New Beginnings [Talia!]

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Re: New Beginnings [Talia!]

Being a warrior meant many things, and some of those things were rather subtle. He was very good at reading others, for example, and he was expertly sorting through all the tension he could feel in the air. Without looking like he was paying attention, he was absolutely eavesdropping on Mistveil and Spire. He took in the tight line of Silver's lips and knew the stallion was fighting discomfort. He was good, but Chaos Flame knew his tells. He compiled these observations with Lark's carefully vague explanation as to why they were out in the fields together, and how Spire was seemingly keeping tabs on his own interactions with the mare, and he didn't like the picture that this puzzle was forming. On one hand, Lark was noticeably bothered by Spire's interest, and so far she seemed rather sweet so Chaos was instantly inclined to protect her. On the other hand, was he using Mistveil to try and taunt the mare in hopes of eliciting a jealous response? The idea that he'd use the little frosted mare like that absolutely made Chaos' blood boil. However, that hadn't been entirely proven correct yet, so he really hoped he was off on a few things. At least for Spire's sake. Tough as one may be, it was simply foolish to physically tussle with a Warrior. He grew up in combat; he breathed readiness. His only real weakness was his fear of appearing brutish, especially in front of those he cared about. It made him hold back, though it also saved him from the full force of his hot temper, something his brother struggled a bit more with.

When SilverRain addressed him pointedly, he nodded his head. He looked at Lark almost regretfully, looking back at Silver and hoping he'd get the hint. He didn't like the idea of leaving her, or Mistveil, alone with the other stallion. If he invited her along, it would look very suspicious. If just he and Silver went to talk, it could easily be about anything at all. Adding her into the mix without making it seem clique-y was much harder. He almost wanted to pull Mistveil aside and ask her to talk to Lark until he got back, but perhaps he was being a bit too paranoid? All the stallion had done so far was make a strange atmosphere and seemingly have some misplaced interest in Lark, while idly chatting with Frostbite and Vision's daughter. He was walking some fine lines to be sure, but he hadn't really crossed any. Either he was playing coy and Chaos was right to have his guard up, or maybe they were being a bit over-protective and quick to judge. He was inclined to live by "better safe than sorry", unfortunately for the eerie blue stallion.

He made sure to wander off in Lark's direction, so that she'd be directly between them and Mistveil and Spire. She may even be able to overhear the occasional word, though the other two would not- especially if they continued chatting, which he expected they would. As soon as he felt he was safely out of earshot, he turned and smirked sourly at SilverRain. "So, this Spire character." He had a feeling his companion would have plenty to say on the subject, so he wanted to get right into it so that they could quickly rejoin the others. His eyes kept slipping to Lark, watching her comfort or discomfort, ready to go and grab her if it seemed like she would be overwhelmed. Mistveil and Spire had somewhat separated from them however, and he wasn't sure if that was a happy alternative. He'd have this conversation right in front of the stallion, if need be. Chaos' give-a-damn had decreased significantly in recent years, he was gaining some of the brashness of his father.

Mistveil didn't get to see many new faces, it seemed like everyone tried to keep her from going out as much as possible. While she did have many friends from her own assorted herd, she truly liked exploring and yearned to be given a little more independence. Having someone watching her at all times, gauging all her situations for her, it was stifling. She was aware that mistakes were in her future and lessons were on the horizon, but she needed the space and respect to go through those trials of life on her own. She didn't know how to get that through to everyone without seeming ungrateful, so she tended to just try to be as obedient as possible. She was her mother's daughter though, and she had a cool spunk to her that came out now and then. Excluding Chaos from her conversation with body language had been a little taste of that.

She hadn't had many experiences with stallions, and the ones she did know well were always spoken for. Safe. They never looked at her like this. It was a new sensation, and she was instantly curious to experience more. What made him look at her like that? What had she said or done, in such little time?

When Spire complimented her eyes, they widened in surprise before she smiled somewhat sadly. "Thank you, I've heard they can be a bit... eerie. I have my father's eyes, supposedly, but only my mother has ever seen them. He keeps them hidden, since he was born blind. Somehow, I was not." She almost felt guilty about it, if she had of been born blind then perhaps he would have felt less alone. This was just another thing that made her feel out of place, so in that sense she could relate to some of her father's feelings. Or at least, how she assumed he felt. She'd never had the heart to ask, it seemed far too impolite and intrusive, even if he was her father.

