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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:24 pm
by Vineda
She considered dropping back to speak more companionably to Stray, but somehow she was betting he would not allow that. He seemed on high alert and unlikely to change modes anythime soon. Hearing the deep breath, she had to ask, “That was certainly a deep sigh. What’s eating you?” Treasure may not get an answer, but it was worth a shot.

The small form didn’t even turn, but the wonder in her voice was clear. Another chuckle escaped her at the question. “I think it tried to feed him to its nest of babies instead.” It was fun letting the drama sweep into her words, enjoying the youthful enjoyment of the tale.

“I love mountains. The scenery is pretty? Lots of trees, or more rocky? Does it face a sunset or sunrise? Those are the best!” Her musings caught her up, remembering some of the better views she’d seen from mountain heights. Subconsciously noticed the foliage and surroundong trees thinning a bit. The question occurred to her if teeling Bella they were close or that there was yet far to go would buy them more peace. She shot a grin in Stalk’s direction. Anyone's guess, really. “We’re getting there...”

Re: Green Light

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:02 am
by Rainer
ooc| I'm so so sooo sorry for vanishing, I got laid off with only a couple weeks of my maternity leave left and I've been scrambling to find another job, doesn't leave much writing inspiration at the end of the day.

ic| Stray quirked a brow in Treasure's direction and shot her a half smile, "Just trying to enjoy the little things," He stated simply, taking a moment to glance around as she continued to weave her tale for the filly.

Bella's head whipped around to the mare, her jaw dropping open "What!? Those must've been some big babies," She turned and continued on, pondering just how big the egg shells would have been when Treasure began quizzing her and she turned to grin at her, "Lots of snow and trees, and faced a sunset. It got awfully cold at night."

The stallion smirked and rolled his eyes, with his luck the child would continue to pester out of boredom the entire time, despite Treasure's reassurances. Although he was pleasantly surprised when in the next few moments Bellatrix remained silent.

"How about now?" He scowled when the peaceful quiet was shattered, "Patience kid," He scolded gently, "We'll get there when we get there."

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:04 pm
by Vineda
Ooc| Rainer, I hope everything worked out ok with your maternity leave and job hunt. Awful circumstances! Happy pick this back up whenever, or let it be if your muse has moved on. Apologies for the long silence, life just gets so darn busy! Had no idea my ‘green light’ would be so red light green light.

bic| Treasure chuckled aloud, a snorting snicker that escaped depite attempts to smother it. “You make it sound like such work, enjoying the little things.”

She couldn’t resist returning to the filly’s mountain again. “Was it a tall mountain? Think you could touch the moon from the top?” Smells of water reached her, and Treasure altered their course slightly. This thick undergrowth had grown up since she had last been this way and must reach pretty close to the water...

A few steps later she halted abruptly as her edging through two tall evergreen bushes had nearly led her to put her foot into thin air above a small drop to the water. “Guess we found the lake!” Perhaps she should have taken a leaf from red light’s book and been more cautious...