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Re: Life

Congratulations on the engagement, Aria! That's wonderful news :D

I just posted a reply, Song, and sorry if it's a mess--it's been so long since I've written for fun and in Astarte's voice, so it might be a wreck. But I am super excited to pick the thread up again <3

I taught Comp 101, which isn't really my area of expertise but my program makes all their grad TA's teach it :lol: I didn't have any major rebellions, which was nice, and the students gave a relatively good effort. You learn college freshman really are like kids in some ways, like getting excited over the animals they're assigned in the Google Doc they're working on ^^;; I get to teach Lit next semester, which I feel might be more my wheelhouse, but we'll see what happens--they stuck me with the three-hour Friday class, so I thinnk most of my job is helping my students not start crawling up the walls in boredom xD
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Re: Life

It was beautiful, no worries. ^_^ I'm afraid mine rather got away from me, though.

Bills suck. >_< That's mostly what's going on, lately. Surprise medical bills are making life a whole ton more difficult than I would like it to be. Last year we ran some tests and ended up paying enough from those that the deductible for insurance was met; this year we never met the deductible, so rather than getting one clear notice of the balance difference from insurance we have a year of office visits that accrued (moving twice this year probably didn't help that, either).

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