She realized she'd been lost in her head for a few moments and he was speaking again. Blinking rapidly, she looked confused for a moment before realization spread across her face. "Oh! Of course, since you're new, you wouldn't know." She was so used to everyone knowing who she was that it had caught her off guard. Frostbite and Vision were revered amongst both their herds, so she was popular gossip for a while and practically an exhibit after she was born. It was refreshing to actually get to introduce herself to someone, fully. "My father is Vision, I'm sure you've met him at least briefly. He and my mother are more or less the heads of our respective herds. Now you know what's under that sash." She smiled, trying to make light of it.

A fierce flush had lit up her face when he mentioned her showing him the sights. "I'd be happy to!" She blurted the words out, looking over to catch Chaos and Silver in conversation and both sets of eyes on them. Maybe it was best to dull her enthusiasm, less they blame Spire for her curiosity. "Whenever you'd like to, that is. I admit, there's a limited amount that I myself have seen but it would be fun if we happened upon something unexpected." She looked up the hill thoughtfully; it provided a great vantage point. She'd seen a few things right before their descent that had seemed interesting, but she hadn't managed to get a good view thanks to SilverRain's unexpected appearance and her subsequent mad dash down the hill.
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Re: New Beginnings [Talia!]

SilverRain was noticeably less practiced at being subtle. He typically wore his emotions and intentions on his sleeve, and it was a struggle for him to maintain any facade for too long without effort. He suspected that he was fairly transparent to Chaos at least, who had known him since they were mere foals. When Chaos joined him, he shifted uneasily and glanced briefly back over his shoulder to both Lark and Spire in turn. He just couldn't seem to help himself. He felt bad for leaving Lark so abruptly, and he was trying his best to keep a careful eye on Spire. His gaze flicked back to Chaos Flame, long enough to catch him looking at Lark in turn. He'd seen that expression before, and he couldn't help but smirk at his childhood friend. Oh, he was in for a bit of ribbing!

Before he could question him, Chaos cut straight to the chase and Silver's grin faded into a scowl. He snorted in derision and tossed his head before responding. "I don't trust him. Plain and simple. And neither does Vision. There's just something about him that we can't quite put our hooves on. Although Galaxy and Talia trust him implicitly, so there is that. But I just can't shake this... feeling... that there's something very wrong there."

He sighed, clearly agitated. It was unusual for him to feel this negatively about another of his herd, and he rarely disliked anyone. He'd had his fair share of disagreements, but Spire was different. "Chaos, he hasn't done anything wrong. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. His motives just always feel the slightest bit skewed. And I can't figure him out, which makes me that much more suspicious. We know absolutely nothing about him, or Lark for that matter. Well, most of us, with the exception of Orchid, but the memories she keeps she's sworn not to share."

He looked over his shoulder again at Lark. The mare seemed to be grazing peacefully, her eyes downcast, but if one was observant enough they would have noticed how her ears flicked ever so slightly in the direction of the conversation. She knew what was being discussed. She lifted her head and smiled at the stallions. Her expression was unassuming, but even her body had shifted ever so slightly towards them so that she would be in the best possible position to "overhear." Years of training had ingrained it into her, so much so that she had acted almost subconsciously.

Spire's eyes widened imperceptibly when Mistveil mentioned that her eyes came from her father, and that he usually kept his hidden. Surely he was mistaken. She couldn't be talking about the Serian he thought she was. He waited patiently for her to continue, and flashed her another charming and encouraging grin. Very little made him falter once he had set his mind on something, and right now, she was his sole focus. Spire had always had a tendency to fixate on things; it made him incredibly perceptive, but only so far as his target was concerned.

"Eerie? Hardly," he replied warmly. "It's unfortunate that you've heard or been told that. Our kind can be quite ignorant at times, and it's regrettable that someone cannot see the obvious beauty in them."

Her exclamation made him chuckle. She really was so positively angelic that he just couldn't help himself. She was obviously sheltered and beloved. Such a pity. The herd's darling had so much to learn about the world. Perhaps he would teach her.

When she mentioned Vision's name however, that did give him pause. He stopped dead and laughed loudly despite himself.

"Oh Mistveil. You're Vision's daughter. That explains more than you know," he said by way of explanation with a pointed look over his shoulder. The two stallions were conversing, and he knew full well that his name was being tossed about. "Vision speaks fondly about his daughter. You're quite the topic of conversation in our herd. Hence the "bodyguard" I suppose?"

He carefully noticed the flush creep up her face at her obvious excitement at being his guide. Teasingly, he sidled up next to her and bumped her playfully.

