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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:34 am
by Songhue
Pardon the tacky-pun-title. xD I just figured... Perhaps we needed a 'life updates' thread? We all enjoy telling about what's going on for us lately, and we explain what's keeping us from kerpouncing the posts as frequently as we desire, so why not combine them all with a general update section?

Now me, life is absolutely nutty. Spring break week with two sisters to watch in the day, I'm creating and enforcing an entirely new daily routine and menu, dog training school is taking more work than I had thought (but still a ton of fun), I'm trying to maintain a good relationship with my hubby while he's stationed in Germany until Sept. or so, plus plan and save up for a month-long vacation to South Caroline come Sept, trying to see if a visit to Utah would be in the budget (I'm going to have to save up extra as a moving nest egg after said vacation so currently it's looking like Utah is out after I catch up on pet expenses, replace my glasses and consider the vacation/moving fees), I keep needing to bail out my mother on her English homework (so I basically have an extra class where she takes the exams after reviewing what I did), and my anxiety has been toying with me along with my stomach issues. It's a right mess, so it is, but I rather enjoy it when I don't feel as if the whole world's crashing on my head.

Good friends have helped a lot. I mean A LOT. They've kept me pieced together when the anxiety was real tough and given me reason to smile when I started feeling I might not be able to handle the simple life of 'stay-at-home-student-mom.' (our mother gets here late, eats supper, spends an hour or two with us all and goes to bed, which means I handle things so she can get more hours to pay for stuff like food). And they know who they are. ;) Even if life is equally bee-hive busy-hectic for them and staying up-to-date on the little details with each other is more of a challenge with the time-crunches.

I've been considering off and on getting a job in the midst of all this, but that's what the dog training courses are for... I think I'm going to focus on studying and helping with the house stuff/taking care of these poor critters in regards to food/vet for now, but I'm keeping it in the back of my mind.

Gah. As far as otherrrrs...

I hope school isn't being too mean to ya, Vines, and that you got settled real good Tigs - haven't heard anything in a while and I'm gettin real worried! Keira, moving sucks but I hope you're nearly done, I know the sooner you finish with that noise the better and you'll love it when you're all set up in yer new place. Kyra, feel better, I know doctors visits suck and so does feeling sick (I'm still avoiding visiting the doc myself, have purposely let everyone forget about it so that I don't have to deal with that mess). Feel better soon, and Tal, good luck with next Monday, I hope they manage to help you real good! No more bad days where trying to eat makes you flat out miserable, or at least I hope as much for you. It really sucks (and kinda hurts) to know you're in serious pain. :heart: Rainer I think I remember you talking about the stables and horses being a little in flux, I hope that's settled all proper, and SunBlind I hope you're still doing alright; weren't you busy-busy with work? Remember to try those long baths and an afternoon nap when you get the chance! And I hope the others will be able to poke around some soon as well; MoonBlaze and BookWyrm and all the rest. I know they haven't had much of a chance to play, hopefully the next adoption will shine some luck on them! And I really hope poor Foxxy gets settled in good and proper, you keep getting whisked off so much that you're too busy living life to really enjoy it! :dies:

Oi. I tell you, Life; can't live with it, would be dead without it!

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:59 pm
by Kyra
Well the blood taking went ok maybe lol. 100% sure if I had been sitting I would have fainted and i was nervous, crying and just terrified before and during. To was scared of exactly not sure, but I think my bodies way to control nerves was gone with all the school stress they have had to wrangle with from mid terms. So they were at a disadvantage there, but hope never but in future I think I may be better.

Now waiting game, so far nothing and if not much shows they said will talk about results April 2! Excuse me hello EXAMS! Want to know right now, so hopefully my family doctor once he gets it lets me know soon!

I have also suffered various headaches and levels of stress so feeling better and starting to feel me.

On up note I ride my friend's cute large pony from time to time. She only has English tack but I ride like I am western since that is my style, the pony does not seem to mind lol.

Also got into a new series of books, well sort of The Infernal Devices, its the name Wold as The Mortal Instruments but way way way before any characters minus a warlock whom is in both. Its neat seeing some of the characters from Mortal, seeing how their ancestors were like as kids and how the shadow world was back then.

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:39 am
by Keira
Ok first things first... *collective glomp to everyone* :heart: :heart:

Songhue- I still hold out hope we can fit Utah in somehow so you can meet your neice and nephew but I promise I completely understand if its not workable. I would much rather you have an amazing honeymoon/vacation with your hubby.

