Spring Ripples (FireFly)

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Spring Ripples (FireFly)

Post by Kyra »

Electric blue mane flowed over her ebony and lightning bolt neck, her tail rippled like the water, as StormDance jogged along the shore of a large lake. Her hooves and legs still glistened from the water drops still clinging to her from the medium sized stream she has just crossed over. Sun bright eyes looked over the lake, they shone with content at looking at the beauty of the calm water. She was enjoying the sun heating her coat, and breeze playing with her mane and tail.

The lake shore near the stream was fenced in by sweeping willows. Willows similar to what lay around her lake and waterfall back home. The big trees with their tendrils were great for playing games around as well as just pretty to look at. One never knew what could be found behind the leaves. All that would make this day perfect was her mate. She longed for his presence, and she if was totally honest with herself, but dared not say out loud. She missed his touch and voice immensely.

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Re: Spring Ripples (FireFly)

Post by Songhue »

Path was right. It had been too long since he took a wander - a real wander, not merely a romp around everyone's homes. He never wanted for company, never had a lack of games, never ran out of stories to hear or tell; but sometimes a fellow just needed a good, old fashioned, wander.

It amazed him now much things had changed. He still didn't know what came Before; he never would. That was ok, though, because he had plenty of memories from the time he rebonded. He'd come here every chance he could, seeking that interaction that only his own kind could grant him; and then, finally, Path had come. Oh, things had changed after that, and they just kept right on changing.

The biggest change - and the steadiest constant - had been Amber. Would he find her again, finally, after all this time? Would she accept the ways things had changed for him, had changed within him? She had always been the same; his playmate, his lover, his mare that danced through the storms, that defended those who didn't deserve it.

He walked, aimlessly, as he pondered, hoping he might find her, fearing that she would look at him as a stranger. A stream found him, so he followed it; he loved the play of light in the gently rippling tide. That, at least, was still the same.

Willow trees came, and he smiled to himself. There had been willows when Path met her greatest change, when she had found the stallion to teach her what true joy was. Changes for the better, he thought; he certainly didn't miss the bruises that came with her admonishments. That one had looked to him for traits he could not possess, roles he could not fill, and resented him for it.

Now she was verifiably protective.

So many things had shifted, were still shifting, it seemed. But how much had he changed? He wasn't sure, couldn't be sure until he found her-

And he found her. There, beyond the willows, near the water. His mare; the one constant that had always, always brought him joy.

No matter what his concern there was still one other thing that hadn't changed. The instant he saw her his face was glowing with love, and he ran straight to her as fast as he possibly could. If she didn't move he'd wind up tackling her into the water; and oh, to hear her laugh from it!

He could hardly wait.

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