"Whenever I'd like..." he repeated, his voice a warm purr. "What would you think about leaving this suffocating crowd to show me now? I'm most interested in stumbling across the unexpected. Although if you'd rather be close to your guard, I do completely understand," he added, allowing the smallest bit of disappointment to leak into his voice for effect.

He hadn't anticipated meeting Vision's daughter so soon, but he had fatefully and casually stumbled across the warrior with the herd's "Princess" in tow. He could get himself into all sorts of trouble with this one, although for appearances sake, he would would have to tread lightly so that his actions couldn't be misconstrued by the warrior or relayed back to Vision in any negative context. He was already pushing his luck by suggesting that they leave Silver, Chaos and Lark behind, but that was a risk he was willing to take.

And... much as he might be loathe to admit it, there was still something about her that caught his attention. He had to know more.
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Re: New Beginnings [Talia!]

Chaos caught the look that Silver gave him and likely looked like a deer caught in headlights for a moment. It was strange, suddenly feeling the need to hide things from his best friend. Maybe he was getting lost in his pride, he was so afraid of being open about his interest in the mare and being humiliated that it made him hold back and try to conceal his curiosity. He even found himself making excuses in his own mind: he was simply looking after her as was his duty as a Warrior, and also as SilverRain's childhood friend. He was happy when the other stallion followed his prompt and got right into things, because he really didn't like leaving her alone after she'd practically been exuding her discomfort. At least, that's how it felt to him since he was very good at picking on emotions like that.

The thickly muscled stallion stood and listened, his face thoughtful. "I'll admit he doesn't exactly put me at ease either. I thought I was just being paranoid at first, but it's a sentiment that everyone seems to share..." He flicked his eyes to Lark again and cursed himself in his head for it, his self control was better than that. As his non-blood brother continued on, he nodded thoughtfully, taking a moment to think before speaking again.

"I'm wary about these new Serians as a whole, we really just don't know enough about the world they came from and why. Although some of them may genuinely be good, I have a feeling there wasn't much of a screening process as our newcomer has the herd equally nervous." He had had a similar vibe from Lotus as he had from Spire and he really couldn't explain why. Something about those two in particular just seemed shady, but he had none of that vibe from Lark whatsoever. It was perplexing. His head whipped around at the sound of Spire's roaring laughter, but all of their interactions were so innocent that he felt he was being the sketchy one at this point.

"If Orchid hasn't shared any of the memories, I do believe that there's no potential for serious harm. She wouldn't risk the herd like that, sworn to secrecy or not." He knew Silver trusted her to basically be the herd's magical psychologist, and that came with a certain level of "patient confidentiality", but if SilverRain trusted her that also meant she was morally sound and would alert them if she'd seen signs that meant the herd was in danger. Unless those memories were too well buried, but he rather wanted to believe her abilities were too strong for that to happen.

Chaos had noted how Lark seemed to pick up on his cue and was trying to listen in so she knew the gist of the topic of conversation, which would save them time later. He subtly hoped she hadn't heard his remark about her kind and taken it personally, he would have explained it to her directly if she'd been part of the conversation. He noted that Spire and Mistveil had gone quiet and his heart practically turned to ice when he realized they were no longer in sight. "Silver... I think the problem just got bigger." His voice was unsteady, and he rarely displayed that much emotion openly. He closed the distance between where he'd been standing and where Lark was. How long had he been musing about the situation in his head?

"This just went from bad to worse, did you see what direction they snuck off in?"

Mistveil noticed Spire's look of surprise but hadn't thought much of it other than it was a strange reaction. The surprise couldn't have been unpleasant, because before long he was smiling charmingly at her again. She didn't like being treated like she was some naive little doll, but truthfully she was very naive. Being sheltered meant that although she knew there were bad Serians out there, she hardly thought it likely she'd ever encounter one. Of her entire herd, maybe 1% made her in any way uncomfortable or uncertain. The odds just seemed to be in her favor and she chalked the rest up to over-protectiveness.

Spire was surprisingly eloquent, he seemed rather refined to her. It instantly made him seem more trustworthy somehow. She couldn't help but beam with gratefulness at his compliment, though some had also called her eyes beautiful in the past she was more used to being gawked at uncomfortably. He made her feel more like a sentient being with her own identity, and less like a mindless object to be polished and protected.

