a part of her, Thyme. I remember with my last bonded we had a right proper bond, and we were close, but it was different from this one.

Mmm, same with me, I'm afraid. It seems we bonded hearts last time.

And souls this time.

How many memories do y'all have of the last bondeds?

And on they went, talking in that way that only those with too many memories can, each of them going over what it had been like previously; and then on to other memories even still.
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Re: The Gathering

It was time.

As Eternal put down her instrument, Flint summoned his own. His seemed to resemble a chime as well, a bit of wood that was cracked against hollow ivory for a rapid staccato that Shiro quickly began to play off of. Caustic even joined in, bringing forth his set of drums with a satisfied smirk; three of them, linked together and of varying sizes that gave a deep and melodic heartbeat to the tune.

Eternal had put her own string of chimes away for a reason, however, and that was quickly revealed as she approached Frolic.

It is time.

My Lady?

Do not play coy with me, Tigerlily. It is time to face your history once again.

My history is irrelevant. I have no mate any longer, nor young, nor any other ties.

Renouncing them does not undo the past, child, Eternal snapped, her voice stern.

Then where are they?! Frolic shouted, causing BlackIce to blink and take a half step back in alarm. Where are they then, these ones that are supposed to be my family? Where have they been all this time? Once, I saw my daughter, and spoke with only her - once after rebonding and returning to these lands. I was weak, battling insanity, unsure where to begin to repair anything. I needed him, that thrice cursed stallion, I needed him to find me and stand strong beside me, for us to be strong together. We both failed on that score, she said, her voice bitter and mocking. Do not tell me that it is time. Do not tell me that I am ready to find them again, for it is useless. They are nowhere to be found.

Eternal let her finish her rant, keeping her head regally high. After a moment's pause, either to make sure that Frolic was actually done or else to emphasize her point, she stated simply They do not have to be here in order for you to accept them.

Frolic frowned and geared up for a discussion she didn't really want to have. But such was the point of a Gathering and they all knew it; to talk, to laugh, to live. It was time for Eternal to speak to her about this, and it was passed time for her to hear it. Neither of them had to like it, but they felt that it was meant to happen now; they were, after all, here to be together in spirit above all else. In order to do that they had to balance such things between then; say what had been unsaid.

Our bonded helped; she gave you new hope. Caustic helped further; he stripped you of your past, made you see that it doesn't have to be a part of your identity. Now, I am telling you that while it is not a part of who you are, it is still a part of your story.

I'm rewriting my story.

It doesn't work that way. You have a mate, Frolic, and as much as you claim to have cut those ties I know you remember it. Tell me your story.

It was an order, but a gentle one; Eternal honestly wanted to hear the mare speak of it herself. She had spoken of her pain, she was told, or else had hidden within insanity to avoid such things; but her actual story? That she had yet to hear mentioned.

If Frolic was to be honest with herself - and really, what other choice did she have? - she didn't want to talk about it. She didn't want to think about it, to acknowledge it in any form. Yet the need to, the pressure of having it build and build within her was greater than that. It started spilling out of her and there was little she could do to stem the flow.

It was so different then, she began, her voice softening with some indescribable emotion. So different. I had... I had been doubly abandoned already, when I met him. Denied a home, given a new bonded, then back to my first only to be denied a home yet again. I was shy. Quiet, timid, new to being around anyone else, with such a negligent caretaker. I had been hurt but my spirit was still fresh.

You can handle the pain of Bondeds, Eternal thought, Yet that of family, of Circles was your true challenge. She didn't say as much, but she thought it - there was no need to say it. It hung in the air.

He was sweet. So kind to me, so caring, and it was so easy to just play with him. It all seemed so simple. We had hardly even met and he joined my circle, found another mare for it even so that we could mate together, get our foals. He made me feel smaller, softer.

That, in itself, was a feat; Frolic was neither small nor soft. She had the physique of a fighter, the weapons of a warrior and the muscles of someone who knew how to work. However shy she was inside at the time, she had always known that she was far from dainty.

He took me to a beach, because I wanted to go. We shared apples, he stayed by me while I had the foals, until I felt better, healed properly. The beach was my place of meeting for a while, because of that.

It isn't now.

It was an observation, more than a question, but Frolic still answered her.

No. Not now. Now, none of it has any weight any more. The beach is where Siren and Gypsy live, where Sushi likes to explore - where he wants to drag Sarge off to. But it's not our meeting place any more.

Then Sapphy fell in with a bad sort.

Spin couldn't help her, couldn't make her listen. Stice and I had disappeared; we lost our link with this land, were no longer shown the way here by our Bonded. When I came back, Sapphy had already been broken and Spin had fallen into madness himself; only I came back as abandoned.

That's a lot to change.

