The Gathering

Take your Serians here to chat or just roam their homeland.
The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Re: The Gathering

The look Black Thorn sent Frolic could only be described as pure love. He was elated to find a mare so understanding. He smiled at her gratefully as he said, I would love to hear it. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Sunny looked on, highly amused. Things were going better than he had hoped! The red coated stallion knew Black Thorn would be upset by his teasing, but he also knew the smaller stallion would be too nervous to ask Frolic outright. Sometimes, a gentle nudge was necessary to get the ball rolling. He grinned and happily returned Frolic's touch. I'm glad to hear you're all doing well, he said with an understanding smile. He knew what it was to have grown foals and the need to reconnect with one's mate. He was so blessed to be able to see Shadowstar every day, and just recently he got to see his beautiful Shimmer. A black hole started aching deep in his belly. He knew that black hole wouldn't be filled until he could see his sweet little Sunsparkle again. Oh, how he missed her.

A small nip to his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts, and he grinned at Frolic's playful stance. He will see his daughter again, so there was no reason to be sad until that moment. Stars above, you should have seen it! We were at one of our bondmates' home, and out of nowhere this black slime creature appears! And it had these huge claws! Sunny and Black Thorn quickly launched into an animated story about monsters, the ocean, and projectile vomit.


An Elemental? Well, this is embarrassing. Um, actually I'm just, her statement was cut off by a gasp, closely followed by a delighted giggle, as the lush plants cradled her small form. That was amazing! Wait, why is she just thinking this? That was amazing!, she exclaimed, smiling in wonder at the beauty around her. She full on squealed in delight when the desert sands and blossoms appeared. They were just as beautiful as the moss cradling her, but in a different way. I love them both, she replied honestly. My preference depends on my mood. If I'm feeling calm, this moss is where I'll be. If I'm feeling adventurous, I'll be the first to run through the desert blossoms.

Here the orange mare paused, an apologetic look on her face. I'm actually not an Elemental.
I'm just a regular Forest Song. When my Bonded took me in, I suddenly had the ability to understand the plants around me. I don't know if she gave me this ability, or just boosted a previously dormant talent of mine
, she concluded with a small shrug. Darroch seemed so excited when he thought she was an Elemental. She didn't want to disappoint her knew friend right from the get-go. That's just bad manners.


SilentDance happily leaned into Shiro's touch, a tender smile gracing her lips, but quickly backed up a few steps at Flint's approach. She wasn't afraid, certain Flint would never hurt her, she just didn't want to be in the way. The gentle mare silently observed his possessive behavior (no longer uncertain about their relationship), and felt a thrill of excitement and longing course throughout her body. In that moment, she envied Shiro. Not in the way of wanting to take it from Shiro, heavens no! But in the way of deeply wanting that for herself.

At Flint's question, she gave a little head shake with a shrug, saying that no one was her designated protector, they all looked after each other. Maybe... Flint wanted the position, and his inquiry was to find out if he could have it? SilentDance felt an unguarded smile of pure joy cross her face as she stopped flapping her wings. She moved so that she stood beside Flint, and started lowering her wing. Her plan was to drape a wing across both Flint and Shiro, then duck her head under Flint's neck to gently nuzzle the spiked stallion's throat, followed by a tender brush against Shiro's neck. IF Flint allowed it and Shiro wanted it. She highly doubted Shiro was the kind to turn away affection, though.


He startled a bit at their reaction, but soon calmed down. These serians were being nothing but kind, there was no reason to be so jumpy. That's what she told me. She's always telling us things about her life,
but she doesn't need to tell us about when she falls on her face; we're usually there to see it for ourselves
, he said with an amused snort. He couldn't imagine being with a closed off Bonded. Everything she shared benefited all of his herd. The stories taught them lessons, gave them new ideas, allowed them to bond. Batsy's openness made him feel closer to her, and like he could trust her completely. She wouldn't hide anything from him, and she wouldn't lie to him.

He turned to Path at her question, a little confused. I don't know, honestly. One day, after I became apart of my new herd, I noticed that I could hear echoes underwater. It took some time for me to learn what the echoes meant, but other than that, it just... sort of... happened, he said with a helpless shrug. He had no other way to explain it. One day it wasn't there, and the next it was. End of story.

He smiled at the small blue mare as she described the sea perfectly. The small waves are wonderful to rest in, especially after a hard day of playing. I definitely see the appeal, he said with a big cheesy grin, the kind that takes up your whole face and squints your eyes closed. Paint was so glad he had decided to come along.
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Re: The Gathering

It always made her a bit angsty to think back on the days where she had splintered. She wasn't the best at hiding such things, either; there were small cues, little indications in the shifting of hooves and twitching of an ear. It was far too easy to remember what it had been like...

My Bonded told me, once, that life is not something that happens to you. It's our choices, our actions, that shape who we are as a being.

She had been so lost when she'd first heard these words. Deprived of identity beyond play and family, only for all of it to be sundered, the concept had acted as a waypoint she kept returning to. Who you were was determined every second, with every choice made or every opportunity passed. It scared her a bit, to remember how completely her mind had shattered from the strain; to know that some of those pieces were still drifting about in there. Her foals didn't need her, no longer foals, and though she still belonged to her circle and retained her Mate it was not as it once had been. It had been a long, long time since she had last seen any she'd forged this connective bond with; and though they were called the Bleeding Hearts, she found that her blood ran differently now. Would any of them recognize one another at this point? Did it matter? She had that much, if nothing else; her guaranteed family.

