Sliding Storms (Open once finished)

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Sliding Storms (Open once finished)

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Starlight orbs are bright with joy and content, glowing mane and tail flow around her. ShadowSpark paws at the ground
while looking at the sky. The clouds head come in on her journey over to the hillside. The more the wind blew and she pawed the ground she felt her power growing. She enjoyed the rush of power and energy coursing through her. The purple lightning bolt flecked mare closed her orbs and when they opened, she reared to the sky and let her power connected with energy the was built up in the sky.

Lightning erupted across the sky, looking like yellow rivers zipping across a grey ground. ShadowSpark whinnies with joy and thrill, however she is in tune with her high energy art. Not a single bolt hits the ground, its heat lightning, but condensed in certain shapes.

Green orbs shone with joy and playfulness as he watched the sky

still working on
I need a new image

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