Hidden Eyes [Unbonded RP]

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Re: Hidden Eyes [Unbonded RP]

Good, indeed, to hear a familiar voice, see a familiar face break the fog. Tigress’ kindness seemed not to have changed much in the long time between, and Web was—glad of that. So little remained constant in her coming and going; faces shifted, new bonds were formed. The stoic, spined mare at Tigress’ side and the watchful stallion at her own were proof enough of that.

She returned Silk’s polite nod, Tigress’ smile; out of the corner of her eye, she saw NightTears do the same. Well, the nod, at least—his face remained impassive, as usual. “This is NightTears, newly-Bonded to our Mistress’ keep. I was showing him the border paths when, well.” She shrugged, gesturing to the surrounding mist. “We got caught up.”

Caught, like the soft note in Tigress’ voice—and Web wished she could speak to it, but she knew less than nothing. She hadn’t seen Chaos, the far, few times she’d been able to return; he did not seem to want to be found. But space and secrets were sacred to Sethe’s keep. He’d given her that treasured distance so freely, it would be small of her not to do the same. It—hurt, but she’d bear it. If it was for him.

“A while, indeed.” She allowed herself a little half-smile, a place for the ache to gather and release. “I do hope all is well in your lands. That all are well.”

On the break of her words fell the sudden silence. NightTears stiffened; she moved closer on reflex, into the protective stance Silk wore like a second skin. Only, she could not fight the strike of the wind, rushing far and through and taking the fog with it.

Web blinked the dryness from her eyes. There, in the moonlight before her, stood another Serian. Mare, crowned in shifting night—less here, NightTears had said. So, this is who he’d Seen, striking enough to almost overshadow the two beside her. The pair they’d seen earlier, before the fog had swallowed their sight.

And she bade them call her Cipher, out of her many names. Drifting and rooted, lost and found—she spoke the way Sethe did, reminded of old days and Old Ways. Some knowledge Web felt moving through her, some forgotten call she'd placed too far out of reach. NightTears tilted his head, just slightly, and she wondered if he felt a shadow of the same.

There was a gleam of—something, in the shot silver of those eyes.
Eyes. A familiar touch, there, in the tether of her soul. The familiar weight, watching through her skin. She bowed her head in return. “Wariness is a gift to many a wanderer, I’ve found. Seems wise to use it when lands are strange, and we may be strangers yet.” The weft of her mane had torn slightly in the draft; she re-spun, resettled it along her neck. “My name is Web, born of Deep Shadows. I thank you for your welcome, Cipher, and well met, Vineda, Shamrock.”

At her side, NightTears mimicked Shamrock’s elegant gesture. “I am NightTears,” he said, soft yet clear. “Born from the Circle of the Fallen Star.” As he rose, he nodded to each new face in turn, before his gaze returned to the mare’s. “Your people—are they so different from those you name Bonded?”

A bit of a bold question, in the same straightforward vein Vineda was taking—Web wouldn’t have expected it from him, their distant one. Hellion said his soul ran deep, and no more. But that was their secret, and—hummed the touch in her mind—belonging to them.

See for me. Hear for me. So spoke her will.

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Re: Hidden Eyes [Unbonded RP]

Tigress regarded the stallion as Web introduced him and smiled. "A pleasure to meet you, NightTears." Her eyes scanned the fog as it swirled about, having thinned some so that she could make out glimpses of something nearby.

Her attention was drawn back to Web when the mare spoke again, her eyes unable to hide a sympathetic flicker before she smiled, and even the smile seemed half-hearted. "I hope so as well, sometimes I'm not as 'in the know' as I'd like." Serians always seemed to retain some of that wildness to them; that need to roam. Hence they would come to the fields, or travel to the realm of another herd. Some came back more regularly than others; it was something she knew to accept, though it still made her feel like she was failing at her duties sometimes.

The moment of awkward silence that followed was thankfully interrupted, and she could practically feel Silk bracing herself at her side. As the fog cleared, it revealed Vineda and one of her Serians, standing before a mysterious Serian she'd never seen before. She was like Lotus, but even more intangible somehow. Like she was just a whisper away from quietly disappearing right before their eyes. Yet she was radiant; and her presence was strong.

Instantly Tigress drifted closer, Silk following suit. She felt Web and NightTears closing the distance as well. She waited for them to finish their introductions, smiling first at Vineda and nodding to Shamrock. "It's been a while since we met, and what interesting circumstances!" Just as she finished speaking, NightTears asked Cipher about her kind, and with the topic broken she couldn't help but jump on the opportunity.

"Thank you for inviting us closer, Cipher. I am Tigress. I myself have many Bonded, though I am only in the company of one tonight; my companion Silk. As NightTears has broached the topic, I admit I have many questions about your kind as well. They just recently appeared seemingly out of nowhere and descended upon the fields, looking for homes. Would you perhaps know anything about this yourself? I recently bonded with one of your kind, actually, but she is very elusive and I don't know much about her yet either." She was hoping this mysterious mare would toss her a bone if she was capable of doing so, though she might have plenty of reason not to explain anything.
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Re: Hidden Eyes [Unbonded RP]

Cipher followed the Bondeds' greetings with a steady gaze and a nod to each, her expression showing a friendly openness that was laced with the slight undercurrents of eagerness and something else that was undefined. As they spoke she studied the newcomers thoroughly, as if she was committing every detail to her memory.

