You glance into the distance and see a tall range of mountains, dimly lit by the frequent flicker of lightning in the stormy skies. Upon the horizon there is movement, and a shadow emerges from the dark surroundings. As it approaches you see through the shadows to the dark stallion within. You meet his silver eyes and hear a voice within your mind.

Welcome to the lands of Sionayra, one of the seven kingdoms of Rhyandrithae and home of my kind, the Serians. I am called Prophet, Guardian of the Cherished Land. If you are passing through, you have a long journey ahead of you and I can guide you to our borders. If you came to meet others of my kind I suggest traveling the paths of Sionayra. The Visitor's Glade is also available, if you are weary and wish to speak with others like yourself.

He quietly awaits your reply as the wind picks up, whipping through his multi-hued mane and ripping leaves from their branches. You hurridly make your decision and after hearing your choice he turns with a smile, leading you farther into the heart of Sionayra.