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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

It was difficult to concentrate at first, what with the wind whipping and howling by her ears, slapping her wild black hair to her face and cheeks. At one point she lifted an arm, using her fingers to tuck her hair behind her long pointy ears, only to have it burst free again. The winds were the least of her worries though, it seemed. The pairs of eyes and shadows in the distance before her were her main concern. She knew nothing about who they were, where they had come from, and more importantly, why they had called her here. Her lips parted to finally speak and break the silence, but before she could, some motion in the distance caught her attention.

Another was approaching. The feminine figure of a humanoid species approached the clearing, mounted on the back of a Serian. Zyria nervously placed a hand on her belt, where the thick leather loop fastened a small dagger to her hip. Her eyes narrowed at the newcomer, but her attention was not returned. The human directed her Serian directly towards the center silhouette, calm and comfortable as if familiar with the group and the situation. Zyria could just barely make out colors under the darkness of the clouds, but the human had long, light pink hair and the Serian had a bright, glittery gold mane and tail.

The moment she heard it, she could hear nothing else. It was as if the winds, thunder, and rolling clouds had been muted, almost entirely. A voice echoed in her mind. With the voice came vision, and the darkness the clouds had gathered seemed to fade a little. The silhouette's she saw on the hill now had colors and shapes to them. The one closest to her had deep violet eyes, just like Zyria's. The voice came from her as they locked eyes, and a chill ran down Zyria's spine. She was a Serian as well, to Zyria's immediate relief. Not that Serian's couldn't be extremely dangerous, oh no... but it was at least a species she was familiar with. Her tense muscles relaxed, and she let the echoes in her mind take all of her focus.

The soft blue Serian with violet eyes thanked them for answering her call. Though she was still confused, Zyria found it a little comforting knowing where and who the sudden pull had come from. There was one question answered. The Serian introduced herself as Sign, and noted that she called them here to ask for help with her son. One question answered but two more took its place. What kind of help did she need? And more importantly, how could a mere elf like Zyria be of any help? An urge to call her Serians to her side swelled up inside her, but she suppressed it. There was a reason she was called here and not her Serians. If she ended up needing them, she knew they would join her.

Another voice interrupted, one slightly lower in pitch. Another greeting it was, this time from a bright blue-colored Serian with a stark orange mane and tail standing near Sign. His name was Bubble, a name unexpected but somewhat suiting after she heard his light tone. He explained that the Serian up on the hill was Sign's son, Keidas. Zyria had to squint and take a few steps forward to see him, as his body was a darker shade than the rest. His hair, short everywhere but his hocks, was a deep greenish-blue. Light blue rings wrapped around each leg, and one larger ring wrapped around his neck. A dark, sandy-colored mane and tail blew in the breeze, long locks mixed with short locks. A sharp, silver horn parted his mane, curved upwards towards the sky.

What caught her attention the most were his bright, almost neon pink eyes. They were unusually pink, considering the rest of his body was made up of dark, earthy tones. Even with the distance between them, Zyria could feel his life force as if she were standing directly eye to eye with him. It reminded her of when she very first bonded with a Serian. As an elf, Zyria was more in-touch with nature and the living beings who inhabited it. She could sense storms approaching, pain of an injured wild animal nearby, or the energy in the plants and sun. When Flux first made eye contact with her, she had felt a force of energy that drew her in. She wanted nothing more than to keep Flux by herself, to keep her company and to keep her safe.

It was then that Sign interrupted with, "I have to see him safe." The words felt heavy, full of concern and sadness. Was the sandy-haired stallion in some sort of trouble maybe? It wasn't common for Serian's to have enemies, that Zyria knew of, but that didn't mean it wasn't possible. Were they asked here to help fight? So many questions swirled around in her head. Zyria remained quiet though, studying each one of their faces. None of them appeared to be on the offensive, so Zyria wasn't convinced there was a battle on the horizon just yet.

Bubble spoke again, requesting introductions from the two of them. Zyria shot a quick glance at the pink-haired human, but Sign insisted she answer first as she was the first to arrive. The storm was still raging around them, though Zyria had forgotten all about it at this point. She locked eyes with Sign, then Bubble, before taking a few more steps forward. The muscles in her legs might have trembled a little bit, though it would be hard to see under her thick pants. She licked her lips, gulped, and then took in a deep breath. Although she hated being put on the spot like this in front of a bunch of strangers, she knew she needed to step up. They needed her help. They called her here, so clearly they wanted her here.

"I am Zyria. A land not too far from here is where I originate from, but it is not my home. These lands became my home at a very young age. Though I travel often, I can usually be found in a valley to the north that I call the Mystic Vale. A few of your kind live there with me, though I am not sure you would recognize their names..." her voice trembled and trailed off. Had she already said too much? They were not asking for her life story, just her name for crying out loud. She prayed her voice would reach them, what with the thundering storm clouds directly above them. Clearing her throat, she turned towards the Serian called Keidas and did as she was instructed.

"Keidas, it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance," she began, locking eyes with him. "If it is not too much trouble, I'd like to ask what has brought you here, and what your journey has been like so far." There was so much more to say, but she restrained herself. There were so many eyes on her, and she knew she was being tested. She needed to keep calm, stay confident, and follow directions. As much as the stallion intrigued her, she had to respect their time. She couldn't bombard him with the thousand questions she had on the tip of her tongue in that moment.

