Nighttime Adventures (Open)

Take your Serians here to chat or just roam their homeland.
The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Re: Nighttime Adventures (Open)

Post by Aria »

Another nibble at the grass and deep breath of fresh air and she was content. It was a lovely evening and she was glad she had decided to explore and enjoy it. As she relaxed, deep in thought, her ears caught the sound of soft rustling in the plants nearby. She froze, holding her breath, for just a moment as she considered springing back to her feet and preparing an escape. Before she could decide, a crimson-colored Serian stepped forward from the brush. His low voice broke the silence, and she sensed no urgency or intent to harm in his words. He simply stated that, due to her choice in location, it was safe to assume she didn't mind some company should it choose to find her. She answered with a soft smile before pushing up from the ground and standing back up.

Before she could speak, another Serian announced its presence, a rich honey-colored mare whose appearance suggested anything but sweet. Though the main parts of her body were a deep yellow, other parts were shadowed in darkness with bright white markings that resembled bones. In fact, under the dim lighting of the moon, Flux couldn't tell if her limbs were transparent and she was in fact seeing through to the bones. She took a double take, but blood-red eyes met hers and pulled her attention. It's nice to see a new face... the mare said, and Flux offered a nod in agreement.

The crimson stallion then introduced them, himself as Thorn and his bondmate Scythe. The names suited them, and although Scythe's markings had a strange spookiness to them, Flux didn't sense any danger and felt quite comfortable in their presence. In response, she bent one knee and leaned forward in a short bow. A pleasure. My name is Flux.

The two took turns speaking, and Flux listened carefully as they complimented her eyes, asked about her wings, and explained why they were out and about. Flux couldn't help but smile at the compliment. It wasn't often that she met new Serians let alone received compliments from them. Her bondmates were quite used to her appearance, so it was nice to have her unique features pointed out once again. You are very kind, thank you. And to answer your question Thorn, no, they do not get cramped. The caps keep them connected and upright but only by the tips, they still move around and flex as I do. To prove her point, she flexed her wings slightly so that they lifted up towards her shoulders and then fell back down to her back comfortably. They aren't useful for flying but they do help with balance. The caps help keep them up and start interesting conversations with strangers, she grinned. In that moment she realized how long it had been since she'd gone without her wingcaps. Her bonded seemed to like them so she kept them on this whole time.

Scythe dropped to the ground and rolled over, scratching her back in the grass. Flux watched and took note of her jet-black mane and tail and bright red hooves. What interesting markings. She laughed as Scythe teased her bondmate, suggesting Thorn was a hermit who needed to get out and meet new Serians. Flux sympathized with him, as she had begun to feel that way about herself. It wasn't that she didn't love and enjoy the company of her own bondmates, but meeting someone new was always surprisingly refreshing. And Flux hadn't met anyone new in a long time. The interaction with these two was dare she say, fun?

I'm afraid I am with you, Thorn. I am a bit out of practice as well, she added. This was absolutely a welcome encounter. At the very least they'd enjoy some interesting conversation, though she hoped she'd make some new friends that could offer her a change of scenery and breath of fresh air every now and then.

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Re: Nighttime Adventures (Open)

Post by Kyra »

OCL: Sorry on time leaps here, every time I think but always corrected with force, into the right direction, I get a stomach/ intestine/ bowel... No one knows what attack, I take so much loner to heal. So once I am back and up right running, I have so much to catch up on. Also it plags the mind, so even reading can be hard and its snuffed out my creative spark. So currently on a up draft but no idea how long that will last.

BIC: Spectre watched as serians emerged from the woods and tensed. He as alright with maybe meeting one new serian but three, well that was pushing it. He was on pins and neatles as he observed the clearing, his whole body looking like solid glacier ice hidden under the sea. He could here bits and pieces of the scene below and at least caught the names and something about hermits. He guessed that could apply slightly to him, but in the past he was his name sake, a spooky ghost. However, he was around others, but not exactly having conversations, unless them running and screaming away from him was answering his manacles.

His ruby orbs taking in all their appearances, and relaxed slightly think of the look on his bonded's face if she ever were to meet the one with bone like markings. If they were real bones, well he just leave that out. She say she was fine as all the colour bleached out of her, making her white as part of OchreStar's coat. He did have to give it to her, she had never fainted but greatly complained that someone had thrown her into a volcano. That and she did give off a tremendous amount of heat, enough to melt ice. Holly was quit shock and really so was he, her abilities were water based not fire.