It was hard to remember how fractured she had felt while she heard these words, and yet she didn't shy from it; that was the choice she made to define who she was right now. Not all memories were pleasant, not all truths without pain. It was the way of it. Frolic, she was called, and she did still love to be active; but time and choice had hardened and sobered her in ways she hadn't imagined.

It was her choice not to let these fundamental changes kill the playful spirit that remained.

That same spirit shone bright as they began their tale, her whole face lighting up with her laughter. There were still games to play, adventures to be had, and life to live. She would choose to live in what was now, as fully as possible; because she refused to allow life to just be something that happened to her again.


That's marvelous, Darroch said with all the sincerity of an enthusiast. She must have boosted the talent for you; my own Bonded's latent magic has enhanced what's in our blood, too. I think it's the species, and as my Bonded is your Bonded's mother then it has to be the same thing.
There's a young filly in our bondherd that can chase auroras through the sky for the same reason.

Darroch lowered his neck and snuffled at his creation at this point, smiling absently to himself. How wonderful it was, to find another with such a natural love of what so many took for granted.

I can't hear them in the way you do, he admitted, and smiled with an appreciation that was almost tender. I do know I can't just leave the moss and sands here, though; it disturbs thing, as they aren't meant for this area. The desert blossoms will drown in the next few storms, and the moss will roast without moist shade. What do you think I should do with them?

This could be a beautiful friendship; his talent with the ideas that could spring from her ability. They would do marvelous things.

Darroch thought he wanted to spend every day with this pretty little mare, for no more reason than that.


Flint smiled as the striking mare moved closer; a sincere smile, and in truth the expression seemed an odd fit for his face. It was Shiro's features that were more suited to such notions of gentleness; and yet Flint couldn't help but feel tenderly towards a mare that was stouter than he himself was. She seemed small to him, delicate, though her body was strong and her horns wholly capable. Perhaps it was the tender heart that he was reacting to, more than anything else; surely she could fight if she had to, but it would break her inside to do so.

It was strange to consider that while they each looked out for one another as a bondherd was meant to there were none who claimed a right to watch over her. It felt wrong to him somehow; it couldn't be allowed.

I'll take care of you, he promised, and though his words were quiet there was promise in them. Someone so meek as to be nearly mute wasn't something he could leave to standard social practices; there was still danger even among their own kind.

Shiro didn't say anything, deferring to the communication the sweet mare seemed to prefer. Instead, he shifted his neck as she brushed his cheek and returned the nuzzle even as Flint lowered his neck to embrace her. The pale stallion nipped at her ear, gently playful, before reaching back to scratch at the spot between her wings. There were few things that beat a good back scratch; and there was little that could more clearly state his wish to be friend and confidant.

They had no idea where all of this would go or how quickly things might move; Flint and Shiro had been mated within a single day, yet both were worried about startling SilentDance with such straightforwardness. They would leave that sort of declaration up to her; and she would have to speak it.

For now, they knew only that both of them instantly appreciated her just for who she was.


The three smiled at the little blue stallion all at the same time; he was a sweet one, if a bit jumpy.

Our Bonded teaches us; tells us about our lives, really, he said, and looked up as Path nudged his shoulder. They shared a smile; a lot of history was in that look, the long process of coming to understand and make peace with one another - and most importantly, with themselves.

Based off of what she's told us, it sounds like you've always had this magic in you. Sometimes all you need is the right creatures to help bring it out.

Of course, she didn't talk about herself; just what they needed to learn and grow. They didn't know much about her species, or what she did while she wandered from them - though she never wandered far. They could always feel her, always knew she was close if they needed her; sometimes they would even play with some of the shadowhounds that were bonded to her Mate, though they rarely saw the Mate himself. He wandered far and wide, oftentimes taking at least one of their Bonded's younglings; as little as they knew of where she came from, they knew even less about these others, this Mate and their young, though it seemed they may come to learn more about this particular daughter.

It is good to meet another gentle sea-dweller, Path added, and tilted an ear as Sign nodded in a way that was nearly enthusiastic; as much as that quiet mare could be said to express such exuberance, at any rate. There are many aspects to the Ocean-Mother, some of which can be quite harsh.

It was a relief that this particular stallion wasn't one of storms and ferocity, or of the dark mysteries held in the depths; for her and Sparkle such harshness would hardly be phasing, but for gentle Sign it would be startling.

Our gypsy Tribe knows a lot about hidden magics, Sign murmured, and offered a small smile as a new light flickered through her eyes. She travels far and learns everything she can.

Didn't she just get back from one of her wanderlust journeys? Sparkle asked, and perked his ears as the same spark flickered through his own expression.

She was trading with the young Princess when last I saw her, Path confirmed, and Sparkle grinned all the wider.

You should meet her, he invited, and gave Sign a small nudge of congratulations. It was easily the most daring thing the small mare had done for a while, and she had merely said that Tribe would be good to talk to.

But Tribe was unmated, and while she wasn't a member of their Circle she was a very close friend. As much as she enjoyed wandering far she was also desperately lonely; they all knew it, and for a while most had wished their absentee single stallion would return and hit it off with her. She longed for that companion that could explore the seas with her.

I shall send for her, at your bidding, Path offered, and nodded to Paint to make the final call. It was her own form of magic; she often danced with the flickering light of the sun, but more than that she could create a shimmering ripple in the light, making it dance through the air. It looked, quite honestly, the same as the shimmer seen over a distant horizon. Everyone in her bondherd knew it as her signal; and, interconnected as they were, they could all find their way to her easily enough.

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