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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

He barely got the word circle out before she jolted, looking almost as if someone had kicked her. The truth was that it took a rather disgraceful amount of effort for her not to leap forward and smother the rest of his words with kisses and mindless babble, although Tribe wasn't entirely certain which was more mortifying; having him think she was truly startled and even possibly affronted, or admitting to her foalish over-exuberance.

Too soon, you say, she murmured, and knew she looked upon him with the starry-eyed gaze of a much younger version of herself. Such travels as you've had, surely you're more than familiar with the famous, whirlwind romance? Every tribe, all kinds of creatures, have such a tale; some are tragic, you know, but there are those that are heartwarming, sugar. I rather think we might be the latter. You may worry on rather such is appropriate, but I can only say 'Yes'. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, and yes again, for with you I feel I have found the home that I need never leave behind me.

She smiled, moved into him, and for all the snuggly kisses she granted him seemed she truly did mean to crawl in his skin, to drown herself in the very essence that was this wandering sunset magpie.

It's an official thing, a circle, she noted, without any kind of hesitation to her voice; nay, she merely sounded thoughtful. Who might they join? Surely a brand new binding of just the two of them would be a bit excessive... And yet, much to her own heartache, Tribe could think of none she was so close to. Once she had thought to join her bondmates within the Cherished Dreams - indeed, the wish had been so dear to her that she had attempted to choose a mate on this factor alone. That, obviously, had not quite worked out, although there had been some promise to the concept that never was fulfilled. It seemed she needed to be woo'd the same as she traveled; a whirlwind of excitement, an ocean of sensation, and soul-altering emotion, all of it nestled beneath the turning of the sun. Of course, she had to know where to look to find all of it; the secret corners, the hidden depths, those places that were so easily overlooked. It was why she loved to travel so very far as she did - the best places were the hardest to get to.

So it seemed it had been with them, with him. Young and foolish as it may seem, for her it simply made sense. That was all she needed. It didn't have to make sense to anyone but them.

I'm more than happy to follow your lead with it, honeysuckle. Did you have any particular ideas on it all, my beloved sun-kissed mate, anyone you await joining us?

She was honestly curious, for in all the tales she had heard, all the songs he had collected or written that she had gathered to her heart with the covetous joy of the true devotee, Tribe had never heard of one who stood out as his most precious companion. But then, she herself was in a similar state. Once, it could be said that she and Sign had been the closest of friends, perhaps because of their differences rather than in spite of; but that had been long ago, and there had been many changes since then. Although they were still close, Tribe knew that their relationship was not as it once had been. It didn't bother her; the spirit of their love for one another was still thriving, even if changed. Should Sign ever have need for her, Tribe would be at her side; and when Tribe needed a quiet moment of peace, or found herself in need of guidance, she knew she could count on Sign even still. Change did not have to mean the death of a thing, after all.

But she no longer spent each moment at home beside her friend, as she once had, and their visits were getting farther in between, their conversations more impulsive.

We're going to need rules, however it is we come together, she murmured, and smiled to herself as she realized she had been playing with the large stallion's forelock; she didn't think she would ever get enough of touching him. Even better, she could now do so freely, upon a whim. Surely this was true bliss. When we wander there's dangers, as you said; if we get lost to one another, we need a place where we can go to wait, where we'll always meet back up. Another to leave a message; I know a wonderful little island with the sweetest birds you ever did meet, sugarfluff, that will tell you everything they last heard, and the fruit there has a wonderful trick to it. The right ones can give the energy to send us racing off - but of course some others bring on a sleep that lasts for days on end, my sweet-love, and that could be good to bring along. Maybe that would be their first journey together; showing him this place, the island they would leave their messages on, if they ever needed to get hold of one another.

Of course, if she had her wish, they wouldn't ever part ways to need it...

The most important rule, though, is that you are mine, she added, and nipped at his shoulder rather sharply. I waited too long to find you - and when I finally did, you tricky beast, you didn't even admit who it was you were!

Ah, there it was - the snippet she had promised with a glare, the reference to the mild deception of hiding his identity while knowing full well not only who she was, but her full reputation (and more than a few of her tales, it seemed).

And now that I do, and now that I have you, you. Are. Mine. And I am yours, she added brightly, and beamed at him in such a way that she may as well have been wagging her tail, the momentary scolding instantly dismissed. And it will take no small amount of convincing to change that, she decreed, and snuggled back into her favorite spot, tucked up tight against his chest.

Don't ever leave again, she thought, the warmth and peace and simple rightness of hearing his heart and feeling his breath acting as a stark contrast to the desolation of the previous night. She shivered at the memory - and still, it would be a few days before she managed to fully recover from such a night as that, even with such joy as he had just granted her - before tucking the worry neatly back under the lake in her mind. She couldn't say such a thing, of course, but perhaps if she knew he would always find her again; the places to meet, the birds to speak for them, the small signs of hope that he was never truly gone from her, perhaps that would be enough.

The worry was placed on hold for the moment, the memory and fear hidden away, but it had done some damage even still. Her mind had come to a complete stop; all excited chatter about rules and plans had been wiped clean, leaving only the moment.

At the moment, she was hungry. Famished. Starving.

Food, she murmured, and smiled as she realized she was talking into his chest - a back to hold the world, so broad and strong as it was, and a solid chest to be the home she had needed. Whatever the case, my love, let's start with that long-overdue meal. Then maybe we can finally make our way up into the grass, to see what hides beyond the hills. The rest - the rest will come.