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A New Adventure [Open]

Zyria could not wait to return to the beautiful hills of Sionayra, it had been far too long. More importantly, she was dying to see her old friend and hoped she was still there. It had been over a year, Zyria guessed, since she left the hills. That chapter in her life was over now though, and Sionayra felt like home more than anywhere else had.

She darted through the trees, back and forth, with the wind blowing her long black hair from her face. "She has to still be there, please still be there..." she thought again and again. Light on her feet, it did not take long before the trees thinned and long green hills stretched for eternity before her. She came to a stop at the tree line to admire them for a moment. The sky was darkening, and despite her speed the dark clouds were gaining on her. The wind blew a little harder and she could sense moisture in the air. Feeling she better keep up the pace, she took off again.

If she could just find that spot where they first met... it was along the river where she found shelter under a tree. It was the day she left home. All she had to do was get near the elven forest and retrace her steps... the steps she took years ago.

After hours of walking, the clouds above finally broke. Darkness covered the hills and a steady rain began to fall. Zyria was prepared, as usual, and pulled a hood over her head. She had found a river of some sort, whether or not it was the same river she could not be certain. She followed it anyway, hoping to see something familiar that might help her get her bearings. She stared at her feet as she walked, deep in thought. She hoped her friend wasn't too angry with her for leaving...

The wind was somewhat fierce now, Zyria had to pull her hood back up several times and it was pointless now, her hair was already soaked. She even began to get a chill. "Ahh, finally. Here's a tree I can rest under." she thought and approached a pretty thick tree with branches hanging out over the river. She stopped. "A tree??" she said aloud, "Is this---?" It couldn't be. This tree looked so big! Then again... it had been a good while since they first met at this tree... and it did look familiar.

Zyria's eyes quickly scanned the branches. She was so excited, if her friend was relaxing on one of the branches she might pee herself! She darted around in circles, checking every single branch... but no luck. She let out a deep sigh, and plopped herself down in the exposed roots at the base of the tree. It was mostly out of the rain, and she was pretty tired. She reached into her bag, pulled out some fruit, and began to nibble on it while she watched the storm. Where else could she look? Maybe this trip wasn't a good idea after all. Maybe her friend had moved on? Either way, she knew she'd run into somebody familiar, it was just bad timing.

She finished the fruit, tilted her head back and closed her eyes...