"That's very sweet of you to say, I don't know what else to say except thank you." She laughed somewhat nervously, the trill in her voice coming out rather birdlike. She was usually very self-assured but something about his presence made her feel small. The feeling only intensified when he started laughing loudly at her, her eyes displaying a clear uncertainty and confusion. When he spoke, she realized he had simply been surprised by who she was. Again, it seemed her reputation preceded her. There was a certain indignant look in her eyes, something slightly defensive that took hold.

"I don't exactly have much say in the matter and none of this is really arranged with any input of my own." Even her voice had a defensive edge to it. Others may have loved the attention and thrived in the role of "herd princess", but she wanted to be treated like anyone else. Dreamseer didn't need a bodyguard, LunarPrism didn't need a bodyguard, why did she always seem to have a guard everywhere she went? She was old enough now that it was a bit insulting, she was fully a mare now.

She was startled out of her funk by his playful bump, something that Chaos and Silver had missed entirely. She knew if they saw it, that would more or less spell the end of her interactions with Spire. She liked the attention and she wanted to be able to talk to him without gauging all of his words and actions and feeling like she should tell him to keep his distance even if it wasn't what she actually wanted. She still had the indignant fire in her belly, making her feel unusually bold and defiant. She didn't want them to worry, but if she couldn't even be trusted to have a conversation in private then what was her life going to be like?

"You seem eager to move about, I'd rather walk and talk myself. Why don't we start the tour with a few places I'm familiar with?" Her words were light, casual, friendly, but her eyes flicked to the side of the hill and the sheltered fields behind it, just out of view. Like a bandit in the night, she was next to Spire in one moment and then slinking around the corner like a serpent just a moment afterwards. She waited for him just out of sight, holding her breath to hear reprimanding shouts. When none immediately came, her pulse started to speed. She'd never, ever done anything so rebellious before. She felt justified, but it was still unusually exciting.

As soon as Spire appeared, she invited him along at a brisk pace, wanting to put as much distance between them and the others as possible. She knew they'd only have a brief headstart and she needed to become as difficult to find as possible in that time. "There's an old shrine in the forest just up ahead, it's pretty worn from the elements and the path is mostly overgrown so it's not a popular spot but I think it's very peaceful. Human craftsmanship can be quite remarkable." There were many humanoid species, and all those with the gift of opposable thumbs seemed capable of making these incredibly intricate structures for various purposes. Some were well-kept over time, and some were less so. Either way, it would have plenty of places to hide if they needed to wait out any unwelcome company...
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Re: New Beginnings [Talia!]

Silver's ears flicked in interest when Chaos spoke of their own newcomer. Perhaps the newest Serians really did just tend to make people feel uneasy in general, simply because they all knew so little about them. But then again, Lark had never really made him feel the same way that Spire did, so he doubted that was the case.

"Spire came first, and he instantly made me wary. But then again, I don't feel the same way about Lark at all. I never got that impression from her," he said with a slight frown. "I doubt it's Altar-related, but so far I don't know enough of the newcomers to make a solid judgement call where that's concerned. I can only assume that they're like the rest of us, and that Spire and your newcomer are just... different."

Spire's laughter caught his attention as well; if truth be told, he had never heard the stallion laugh like that before. This whole situation made him feel dreadfully uncertain of himself. What if he wasn't giving Spire enough of a chance? Or what if he actually deserved the suspicion he felt, and he and Chaos were leaving him with Mistveil this very moment? Regardless, he could hardly view his laughter as threatening, but there was just something about his behaviour that didn't sit well with him.

He focused on his childhood friend once again, and shook his head in the negative. "Orchid never took any memories from Spire, so she wouldn't know any better. She only took Lark's. Spire insisted on keeping his, but Lark wanted Orchid to take the worst from her. It's clear that they knew each other before they were bonded, but I'm not sure what the connection was, and I can't even say for certain that Lark remembers either. And Spire keeps his own secrets. He doesn't seem too keen on divulging what his former relationship with Lark was, or their past history. I have no doubt that Orchid would protect the herd. I know that Lark's memories gave her nightmares for weeks though..." He shivered absently. Anything that caused Orchid that much pain to relive would be traumatic indeed. "Orchid seemed content in knowing that whomever Lark had been or whatever she had done, she wouldn't revisit it. But we can only speculate on who Spire was or is."

Chaos' unsteady voice brought him back from his own musings with a jolt. Rarely did he hear that level of uncertainty from his friend; as such, he was instantly alert.

"Where did they go?" he said aloud, his voice barely above a whisper.

Chaos, always the first to action, was already questioning Lark so he stole a few moments to scan the horizon for any trace of the two Serians.