I'd had a home, finally, Frolic agreed, her voice wavering slightly. I'd found an easy mate, a comfortable love, an instant family. My daughter was broken and remade, from what I hear - and I think she thinks of me with disdain now, for having gone through the same thing. I don't know. I wish I could see her, that I could ask her at the least, but I can't find her. My mate may or may not be able to be saved. I wasn't strong like they hoped for when they found me, wasn't able to repair things; just as my mate hadn't been able to for me. I'm healed now, but it's too late, Lady Eternal. My mate is quite possibly lost to me and my young - well, I don't know a thing about any of that. I haven't heard from them since that one meeting, and even in that Sapphy had done most of the talking, had been the strong one.

You were given everything after having had nothing, and lost all of it just as quick.

Eternal resisted the urge to tell the mare to forgive herself for that. Frolic didn't need to hear that, didn't need to forgive herself.

Maybe one day I could have it all back again, but I don't want it like I once did. That's why I claim to be mated to none, to have no such ties. I don't want any of it back. I had, I admit that I had. That adjusting to the changes had been beyond me. But I don't want that now. I want something more real, I want relationships with an honest strength. It would be hard, to start to know my family again; none of us really know any of the others, not any more. It would be strange to have all this history, all this time, and yet be perfect strangers starting from the beginning. So I have no more history, Lady Eternal. I have no time behind me. It is all a fresh start. All of it.

Not all of it, Eternal murmured quietly, reaching up to wipe a tear off of Frolic's cheek as her vibrant pink eyes looked at her with a disturbingly clear intensity. You don't know them for who they are, not any more. Your daughter, your son, your mate even, you don't know them and you have to start fresh, to become mates again, to be the mother again; to mean that to one another. But you still have SaphireSpin as your daughter; you still know her as that, love her for being that alone. And you have Summer Solstice as your son, you know him as that, love him for being your boy. And you even love Spin still, as their father if nothing else. You don't know who they are any more, but you know what they are; you know what they are to you. Even Caustic can't strip that from you.

No, Frolic whispered, a small smile curving her lips, I suppose not.

Keep them in the back of your mind, Tigerlily, and don't let your history anywhere beyond what is past. And don't try to put them out of your mind either. It is time for you to know the true balance; to release such things without refusing them.

In the background, the music played and Darroch started to dance with Thyme, each of them coordinating their steps with the little elemental flairs of magic that the young stud displayed.

And Frolic, looking between the dancing and Eternal, smiled. Putting her family in the back of her mind, she draped her neck over Eternal's in a tight embrace and whispered To do otherwise would be to limit my own life still. I see that, now, though it will take a little while to accept.

With that, she turned and joined in the dancing, thinking not of the past or dreams of the future but only of matching the beat set by the rhythm of the two stallion's hooves. Yes, she had a history. She had just been made to spill all of that history to an impatient Rogue. Yes, she had a family, one that would be nice to find again, to build new relationships with. But at that moment, the only thing that mattered was the sway of her hips as the music poured through her.

Because she could live again, and now she would be able to live without limiting her future by strangling her past.

The future would come when it came, though. Right now was what she had.

And right now she was dancing better than Thyme.
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Re: The Gathering

They danced, the music changing to a tune that drew each of them to move. It was tradition, to dance to this song; even the players swayed as they let the tinkling notes ring through the morning air.

And it was Flint that chanted, with the absence of Sign. Eternal would have been able to weave some of her power, her magic into it, but Flint's voice held an entirely different sort of power. Crisp, sharp, decisive, it was the voice of a leader, the voice of fire snapping over the land. It was a voice that called to others.

Pulse of passion, heart of truth
Soul of old, blood of youth
Strength that's born from pain's adrenaline
Summons out what lies within

The moon is high
The night is young
The voices cry
The song is sung
Blood and body are one

They all let out a while whinny at this point, a sheer Serian whoop that split the air.

Smoke and darkness, gasp of air
Ecstasy, grim despair
Whispered voices speak from deep inside
Spilling truths too strong to hide

The moon is high
The night is young
The voices cry
The song is sung
Blood and body are one

Again the shrill cry tore through the sky, each of them jumping up in various leaps and bucks.

Burning silver, spark of gold
Blood is hot, sweat is cold
Shadows bend and shape to something new
Brought to light by what is true

Is it that things really change?
Or does the outside rearrange?
Is perception genuine?
Or does truth lie deep beneath the skin?

Glistening muscle, heated breath
Love and hate, life and death
Will you dare at all to meet my eyes?
It's in there your own strength lies

The moon is high
The night is young
The voices cry
The song is sung
Blood and body are one

Blood and passion are one!