Just as the words left her lips, Zyria sensed yet another soul approaching. It was another human, though she sensed there may be more to her than that. Though she appeared petite, Zyria could sense a strong energy from her. The young woman had long, braided gold hair and dark yellow eyes. She joined them in the clearing, also with a Serian by her side. This one was dark, its body sparkling with the stars of the midnight sky. Zyria cursed internally for leaving Flux behind, and considered calling her once again. Like before, she convinced herself to wait until it was absolutely necessary. Zyria gave a subtle nod to the newcomer before turning back to face the others. Anxiety began to creep in, as she wondered what kind of impression she had already made on them.
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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

Occl: I fixed my first post, sorry Songhue not sure how I read that wrong. Also posting this now but not done. I will remove all the stars when it is good. Lost this three times, internet and power out problems
all done sorry for wait

BicL: Kyra did a quick glance up upon feeling the cold rain on her exposed shoulders. She smiled water was her element and it help her get some energy back in her legs she hoped. She slid down off the silver mare's back, but kept a hand on the mare's flank. A way of saying thanks for the assistance, she was sure she could stand now, but just in case, she leaned on her bonded.

SilverFlash nervous twitch evaporated at Sign's sad and heavy words. She help her friend anyway she could and she knew Kyra would do the same. A pull to help anyone was something they both shared deeply. They could not walk away from anyone in distress. We will help in any way we can, she spoke for both her and Kyra. She could feel her bonded's energy to help vibrate through her hand that was resting on her side.

Kyra's blue eyes filled with worry and concern. Concern for both Keidas and Sign, this was not an easy or even dream-able situation for both mother and son. The mother's spirit and determination to find her son the best place to call home was one that could not be ever stopped, but the hurt at it being not at her side must be a deep wound. The Worry was for the stallion whose eyes were a few shades off from her hair; an even more intense sky magenta. She glanced up at him, could she and everyone else her help this poor boy. What had he already encountered to end at this cross roads now?

Her mood lightened up and a small giggle escaped her. She could not help it, Bubble, trying or not made a very cute and funny comment about the other stallion up on the hill. Kyra could feel slight giggle, which over the wind, probably went unnoticed, but do to their contact, the muraki could feel it. As the wind picked up it blew her hair around her in a whirl of Sky magenta, but was not cutting her point of view off yet, still very wet from her swim and now the rain. Before this weather would have caused a slight unease and would have distracted her but after spending lots of time with her bondeds Skid, Sage, Spark, Strike and ShadowSpark, this was just another day.

Kyra looked over a the girl whom arrived a bit before her, know that she knew what was going on. Upon seeing Song's serians she was way to worried about what was going on to be very observant of much else, other than the skyfire, that demanded with bright flashes and roaring wind not to be ignored. She offered a smile and would wait for her to speak.

Silver gazed up at the two stallions on the hill, her nerves in check for the time being, gave her the courage to look directly a them. To really see whom was here, Keidas was very striking and she could not help but look at his magenta eyes. They were so close in shade to Kyra's hair. What had he gone through? Was it like her childhood? A family torn a part at the start by time and forces beyond their control? She has bonded to Kyra and felt like she had a sister again. The winds of fate also allowed her to meet and get to know her mother, but being already a young adult both felt more like older and younger sister, rather than mother and daughter. Was it the same for him and Sign? Siblings or best friends?

Her silver harks swiveled around and she broke her eye contact to see who else had arrived. As well as, to get a better look at the girl whom had arrived a bit before them. Her nerves where in high gear when they arrived with all the boys around, so her eyes were staying with Sign and Kyra until they dissolved away. Her starlight mane and forelock streaming away from her as she also realized yet another stallion had approached. Subconsciously, SilverFlash's tail twitched slightly and she shifted her weight to be in more contact with her bonded; drawing strength from her one of her best friends.

Kyra also turned her attention to the girl, she know knew her name to be Zyria, when she spoke. She also took note of the other bonded and her serian whom approached. She offered them a smile and a nod. The black haired bonded had asked great questions, same one Kyra was betting all whom were there were thinking of too. Turning her attention back to Sign and the boys, she said "Hi, I am Kyra!" She patted silver mare's neck, "And this is SilverFlash!

SilverFlash bobbed her head, It's nice to meet guys and great seeing you Sign! Her mind voice sounding cheerful but her pastel blue eyes still held a hint of nervousness. Kyra and others of our kind live together on StormDance Isle!

While Silver was speaking, Kyra was mulling over if she should add anything else. How much information was too much or too little... Well she decided she could add more later, this was just an introduction, not a life biography. She turned her attention and focused on the teal stallion.It is nice to meet you, Keidas. I hope it is ok to ask you, What are you seeking and what was your time like as a foal? She knew both of these questions were closer to the heart and more guarded, but it usually helped to share them. Do say them out loud was to draw strength from it, make it real. To really register it, even if not a happy moment, we learn and grow stronger from our troubles. One's trials may help another see through their own and way to connect; having gone through something similar. If this ended up on being to forward, then she come up with something else to try and help this boy.

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