Snowy Mountains (open)

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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Snowy Mountains (open)

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A bright snow covered all things in a nice soft blanket; the holly bushes, the meadows around the willow thicket and all that can be seen in this valley. An ivy and cloud coloured mare was sleeping under a very big and thick willow. A tiny bit of light penetrated through the canopy, as did the snow that fell the night before. Holly was covered in a sparkling coat of snow crystals.

As the light of dawn intensified as the snow rose, the ruby eyes slowly opened. Her green harks swiveled around, listening for any signs that would betray another's presence. She raised her crown and looked around, taking in that the snow level has risen in the night. A light breeze blew through her trees' vines and rustled her forelock. She could see and feel now the ice clinging to her. She loved the snow, winter and glimmer they gave off in the light.

She inhaled the brisk and fresh air, her eyes lighting up at the smells. She leaned forward and moment later was on her feet. She looked like she was frosted, for most of the heavy snow had fallen off, but ice shards stuck and gleamed all over her. She smiled to herself, liked the look. Holly decide it was time to get moving, and moved the tendrils aside her nose. She walked slow at first, enjoying the shadow and sparkles all over the snow caused my the sun lights attempting to break through.

The breeze picked up into a wind, snow sprayed around her feet. Her mane and tail flowing away from her. A smirk and spark came to her face. She broke into a run and whinnied with joy. The mare loved feeling snow and wind consuming her. It made her feel so alive and free. She navigated through the trees, their tendrils and after a few minutes, she burst through a snow drift into the meadow. The snow erupted all around her, she whinnied in joy! She loved the feel and the look of looking out at the world through a snow vale. She would see what this little mountain trip would bring. She had left the day before, found willow's similar to her valley at home and spent the night. Now in a new day she sea what the mountains held in store for her.

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