They called it the Bonding Chant, although Sign could sing it in such a way as to hypnotize. And oh, they danced. None so much as compared to Darroch, for the ground reacted to his every move, rather he willed it or not. He danced as only his mother could, twisting in such fabulous manners as to be impossible to reproduce without training - or apparently breeding. He was the only one to know any of her most secret moves and how to maneuver them.

Caustic was surprisingly talented as well, taking his manner of shifting about to avoid damaging nature and exaggerating it into his own style of dance. While they moved, when they whickered in the shrill wild abandon of the beat, he fully let himself go; if only but for a moment. He was rarely ever seen in such a state of pure freedom, continuously keeping to his tight control. But not when he danced. When he danced, he was wild.

As Flint's voice rang out for the final time they jostled together, touching noses to strengthen the bond of family between them - for in a way, through sharing their bonded they had become a most peculiar sort of family. Even Caustic got his muzzle nuzzled, and for a little while the deep chill that usually settled around BlackIce seemed to have vanished as he nudged his bond-mates.

Ah, this was a good party.

Who shall sing now? Eternal called in her celestial voice, making everyone lift their heads high to see her and perk their ears attentively. If they were ever more of a unit, ever felt the bind clearer than in these moments, it was unknown to them. They were as one.

I! Thyme called, and stepped forward much to the surprise of all around him.

And he began to croon, his soothing, melodic voice soon enticing them to prance about and toss their manes, while Eternal picked up the tune and began a light tinkling support on her dew-coated strings with sparkling eyes.

Come Lady, play with me
All of the day with me
Let me come lay with thee
Maiden of spring
Please let me dance with thee
Gambol and prance with thee
Let this romancing be
Our song to sing

I will adorn with you
Flowers new-born with you
'til we have worn them through
into the night
You have now heard my song
Every last word is strong
Like a wild bird along
Its morning flight

Let us pick flowers where
We can spend hours there
And all the powers dare
As we first kiss
Held tight within my arms
Protected here from harms
Moonlight to lend its charms
Quickening our bliss

If we stay tarrying
Here in this faerie ring
We will be carrying
Love's special seal
Hand to hand let us be
Free but forgetlessly
Ever to blessed be
Part of life's wheel

Come Lady, play with me
All of the day with me
Let me come lay with thee
Maiden of spring

Shiro whickered his approval while Flint grinned and toyed with the pale stallion's mane, glad to see the socialite happy. Thyme took a bow, clearly pleased, and within a beat the chatter of conversation had picked up again - albeit somewhat more breathlessly than before - while the musicians in the group struck up an idle tune for no reason other than to play with their toys.
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Re: The Gathering

Eternal put her instrument down after making sure it was in good shape. Honestly the trinket no longer held her interest, and she was not one to entertain that which was unworthy of her interest - even for but a moment. She would play again soon, but now she had something else to attend.

Darroch stood with Frolic, the two of them talking animatedly over the various things which grew in both of their lands. In the manner that the young colt had he had brought a host of flowers to bloom around Frolic's hooves - he was certainly charming, something he had to have been taught by his mother. Manners were highly important to her, yet this was one of the things which held her to be entirely charming in lieu of stern.

Eternal had known the lad but briefly, compared to the others, and yet even she had to admit that seeing him as a separate entity from the mare could prove to be a challenge. He was her son, through and through. And in that same vein, the stance he took while he held sway over the plants that wound their way around Frolic's legs like markings was all too similar to Hybrid. He seemed to plant himself in the ground, his legs locked with his head high, a pleasant grin playing around his muzzle.

Power, Eternal thought as she approached, The boy is sheer power, just as Hybrid. How natural for a storm to take to the woods.

She had been surprised to find that he was not the natural father. It seemed a shame to her; at any rate, one would hardly have to wonder what sort of foal he would have had with Path, for the result stood before her now.

And yet she heard that his pride, his loyalty and his easy acceptance of the world around him could be attributed to his birth father. She had seen this stud fight for what was important to him; had seen him hurl his elemental abilities at Caustic when the stallion needed help he hadn't been willing to accept.

Caustic had seen the lad with a new respect ever since that day. He had fallen, cut himself open on one of the stones in his realm, a stone that had been soaked with acid-rain. It had been Darroch to pin the stubborn male down, when they felt the disturbance in the land, the wounding of one of their own. By the time Eternal had gotten there Caustic was completely subdued and their bonded was already inspecting the wound in a rather strange form - one with blue-black skin and hair of such a pale shade that it seemed to glow in the gloom.

And she had seen how he would refuse to apologize once the warrior was set free - something that Caustic had also seen and had enough respect to leave alone. Darroch was a Green Horn no longer, but truly Oak Heart, the meaning of his name.

There is usually a few wildflower seeds that simply never got the chance to bloom, he was saying to Frolic, who was shamelessly sniffing at the pretty blossoms around her. Too bad there were not any lilies around for you.

