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Re: Colors of the Night

Now here was a word she'd not heard before. This 'auction,' whatever it was, did sound like it could be useful. What was it she had said? That it was worth extra because it was the only one like it?

You really think it's cool? she asked anxiously, quickly pawing the weedwrapping off her hair trinket. Getting it back in her mane would be tricky; she'd had help, last time. But she wanted to see if she could manage it. Maybe if she tossed her mane just right and wriggled the crystal around with her hoof... There! That seemed sufficiently tangled. It didn't occur to her that it hadn't been knotted in previously or that her mother would have a word or two about maintaining a certain standard. Dirt and scrapes were all fine and well, but at the least she could have a silky mane.

If you like it, you can have it, she offered, completely earnest. There are no other shiny bits to help make it super-bright any more, and you like to play in your caves where it can be really super dark. I was just wonderin' if it was any good. She smiled here, clearly pleased with herself for thinking she had done something for her multi-hued friend. The crystals she'd scraped rough and coated with special glowing moss had come from Spectrum's home, originally. Part of her still felt she owed the sweet mare for letting her have enough of the precious things to let them become the defining feature of her own home. Part of her wanted to just be nice. Spectrum was always so nice to her; it was the least AuraSidra could do to try and be nice back.

She could get her sugar fix some other way. In fact, now that she'd reached the decision it seemed silly to have put her hair piece back in her own mane.

Snorting at herself for her own silliness, the filly ducked her head, pawed the crystal out again (taking more than a little hair with it), unbound it from the ivy fastening, reconfigured the weed and shiny-thing-from-the-water into the focused ultra-bright-light, and carefully mouthed the ivy back around the whole thing.

Her face was smeared with mud by now, her mane was a puffed up tangled mess, and one of her stubby little horns had been scuffed into being more brown than gold. Standing there offering a hair piece for a grown mare that could show the next several yards as bright as twilight, she simply looked young.

Hopefully Spectrum wouldn't get a neckache from bending her head down for too long if she decided to take the offered gift; most of the time they didn't hold their heads at halfcock, so it could be fairly tiring for AuraSidra to fumble around in an effort to secure the piece with the delicate lipwork required. The filly had mastered the basic functions, but high dexterity was still a bit of a struggle. She would get it, though. She would make it happen.