Lark only caught snippets of the conversation, but the ones that she did catch filled her with a sense of self doubt. They were distrustful of her kind? She had come to realize all too soon that the newest Altar, her Altar, really did have a place apart from the rest. She felt indescribably lonely, but she didn't know who to reach out to. The only one of her kind within "reaching" distance was Spire, and she didn't want to fuel whatever obsession he seemed to have with her. Still... she had hoped that she had met some friends, at the very least, in Silver and Chaos. Perhaps her feelings were misplaced?

Confusion stole across her features, and she blinked rapidly, trying not to let her emotions overwhelm her. She knew that Orchid had taken her memories. She remembered asking her, no, begging her to take them. While the memories were gone, they still left emotions in their wake. Sensitivities and triggers without reason or events to link them to. She knew that her past, the things that she had seen and done, had been...torturous. But that's all she knew. Maybe she really shouldn't be trusted? What if she, and Spire, were as dangerous as they thought?

And yet... she waffled between wanting to be protected, and wanting to be formidable enough, fierce enough, to stand on her own. She glanced up again at Chaos Flame, at his heavily muscled form, and knew that she wanted to feel the comforting presence of another beside her, at the very least. She knew, somewhere deep down, that Spire had been that presence once, but that thought frightened her. Chaos and Silver, and the members of her new herd, were warmth, and love. Spire seemed coldly possessive in comparison, which she doubted was his actual intention. There had been love there, she had no doubt, but she did not want it now or remember it in its entirety. It was an old emotion, an old relationship. That wasn't her anymore.

She had been so caught up in her own inner turmoil that Chaos was in front of her before she even registered the fact that he had moved.

"I...I..." she stuttered, clearly flustered. She flushed brilliantly, and resisted the urge to hide behind her shadowy mane out of sheer embarrassment. She shook her head quickly and averted her eyes before responding "I was... preoccupied. But I can try to find out. We can still connect through the spirit realm, but only if he'll let me in. And he'll know that I'm only contacting him at your request, or Silver's, so he likely won't volunteer any information."

Before anyone could protest, she grew quiet, and slowly removed the shields from her mind. The rest of her Altar may have walked the spirit realm or contacted others by alternative means, but she and Spire had trained together, thus they had similar methods for contacting one another. With her barriers removed she was open, like a receiver waiting for a passing signal; only in this case, she would be the one sending the message, not receiving. She pushed her mind out into the veil, searching for the familiar signature of Spire until she grasped onto his "essence" triumphantly.

Where are you? she asked, almost hesitantly. Her voice sounded small, even to her.

What does it matter, little Lark? Do you miss me? he responded coldly. His presence always felt oddly invasive, like a wintery caress. She shivered, despite herself, but seemed to find some level of composure.

What are you up to? What do you hope to gain by doing this? The others are clearly concerned. How do you not understand this? she replied indignantly. He was being selfish. Was he actually interested in Mistveil, or was he just hoping to create mischief and sew some discord? She could hear him chuckling in her mind; it was soft, but without malice, which gave her pause.

I understand the consequences of everything that I do Lark, he said, with the slightest clip of anger to his voice. It's the actions of others that I don't quite understand. No, I do not think that I'll help you, our herd, or that fearsome new stallion you seem to want to cling to so desperately, not today. No harm will come to the mare, I will promise that, at the very least. Now let me be. His voice was bitter and cynical, and his comments regarding Chaos made a new flush creep across her face.

She scowled, and threw her barriers back up with a force that was indicative of her anger. She turned back to Chaos and Silver with a frown still marring her pretty features and shook her head again.

"I don't know where he is," she said softly in frustration. "He won't tell me, but I know him. He won't hurt her, if that's what you're afraid of. Spire can be a beast, but he does keep his word. You need not be "wary" of that, at the very least," she added, unable to keep all of the hurt from bleeding through into her voice.

It seemed that flattery would get him everywhere with this one. Spire smiled idly to himself, which, for appearances sake, looked like nothing more than a simple disarming grin. Her nervousness was evident; the change in timbre of her voice, the inflection, made it all that much more obvious. He was confused, however, by the indignant look in her eyes and her sudden defensiveness. Was the little Princess tired of being caged? Did she balk at the concept of being babysat by her bodyguard? He could only speculate as he knew so little of her, but she was oddly transparent, a byproduct of her innocence.

"I find that I tire of crowds. Talia's herd is large, 30 strong now. I prefer the quiet of one or two companions, nothing more. You would be doing me a favour, really. I'd be most obliged if you could give me the grand tour; after you, Mistveil," he said pleasantly. He noted the way her eyes darted about, gauging the reaction from her guard, and he smiled again.