Emissary or researcher... I suppose I am a bit of both.

She paused as if gathering her thoughts, then grinned.

Some would say I just have an overabundance of curiosity, and I can't say they are wrong either. It is my hope, however to simply be able to tell my people about the Serians that choose to Bond and those they Bond with, and offer my assistance to any who may need it, especially those that belong to the Silent Song.

She looked at NightTears, her voice tinged with a bit of... embarrassment?

I am not yet sure how different my people are from the Bonded, but it seems that rumors may have exaggerated our differences. I'm afraid the impression some of the Factions have of the Bonded is not what you may think of as flattering, but the sources of those rumors have always been questionable, so I would not be surprised to find they were baseless.

Her apologetic tone remained as she addressed Tigress, but a hint of passion added a firmness to her words.

I must also take at least some of the credit for the sudden appearance of my Altar's children in your lands. Prophet and I have long quarreled over the Silent Song. I am the first, the most knowledgeable of the Silent Song. It is my right and responsibility to teach them what we are capable of, what a wondrous ability we possess, and guide them past the numerous pitfalls that have thinned our ranks.

She seemed to forget herself as her expression tightened into one of worry, passion, and anger.

He knows it is dangerous to leave a Silent Song Serian to find their way alone, but recently he has let the disagreements between us cloud his judgement. I have long respected his wishes in regards to my presence here, but when he stopped guiding Serians born to my Altar to me and claimed the Bond would help protect them in my stead, I could no longer stay away. I must see for myself if his claims are true.

Cipher seemed to suddenly realize her lighthearted demeanor had faded and she reigned herself in. The ghost of her previous grin reappeared and she flicked her tail in a gesture meant to put her words behind her.

What's done is done. I can only hope that he will let me assist any who request it, and in the mean time Prophet's absence has given me the perfect opportunity to tweak his nose a bit while satisfying a curiosity I've nursed for quite a long time.

OOC: Sorry for the long wait! I'll be faster with the next one ^^
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Re: Hidden Eyes [Unbonded RP]

((OOC: I've been working up the courage to jump in on this one! If it's not too late, I'd love to join :) If it is, I totally understand!!))

Talia hadn't been able to resist the sunset; something that brilliant begged to be admired, and so she had invited Gem out for a walk as a bit of a reprieve from all the hustle and bustle back at home. She knew the mare would appreciate the beauty of it, and the fog-kissed ground lent a certain ethereal beauty to the landscape. Gem seemed more relaxed as of late, more in tune with herself than she had been in quite some time, and it showed as they descended into the fog. Her step was more confident, and she didn't recoil when the fog curled and clung to her body like a second skin. She even ventured a smile when a few well aimed tail flicks sent the fog spiraling and swirling away from her in wisp like tendrils.

Talia kept close, her hand resting on Gem's withers. Night had begun to fall, and it was difficult to see much of anything through the dense atmosphere. They had begun to slowly cross the clearing when they started to hear the murmur of voices in the distance. As they drew closer, some started to sound vaguely familiar, while others she still could not quite place. She followed the muted sounds, and slowly snippets of the conversations became clearer. She recognized the voice of Tigress, and Gem's ears perked slightly as well in recognition.

I think I hear Web as well, Gem said with a smile. Tigress is there too, that much is for certain.

It felt like they were almost on top of the voices when the fog opened quite suddenly, so much so that Talia blinked owlishly in surprise. A good number of Serians and their bondeds were revealed, along with another Serian who seemed almost unearthly and intangible in comparison to the others. Her appearance stunned her even more when she came to the realization that the Serian held a startling resemblance to Lark and Spire. It was clear that the group had been engaged in conversation for quite some time.

Gem lipped at Talia playfully. We're late to the party Talia... again, she said, snickering quietly.

Talia grinned sheepishly in response, and offered the assembled group and the Serian that seemed to be the center of everyone's attention an apologetic smile in return.

"I'm so sorry! I simply heard some familiar and friendly voices and thought I would investigate, but it seems I've interrupted. My apologies."

Gem seemed cautious, but unafraid as she slowly approached. The Serian in their midst seemed an imposing figure, but her natural curiosity was winning out. There was something about this one that drew her in, and she wanted to know what was transpiring. Talia was even more hesitant in her approach, not out of fear, but just because she still felt like it was bit inconsiderate to simply walk in on another's conversation.

Gem sidled up next to Tigress and Web, and smiled brightly. Good to see you both, it's been far too long.

Talia followed in Gem's wake, her expression still contrite as she addressed the Serian in the center of the gathering. "Would you mind overly much if we joined you?"
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Re: Hidden Eyes [Unbonded RP]

No problem at all Talia, glad to have you join in ^^
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Re: Hidden Eyes [Unbonded RP]

(Hi all, just wondering if we're still looking to continue this? I love what we have going so far, and the potential for learning more about the lore :) Foxx, I do apologize if this post interrupts the flow of the thread and needs to be removed; just wanted to see who's still around and how the turns are working ^^)

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