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Re: Ideas?

Oooh, Phantom of the Opera...could take that idea and go all gothic, you know Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein LOL

But of course right now my brain is thinking Christmasy thoughts, like sparkly and glittery things, icicles and snowflakes., holly and ivy and evergreens.
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Re: Ideas?


We got plenty of kitties in here, but I can't recall any with a big whisker emphasis. Even a whiskey rat could work out - wouldn't it be hilarious if they paired up with a kitty?

Or even one that's just shaggy. Like, saint bernard shaggy. *pokes the fluffiness- I /think/ there's a horse under there?*

Or one that's based on an epelhant. Could have fun with skin textures with that one - not scaly, not fuzzy, leathery.

Or a shark!


And still, frogs. ;) Always eager for frogs.

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