He followed behind her, equally noiseless, and effortlessly matched her pace so that they were close to one another, side by side. "I would love to see the shrine. I've never been, and I'd welcome the peace."

He almost disregarded Lark's buzzing voice in his head, but he engaged with her as he smoothly followed Mistveil's lead. He couldn't pass up the chance to deliver a few convenient jabs. His pride had been wounded, and he was sore from her rejection. He shouldn't have been surprised- their parting before they bonded had not been amicable, and yet he had thought that he had meant more to her than that. For her to have so casually rid herself of everything that they had been burned him. It was a betrayal that he couldn't forgive, and he knew that it would be difficult for him to bring himself to love another in that way again.

He turned his thoughts back to Mistveil, his expression suddenly contrite. "My apologies but... did I say something to upset you earlier? That wasn't my intention, I assure you."

He really hadn't intended to make the mare defensive, not at all. Begrudgingly, he would admit that she interested him, although he wasn't sure if that was because she was the antithesis of everything he was. She just seemed so completely... virtuous... that he wasn't quite sure of what to make of her. His curiosity had won over, when it came to her, against his better judgement. And he wasn't beyond noticing an attractive mare. Spire had very singular tastes- petite, feminine and vibrant females. Lark had had an edge that had complimented his. Mistveil seemed to have some sort of inner fierceness that he hadn't anticipated, and he was definitely enjoying her rebellious streak. He knew that he would have some explaining to do later if Lark didn't hold her tongue, but that was unavoidable. The herds would worry about their sweet little charge, regardless of what he did or did not do, simply because it was Him.
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Re: New Beginnings [Talia!]

Chaos Flame listened to the other stallion speak, only furrowing his brow from time to time while he took in the information. Spire had elected to keep his memories but Lark had wanted to give them up. He was starting to fit the pieces together; why the cool stallion was so creepy towards the sunlit mare. Obviously he was bitter that she'd given up whatever piece of history they shared, which made him think at some point they may have been more than friends... or perhaps they had been accomplices in something dark, something that Spire delighted in but Lark was ashamed of? Or maybe he was just looking for reasons to mistrust the stallion. Was he a scorned lover? Or was he looking for a partner in crime? Whatever his intentions, Chaos didn't like the sensation he was getting: the sensation that Mistveil was being used to fill a hole. He knew she'd never received such attention from a stallion before, because all the stallions in their herd were very, very careful not to cross any boundaries. Frostbite seemed to always be watching, and she was terrifyingly possessive of her only child.

When he rushed over to Lark, she looked like a doe in the headlights and he instantly felt a pang of guilt for putting all the responsibility on her. She was neither Spire nor Mistveil's personal guard... that was his role, and this was his mess. He wanted to comfort her, but she smoothly regained her composure just as his mouth opened and closed dumbly. Preoccupied... had his conversation with Silver upset her? What had she heard? Perhaps she was just going over what memories she did have? He wondered if she regretted giving up the rest... This jealous streak was really getting the best of him.

"Thank you, Lark, sorry for putting this on you, ah..." He made a sweeping motion with his head, as if to say "go ahead". He was completely unsure as to whether or not she'd be able to reach him, but she was willing to try and that was more than he could ask for. She went deathly still for a span of moments, expressions flickering across her face like scenes in a video: there a moment and then gone the next. He couldn't clue in on what the expressions meant, but none of them seemed particularly happy or positive. Spire was probably taunting her again, and it made his blood boil. If their link worked like a phone, he'd have likely picked it up himself just to give the stallion a piece of his mind.

He could practically feel when the "conversation" came to a close, and Lark's eyes were swimming with discontent when she looked at him. He listened to her speak with rapt interest, though he visibly flinched at the jab she slipped in. She had heard, then. He wanted to explain everything, but with SilverRain so nearby he was too proud to look so pathetic.

"I just, we just... don't know him, the way you know him." He realized his words could be misinterpreted as a jab in return and closed his eyes, sighing. He felt old, suddenly. He understood the weariness in his father's eyes. The life of a warrior had been full of more emotional trials than physical, these battles didn't leave scars on his smooth skin but marked him from the inside instead. "Mistveil is my charge, and the respect of the entire herd lies in keeping her safe. She's never really been on her own before." It was the closest he dared come to explaining himself, but it was something, hopefully.

