Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

The drawstring was proving to be more difficult than it should; this was, sadly, no surprise and failed to elicit any kind of reaction. A quick tug was normally enough, but at this precise moment every move was granted only half her strength; she was done in.

Time would allow the hollow sensation within her to ease, to have her gaze focus once more rather than leaving her to stare absently through things. Time would get her moving, putting distance between herself and the trials of the night. Time would offer distractions.

She didn't have time. He was there, even as she fumbled absently in her attempts to cleanse the blood of her torn knee, and for a moment everything came crashing to a halt - at least for her.

He lay beside her, touched her, a solid reassurance that she wasn't alone. Spoke kindly; called her his love. Looked at her with a tenderness that saw the beaten version no other had ever born witness to, and did not judge her for it. Her mind spun for a long moment, failing to reconcile his sudden reappearance, waiting for him to be gone again just as quickly.

But he was real, and he was there, and he looked a right mess himself, so coated was he in dirt. Clumps gathered in disheveled masses in his mane and he looked as if he might fall over sideways, a bone-deep tired revealing itself around the corners of his tender gaze. It seemed he had not rested even the nonce that she had managed.

And all the while she had been here, having a proper melt down. Some welcome she was presenting him with, now, to stare at him as if she had perhaps been struck blind.

Gyp-Gypsy, she managed, and her words were slow, uncertain, and very nearly flat, the usual rolling southern-tinged joy nowhere to be found.

My wandering Magpie has returned, she thought numbly, and wondered if such a stark leave was to be normal, between them. Less that they had walking roots, more that they would always blow back together again, as dandelions on a playful breeze. Could she bear such a thing? At the moment it didn't seem to matter; simply another pain to carry.

She should try and brush the dirt off that beautiful hide, to make at least some attempt to return the care she saw in his gaze. She should ask what had happened, if he was alright. She should do at least something to make certain he had reason to be glad to have found her again.

Instead, she found herself shaking out her mane as her head grew heavy, dropping down to rest on his front legs.

You left, she murmured, answering his question with the simplest explanation there was. I thought-

Her voice cracked, and for a brief moment a flicker of embarrassment fluttered to the surface, her words swallowed by the all-too-fresh memory of her own insignificance. Forever the outsider, never to belong.

I'm sorry, she managed, and then everything went black - at least it was here that she passed out. There could be worse places to have her body crumple on her. There had been already, if truth be told.
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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

She struggled with the contraption on her neck a bit, and he itched to help her but held back and focused instead on listening with all his might for what had her in such a state. Her eyes were glassy and not focused on the surface but thoughts swirled and emotions swam in those amethyst depths, too deep and changing for him to interpret. Her words took long... oh so long to string together. If he had not been lying safely on the ground next to her those sturdy legs might’ve buckled on him as she accused him of leaving. Not that there was any accusation in her tone. Not that it was untrue. As he struggled to find a mental foothold to talk through things with her she apologized. And fainted for real this time. There was no question this time, no panic and rush to check on her. He certainly did look instantly at her sides moving for air and reached to feel her heartbeat, though he moved with a sadness that showed all the years of weariness and loneliness he’d borne. I’m so sorry, my dear one he whispered to her slumped form with a gentle whuff on her cheek.

Sure enough, there was a definite beat of her precious heart as he brushed her velvet skin with a gentleness devoid of any of the earlier playfulness. Gypsy would not allow his mind to speculate on where this would leave them. The swelling balloon of hope in his chest had definitely punctured and deflated, but that was a matter for later. Scanning the grass in front of him and trees in the distance showed no threats. Their little ring in the grasses was the closest safe place and would have to do for now. Perhaps when she awoke they could find a cave, but there was no chance he was leaving her side now. He would rekindle the fire and wait with her to find out if his chance with her had been wasted.

Standing with a heavy sigh the stallion started ripping up grasses around them. It did not take him long to weave the resilient strands into a harness of sorts, which he looped around her legs and under her shoulders, neck, and hips. Not much time had truly passed, but the process seemed to take hours in his worried mind. Once he was ready to move her he bent to the task of removing the wrap from around her neck. It was a bit stubborn, but when he finally grabbed the lip of the purse itself, the top opened just a hair’s breadth and splashed a tiny drop of water on his nose at the same time he recognized the beautiful scent of fresh water. Well now that’s an interesting trinket. The loop of the water bag was kept with those of his grass harness as he readied himself to move her slumbering form.

Her lower legs and hooves dragged a bit on the sand when he strained to lift her as far off the ground as he could, but the grasses held firm. Would have been easier had there been an easy way to get her onto his back but the stallion was not willing to cause her possible pain to get her there. He’d debated weaving a blanket to move her and decided the harness would get her moved faster... but now he wished he had made the blanket to cover her with after. She looked so peaceful after he settled her near their fire ring. Now to work on that fire - sunlight or no it was chilly at times when the breeze came in the right way. He found a few small windblown branches among the grasses nearby but he was not willing to stray out of calling range or sight. Those helped the leftover driftwood catch after he rotated the pieces that had already burned. A handful of them still had some uncharred edges, and the smaller kindling lended aid when he sparked the beginnings of a fire.

Gypsy retrieved the food bundle and moved it with the water bag closer to her body, opening the bag to allow himself two sips of the refreshing liquid. He would not leave her to go to the shore for a wash or to experiement with how the bag worked. So he settled himself with a groan near Tribe to watch both her and the spreading flames of the fire, watchful in case he needed to give the latter a nudge or a helping hoof. When it seemed to be coming along nicely he reached for more grasses to weave. He sang a gentle song in between grabbing strands, pausing now and again to study the mare who’d entered his life like a whirlwind. He desperately hoped that she would be ok, and that she would not leave it in the same fashion. Or at all.

When the grass blanket was ready, he draped it over her and cast her slumbering form a worried glance. There was debate over trying to waken her, but for now he decided sleep might be best. He thought of the salts he could picture on a shelf in his Bonded’s work wing. They could wake the dead, he thought with a shudder at the memory of the tiniest whiff from a theoretically closed bottle. There was no way he could wish that on his waterlilly though, not if it could be avoided. Once more his larger frame settled closer to hers, lying on her other side with his neck draped over her back. His nose stretched over her body to rest closest to the fire, and give him warning should the wind change and coax the fire in her direction with that grass blanet. It was green, so it would not burn willingly, but he wanted to be careful.

That done, a large sigh escaped him before he scanned the area for danger one last time and began humming some nonsensical lullaby melody as he drifted off to the doze he could no longer avoid. His last thoughts were of the lovely purple-hued mare dozing under his neck.

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