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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

As Treasure spoke, Tribe couldn't help but beam in response. The only thing to flitter through her mind for that moment was Oh, I like her! They would be instant friends, that much she could tell easily.

And then her fellow, Avvie he went by, he was a real treat. Slope gliding - he knew of slope gliding! How unfortunate that the snows had been light, it was perfectly reasonable to want to see somewhere perhaps a bit more accommodating for a quick change-

But then Sunray broke in, and she had to laugh. Recruit, was it? Well, she couldn't say she minded that, so much, and honestly whenever she learned of such new things she wandered off rather quickly to try them in different areas, show them to different creatures. She knew of a few places that could certainly use a bit of excitement to liven up their winter gloom - one of them had sleep-crabby Dryads that really needed to brighten up.

Ah, but then - an argument, perhaps? No, Miss Fancy declared it well-intended, a form of teasing, perhaps, although she was quick to shush them in a somewhat matronly manner. It seemed that while Treasure had taken the introductions, it was this mare that held the Circle to order, perhaps held it together - the lead mare had quite the responsibility, she knew that much. The bickery-tease seemed a bit unusual from such a bright tone as Sunray had, but then of course the vibrant sunlight always held a gentle battle with the frozen ice; perhaps the 'banter' was truly quite normal, and Miss Fancy was simply asking for some better manners upon first impressions. That seemed rather reasonable, to her mind, but then she had met many creatures with many cultures and had learned to be far more accepting than some might realize.

And then the choice fell to her, after having had it offered up to the group as a whole. Well, then, the answer was quite simple as far as she was concerned; she had wanted to show her beloved this little rendezvous anyway, and the travel there was guaranteed to be far more interesting, besides!

Greetings to each of you! she laughed, and nipped at Gypsy's ear in a playfully affectionate manner. Mine, she thought happily, and beamed her joy. I say we find this island together at first, if the choice is to be mine, and I am quite happy to note, Avvie dear, that there is a lovely peak set right in the middle of it for your snowcapades.

With that, she turned and gave the shoreline a somewhat squinty glare, considering. The easiest solution was to call upon the friends of her bondkin Bubble, although she normally didn't cheat in such a way. Perhaps if she could find enough spare wood-

Ah, but there! A glint of silvery-green just in the distance, peeking above the water and then gone again. A waterbearer, passing through on their long journey - and the island she knew of was not far from their path.

She called out, a toneless whoop of welcome rolling over the water like the shushing of an oncoming storm, and the flicker of silver-green returned again, disappeared, and then was replaced by a strange looking head. It was essentially a newt head covered with the skin of a whale and with a great fin set back towards the neck that pulsated with the tiniest of vibrations.

Grokni! she cried with true delight, and bumped Gypsy as if he would somehow share in her fond excitement. Look how you've grown, darlin'! How fares the journey?

Long, but with plenty of fish! came the answer, and the grinning visage disappeared for a moment before surfacing again in the shallows. There was truly no manner one could imagine him having made such a swim in such a short time - and yet, here he was, and other silver-green flecks began to speckle the ocean where he had been.

A good season, then, Tribe smiled, and reached down to bump his nose with her own. Ah, but it had been long since she had visited with them. Meet my friends, dear; this is Treasure, Avvie, Sunray, and Fancy. And this brilliant Magpie here is my mate, named Gypsy.

You found your dance partner! Grokni cried, and splashed around in a rather wet display of joy, making her laugh again.

Indeed I have, she said fondly, and couldn't help but nuzzle into Gypsy's shoulder as she did. Everyone, allow me to introduce my friend Grokni, a Waterbearer. When I last saw him he seemed to be but a tadpole, and now he's already a sound young salamand. Why you must be half grown by now, she added, turning back to the head bobbing in the shallows.

Almost, he agreed with the pride of the youthful, and waddled out further onto the shoreline, revealing a long, snake-like neck that disappeared into the narrow build of a gecko, and every inch of him shifting iridescently between silver and seaweed green. The front fin that flopped onto land started with a sturdy leg, transitioning smoothly into the kind of delicate water-fin that fluttered on his head and lay flat against his long back, even tipping his long tail in a strangely beautiful cross between a shark and a fish tail.

Oh, my, you've grown into your mander colors already! Tribe cried with evident delight, and smiled as the young male preened once more. Your mamdi must be proud.

You have to tell her hello, she'll be so glad to hear the news, Grokni demanded, and Tribe smiled again, pouncing on the opportunity she had been waiting for.

I was rather hoping I might be able to, she admitted, and nuzzled Gypsy's neck once again, the touch as absent-minded as it was sincere. Do you think your clan would be willing to give my friends and I a ride to that island with the copy-birds? I can't quite remember if it would be your mother's cycle as the head of the clan or not, dear, and I'm sorry for that - who is it I should ask?

Draknu is the head of clan this cycle, but he will be glad to help, Grokni announced, and with a quick flick of his long tail he waddled back into the shallows and disappeared for a moment.

Oh, how I have wished for such fins, Tribe sighed, and no sooner had she spoken than Grokni had returned - closely followed by 5 others, each of them a different tone of blue, green, or purple. Grokni was the smallest - not quite half grown as of yet, then, but growing all the same.

Smiling, she turned to the others in invitation, tilting her head compellingly before carefully climbing onto Grokni's back and gripping the base of his head fin with her teeth. She fit easily in the small dip created at the base of his shoulders, her body stretching over the length of his neck to reach the topfin he used as a form of radar.

The rest of them awaited, smiling in welcome as they waited to introduce themselves to these new friends that would dance through the waters with them.