He seemed to physically stand a little taller as he collected himself. "Clearly she feels it's time to exercise her independence. If it goes south we'll really have no one to blame but ourselves. Either way, I doubt we'll find them until they want to be found." He wanted to chase after them, wanted to assert his dominance as everyone always expected him to, but he knew it'd probably do more harm than good. Maybe if he gave her space he'd earn more of her trust. If he couldn't stop her from being reckless, he could at least be her confidant.

"I don't know if she'll return here to find me or head straight home. I'd like to believe she'd at least let me escort her back, so I'll stay in the area until the evening, just in case." He was trying to give them both the opportunity to leave, if they desired it. He'd already caused them both enough trouble.

Spire seemed quiet as he walked alongside her, though she assumed he was just taking in the surroundings and trying not to be too loud in case they alerted the others, even though there was a fair bit of distance between them now. Her mind was racing with topics to fill the silence, but she didn't feel she had anything really interesting to say. She'd never felt so out of her element before, but then again, she'd never been alone with a stallion before: not one that looked at her as anything more than a little filly made of glass. Her lack of experience made her question herself at every turn, it made her feel like the character everyone painted on her.

She was disappointed by how relieved she was when Spire broke the silence, it seemed so easy for him to know what to say and when to say it. The thoughtfulness of his words made her smile, though it was almost tragic.

"No, it's not you. Quite the opposite, it's everyone else." The bitterness returned to her voice- just a taste, the slightest flatness. She turned her gaze from him and looked straight ahead, not wanting her expression to be read as thoroughly. He'd been nothing but considerate and open, he deserved her honesty.

"As you know, my father, Vision, is more or less the head of Talia's herd. My mother, Frostbite, is the lead of my bonded, Tigeress' herd. I'm their only child thus far, and both herds are my extended family, my guardians, I know them all." She stumbled, trying to think of how to explain what this really meant for her.

"Do you know, you're the only stallion I've ever really been alone with? The only one who isn't sworn to treat me simultaneously like a fragile doll and also like I have a disease?" There was hurt in her voice then, recalling how Comet had practically recoiled when she'd tried to get closer to him. She'd thought that keeping her interests in one of the herds was what was expected of her, but it seemed instead of having limited options she actually had none. She was an adult, but unable to have the conversations and connections that adults had. It made her long for it, good or bad, she just wanted to live.

Her lithe form passed into some tall, unkempt grass, her wings spreading out to make a path that would be easier for Spire to walk in. There was a very vague path worn into the earth, but it was overgrown from a lack of use. Mistveil had found and followed it some time ago, though she wasn't sure how many others knew it existed or what it led to. She had noticed that the others treated Spire rather coldly, and she could only assume it was because of her. She made space for him to walk beside her again, the father they walked, the less unruly the path seemed to be.

"I'm sorry the others have been so cold towards you, they would be like that with anyone who dared speak to me, you shouldn't take it personally." She was wholly oblivious as to his connection with Lark, so her assumptions were a little bit off the mark. "If only they could see their concern is misplaced, but, maybe in time." The mare mused the last more to herself than the stallion, her eyes scanning the path again.

"Ah, it's just past these trees, I always know by this broken sign." Undecipherable, washed-out script was marked into a splintered board that rested against the base of a massive tree. Very little light seemed to penetrate through the border of trees, they were large and dense and the air felt cooler and cleaner just passing between them. The sound of the forest seemed to erupt around them as they stepped into a clearing. Decorative stones laid about, marking messy walking paths up towards a large wooden structure that miraculously remained standing. Though parts of the wall had fallen through, the roof was void of holes and the structure was safe enough to take shelter in. She knew, because she'd had to wait out the rain inside of it once.

"Sunlight hurts my eyes after a while, I much prefer places like this."
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Re: New Beginnings [Talia!]

As soon as the words left her mouth, she wished she could take them back. They were honest, and she was hurt, but she had learned to hide her fears better than this. She had thought she was immune to words, that they would cease to bruise or batter her rapidly fraying self esteem, but apparently that had not been the case. Either that, or she simply placed more stock in what SilverRain and Chaos thought of her, even though she barely knew the Warrior. His visible flinch made her withdraw slightly, like an animal that cringed away from its own after causing injury.

She searched his eyes as he began to speak, looking for some sort of deceit, some tell-tale sign that he wasn't worth trusting, but there was none of that. He seemed genuine, almost remorseful, which made her feel even more apologetic. He struggled to explain himself, to grasp at words. She watched quietly as he gathered himself, and she couldn't help but admire him and his resolve in that moment. It was clear that he was unshakably loyal when it came to Frostbite and his young charge. He was flustered, but it came from a place of concern, not anger or aggression.