There are more little blossoms here than I would have imagined, even if they aren't lilies , Frolic was nickering, before admitting rather sheeplishly Some of these I don't even have a name for.

I know their names, the ones used to speak to them, but not their given ones most of the time, Darroch admitted, and flashed a bright grin when she looked at him with surprise. The one that curves like an ear, I can tell you how to ask something of it. What would you have it do?

Wind together with the one which seems bright as the sun, Frolic admitted after a moment's thought, a small amount of excitement vibrating in her voice.

Darroch grinned and began to gather his thoughts, slowly figuring out how to put the feel of his magic into proper words. Eternal paused here, curious to see what might happen.

With a quick nod, as if confirming it with himself, he gave her the words to say - words which could be felt as well as heard, words that held the magic of a Serian within them - and quickly, before she could forget, she looked to the blossoms and repeated them. Sure enough, she was capable of using the inherent magic that all their kind hold to perform the mild bit of elemental work. The flowers wound together and almost seemed to meld their stems into one.


They smiled in greeting and, with the flick of an ear as she stepped closer, she got the flowers to weave into one cohesive whole and scoop both of them onto what was literally the softest bed either had ever known. With each stem sharing strength with dozens of others, the plants were able to support the two Serians without being crushed.

Both of them simply delighted in the trick, and it was one that Darroch took special note of to try himself later on. He made his own bedding at home, of course, and it was plenty soft - yet he had not thought of this.

Would you mind, Tiger Lily, if I had a word with our resident plant-weaver? Eternal asked as the colt regained his hooves. Frolic, of course, was chuckling delightedly and rolling about in the soft perfume of the flowers beneath her. It felt absolutely wonderful.

Not at all, she said with a contented sigh, and watched them walk a few paces away with sweet bliss. Caustic smirked at her antics and soon wandered over to say hi himself.

You move as your mother does, Eternal was saying, watching the light, languid steps of the stud next to her. And you hold yourself as Hybrid does. However fluid his steps were, he also lifted hooves a little higher than normal, stepped with a bit more power and precision than most others. She supposed that came from skipping around lightning sparks as a foal - few had mentioned Darroch without talking of all the long days he had spent in Hybrid's home.

He wandered - like his father, apparently - and explored all there was for him to see and learn - like Hybrid - all while being entirely charming and proud - his mother. She knew these things, and after watching him dance his mother was clearer in him than ever before.

But Eternal wasn't satisfied, not yet. She wanted to know him as he was, not for how he was in relation to others.

I may, he said, referring to her comments on his gate when they came to a halt, Yet I am unlike either of them.

That surprised her.

My mother has not lifted a hoof over sparks of heat floating along the tops of grass. Nor has Hybrid danced to beat of wind and music of stream. In pieces I may be similar to another, but as a whole I am entirely my own.

It was a good point, one she would have to remember. And one she was quite relieved he had already learned. Often times, coming into their own was a very difficult transition for a Serian while they grew.

I've yet to explore your lands very much at home, she said in answer, dipping her head slightly to acknowledge his points, and so I don't yet know you as a whole.

It would be nice to show you more of home, he admitted, and flicked an ear to the side as he thought. Showing off what talent I have is quite fun. There is a great oak which has grown so that there are designs braided through the trunk.

You enjoy decorating like that?


Decorations, Eternal explained, tilting her head as she found what was to be the first of many nuggets of Darroch's uniqueness, designing the growth of things, bringing color, arranging things.

Oh yes, very much, Darroch grinned, and was honestly glad she did not add 'like so-and-so' to the end of that statement. Highlighting natural beauty, or else creating other piece on my own, it is quite enjoyable.

Hybrid was known to carve figures out of soft soapstone, but it didn't compare to this decorative flair in Darroch. Eternal smiled, tossing her mane as she issued an idle challenge. Create then, if you will, she charged him, and motioned by turning her head first one way and then the other to take the world as his canvass. What would you make for me?

Darroch had no objection - indeed, he relished the excuse to play - and so he shifted slightly, brightening parts of the grass under Eternal's hooves and darkening others. When he was done, it was as if she stood on the night sky itself - inky, blue-black speckled with the palest of flecks swayed gently, the grass woven together into a braided mat that rippled with her every movement.

You truly are talented, she said with no small amount of wonder, and the two smiled at each other. In that moment, for that instant, they were more than bond-mates; they were bonding together as individuals, growing to like one another for who they were. It was of course a simple trick that he had done, to her eyes at the least, and yet his vision, his artistic direction if one would, was astounding.

He saw the world in a way that no other did or ever would.

Just as she did. Just as everyone did. Finding that vision, the way they saw things, that was how one got to know them.

Eternal rather liked what she saw. His mind worked in such a way as to surprise her; and she was not often surprised these days.
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