Thinking about Kyra, broke his under sea glacier stance and boosted his moral. Well perfect timeing as he could feel the breeze had shifted directions. Was not a full on switch but he was no longer up wind, but more of a down wind. His scent would hit the group, not strongly but enough to give him away, and not a mere watchful shadow. He tossed his crown, took a deep breath and took the leap into view. He walked a few feet out the forest line and stopped pat the top of the hill. His dusk mane and tail dancing around like sprites playing in the breeze.

Sprectre felt like he was crossing a frozen lake in mid thaw, ok, in view sure but now what. Just yelling hello there and interrupting their conversation was not his way. He also was sure if he did try to use his voice at this moment, it come out a haunting whisper.
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Re: Nighttime Adventures (Open)

Post by Songhue »

I would hardly think you were out of practice, if it helps any, Scythe answered with a smile and a small huff of effort as she clambered back to her hooves. She shook off as best as she could as Thorn smiled wryly about the comment of those golden caps starting interesting conversations, then stretched luxuriously. She loved her desert home, of course, and yet comparatively this was all one never-ending oasis. Such gentle reprieves moved in her home; there one day, gone the next. What would it be like to never have a need to seek such vitalities as food, water, or shelter from the sun?

Well then what would she do all day?

You have a spot- Thorn said, bringing her attention around to the left of her ribs, where he stood. No, the other side, he said, and grinned as she snorted a laugh, reaching around to brush off the bit of sticky grass that he had barely seen shadowed against her darkly transparent hide. There was still flesh, still muscle and organs that remained thankfully obscured by the shadowy quality that allowed her bone to glare at the world, and it was perhaps the flesh itself that deepened the quality of what was otherwise a transparent hide. In this light, with the dark shadow that kept the squishy bits mere shadows within her transparency, the only way to honestly see through her was to have something sticking to her side - the wrong side. For the most part it seemed she was simply a bit of orange with floating bones stuck in there to hold it all together.

And thanks to her rich history, she was completely comfortable in the skin she had. She'd been accepted - more, she had been loved. Perhaps one day she would be ready to move on, to seek a new love, another acceptance, but for now that history was still far too precious to her. It had shaped her.

Scythe looked up to apologize to their new companion for being such a goof, hoping to explain the rare luxury of such bountiful grass, and swallowed the words as she realized that the stranger from the hill had come down to join them. A moment's inattention... Well, this was why Thorn helped to look out for her.

Thorn had almost been caught by surprise himself, however. Once he lifted his gaze from his bondkin, he noticed the irregularity in the skyline; or at least the change in it. The watcher had left, then; perhaps someone else who was a bit too much of a hermit.

Except he hadn't left, but rather decided to join them.

This was, perhaps, one more face than he quite knew what to do with. When was the last time he had truly been around more than one or two others? He couldn't remember.

Oh, hello there! Scythe cried, her evident surprise rescuing him from awkward silence. Are you alright?

He did seem a bit... tense. Was he even breathing?

I'm Thorn, Thorn told him, hoping the ritual of introductions might prompt something of an explanation, and that's Scythe and our friend Flux. He had the rather bizarre urge to ask if the stranger also wanted to ask after those wing caps. That would hardly make sense, much less be of any help to the blue fellow, but it was what popped to mind!

I don't know this area as well as I once did, Scythe said, coming to his rescue once again as she cast a somewhat pleading glance to Flux, would you be able to help?

If not, we can just figure it out together, Thorn added, and smiled a bit sheepishly as he said since I know even less than Scythe, here.

Ever the gallant Knight, Thorn, Scythe grinned, and nudged his shoulder fondly. It had been a big change, for him to no longer be known as the Hermit, but instead as the Knight; but it suited him, now. At first he had simply been the Knight-guardian of that one little filly that sent everyone spinning on their tails; yet it was starting to seem that he would be a knight in shining armor for anyone that needed it, now, whatever their trouble.

Scythe may be comfortable in her own skin, but Thorn was still trying to get there. This new identity... It was a lot to take in, a lot to come to terms with. Others had already discovered that defining themselves by pain, loss, or bitterness led to a life-altering shift of their world's axis once that pain was healed, and others would be sure to learn it again once he had found his hooves, so to speak. It was one of those never-ending lessons that seemed impossible to learn through osmosis, and was thus destined to repeat itself in subject after subject.

Watching Thorn figure out how to cope with such positive changes resonated deeply with Scythe; it was, perhaps, what had originally drawn them together. She was eager to see who he would be once his journey was finished, and planned on walking each step with him. Maybe then she herself would be ready to move on to more changes of her own.

For now, they were together in the fields, and they had a brand new friend to help them wander around - and whatever the silent blue watcher needed, they would see to that together as well.

OOC| That sounds harsh, Kyra. >_< I wouldn't complain if you felt like this was maybe a bit too much and needed to pull out of the thread? You need to put your health first, not worry about getting back to us!

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