When he mentioned staying to wait for Mistveil, she glanced quickly in Silver's direction. The stallion had been watching the exchange with great interest, and before she could even utter a word, he tossed a wolfish grin at Chaos and turned to Lark, his expression clearly one of mock innocence.

"Lark, I have business elsewhere this afternoon, and someone has to let Vision know that his daughter has wandered off. It would be better for me to face his ire than you. Would you mind staying with Chaos a while? As much as I don't want to ask you to do it again, you may be the only one that can contact Spire in case of emergency."

Silver's words made so much sense that she couldn't even dispute them if she wanted to. She blinked at him for a few moments before she recovered her wits, and rolled her eyes in response. She tried to smother a small smile that was threatening to overwhelm her. Silver clearly wasn't fooling anyone.

"It would be my pleasure," she replied simply.

Before anyone could object, Silver nodded, tossed Chaos another conspiratorial wink, and said loudly "Bring them all home safe Chaos. We'll talk again soon I'm certain. Give my love to Tinsel."

And with that, he was off with a thunder of hooves and the flash of feathered wings as he took to the skies.

Lark turned her attention back to Chaos. She wasn't sure how to broach the topic, but she did feel like she should explain herself a bit more. Her words had stung, that much was evident by the way he flinched, and she knew now that Chaos didn't intend to make her feel uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry," she began softly. "I... feel like I've been met with quite a bit of hostility, or suspicion, since coming here. It's difficult for me to process, because I'm legitimately not sure if they're wrong for feeling the way they feel, for making assumptions about my character, because I don't remember much about my past. For all I know, I could be as terrible as they imagine."

She approached him slowly, timidly almost, as if afraid of her reception. "I'm sorry for assuming the worst of you. It was unfair of me, not to mention hypocritical."

She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts before she continued. "To be honest, even I don't know Spire anymore. He does have a propensity for trouble, but like I mentioned, I know he won't hurt her. You need not be concerned about your charge. I do feel responsible for Spire, somehow. I feel like he does these things to spite me, and I really don't understand why. I'm sorry that he interfered."

She sighed, her eyes downcast as she tried to draw from some hidden resolve of strength.

"If you'd rather I leave, please let me know. If not, perhaps we could talk for awhile?"


Spire listened to her speak, and noted the bitter undertones. Bitterness he could understand; it was familiar, he just buried his, only bringing it out when it suited him. He had been bitter the majority of his life. He had been scorned by lovers, frequently thought the worst of, even when he was legitimately trying to better himself. It was enough to make him give up. Why bother trying to change who you are, when everyone is convinced that this is all that you could ever be?

He couldn't keep the genuine shock from his features when she mentioned that she had never truly been alone with another stallion before. That level of innocence was completely foreign to him. But instead of finding some sort of inner joy in the fact that she seemed too easy to exploit, he simply felt... torn. He knew what it felt like to be ostracized by his peers. Not for similar reasons, but none-the-less...

He grew quiet then, more withdrawn, and he weighed his words carefully before responding with only the slightest bit of hesitation.

"I'm shocked, I won't lie. I cannot fathom how someone could ever treat you like you had a disease. You..." he stopped himself short quite suddenly, and shook his head, at a loss for words for once and unwilling to continue with his original train of thought. He followed behind her for a few more moments in silence until she cleared some space for him. He took the invitation willingly, and trotted to her side without pause.

"I can empathize. Not for similar reasons, mind you, but my kind have not exactly been... welcomed. Do not feel obligated to apologize on their behalf Mistveil. It may, in part, have something to do with you, but it may also just be because of who I am, or where I came from. Regardless, you have not done me any wrong."

As they stepped into the clearing, he smiled again, another genuine expression. He cursed himself inwardly. Why wasn't he being more guarded? He was better than this, surely. Why was he letting one little mare eat away at him?

"In all honesty, I prefer the shadows over the sunlight myself. I must admit, I don't have your legitimate reason, I just prefer the cool air to the warmth."

He tried to put a stopper on his face, his emotions. He vowed that he would deliberately steer her away from any personal questions that delved too deep. He didn't want her to know about his personal life, his past. For some reason though, he just couldn't seem to deny her anything. Information just kept pouring out; he was oversharing, it was unlike him.

He regarded the path for a moment before nodding towards the dilapidated structure in the distance.

"What's in there?"

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