Kyra- Wow I hope they get things figured out soon. I had migranes for 6 years before they figured out it was actually a problem with my heart and I had surgery to correct it. I pray its nothing that serious for you. (Oh and lol at Magnus being in both, of course the arrogant "man" would be in both ;) )

Ok so I cant remember what I had told everyone in the other thread about what was going on but so far they still dont know why I am having all these troubles with this pregnancy. The have done a couple of tests and all have turned out fine, It just looks like my body isnt tollerating this one well so it will probably be our last, which is perfectly fine considering we werent sure we wanted more kids before I found out I was pregnant anyway. Plus now we'll have a girl and a boy so it works out well.

In happy news after 4 years of marraige and living with family the entire time we FINALLY have our own house. We moved in this week. So far it feels like were just house sitting for someone but thats ok, still better than previously. We have lived with my parents because my dad was dying and had to have someone with him at all times so nothing would happen. We have also lived with his parents who dont really like me and his mom has told me that im an unfit mother and a horrible human being and she isnt going to try to hide that from my daughter because she deserves to know how terrible of a person I am. To living with his aunt, who started off a lot better but ended up being super paranoid and we werent allowed to have anyone over (even my parents) and if we didnt tell her exactly where we were going and what we were doing and invite her along she got upset and claimed we didnt like her and were just using her, then would get drunk and beligerent. So all in all, the house is amazing and soooo much less stress.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Here is a pic of my little girl just for fun :D


Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 9:24 am
by Songhue

I finally started on the commission to have all my lovelies turned into figurines, which is wonderful but progressing in a way that I hadn't planned on. She's doing three at once right now, Sparkle Thyme and Darroch, and they're all going to be sharing a base with different sections to represent their different homes.

I'm leaving on a vacation on Saturday (at oh-dark-thirty none the less) and there is SO MUCH to do here until then.

I'm going to have to get the girls to take over keeping the house clean for the rest of the week (I can't leave it a wreck), while I pump out as many hours of paperwork as I can to make sure that there's a bonus in my mom's check for her to cover dogfood if she runs out. I also have to wash said dogs, twice each for the both of them, clean out the rabbit cage, figure out what I'm packing and what I'll carry it in, and train everyone on how to handle the dog that just got out of his first heartworm treatment yesterday (I feel like I should be disemboweled for leaving him right now, honest I do).

On a side note I had to walk him out in the back yard on a leash just now and I swear I did not know that any one creature could pee that much. XD

If I can do eight hours of work for my mom to get her that bonus that will be enough to cover the dog food - but it's Weds now so that means most of today would go to that, then on Thurs the dogs would get bathed and the rabbit cleaned, and that leaves Fri for a major test in my school, plus generally preparing to leave and going over a list of things that will need to be cared for in my absence.

Seriously, I may wind up not getting much of a vacation... I get the feeling I'll need to be texting reminders every morning, helping to maintain things from a distance.

I want to try and study a little bit today as well as get the paper work done but as I'll be dictating what the girls do as far as supper and clean up at the same time I don't think I'll have enough day light. Blah.

The good news (or best news for the moment) is that I didn't have to pay all of Smokey's estimated 700 dollar fee for his treatment - I only had to do around half of that, and he'll be back next month at about the time I get back. That means I had enough left over in the bank to progress with the figurines the way the artist had thought to do it without too much worry.

Sparkle and Thyme are going to have a bit of a different look, as they would have had an update if brought into the newer style regardless. I asked our lovely Foxxy and she told me what sort of update they would get, and I'm putting that into the physical representations. Like, Sparkle's going to have the blue-purple fade still but it'll slip down into white legs. I don't know what sort of direction the fade would have or about how high the white might be on the legs, but as we haven't gotten into the details of painting yet I haven't poked her for that kind of detail quite yet. XD All the same in the end the difference will be quite noticeable, and I find that's going to be rather neat in a way. It'll be like they got that redraw, only they had it happen physically!

I'm also seriously reluctant to start the day. The work I do to get my mom the extra hours hurts my wrist terribly, and I have around eight to ten hours of that to look forward to.

Blah! Busy busy busy.... *toddles off*

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 9:09 pm
by Kyra
That is great for the models Songhue and in other thread looks great!! congrats

*quick update* Slowly brain working story idea not there but I been hunting music and got SilverFlash's and Tundra, let me know what you think!

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 1:04 am
by Keira
Songhue wrote:
I'm leaving on a vacation on Saturday (at oh-dark-thirty none the less) and there is SO MUCH to do here until then.

I know you're busy and stressed but.... GAH!! *excited bounce* 2 more days now!!!