Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

Post by Songhue »

As Treasure spoke, Tribe couldn't help but beam in response. The only thing to flitter through her mind for that moment was Oh, I like her! They would be instant friends, that much she could tell easily.

And then her fellow, Avvie he went by, he was a real treat. Slope gliding - he knew of slope gliding! How unfortunate that the snows had been light, it was perfectly reasonable to want to see somewhere perhaps a bit more accommodating for a quick change-

But then Sunray broke in, and she had to laugh. Recruit, was it? Well, she couldn't say she minded that, so much, and honestly whenever she learned of such new things she wandered off rather quickly to try them in different areas, show them to different creatures. She knew of a few places that could certainly use a bit of excitement to liven up their winter gloom - one of them had sleep-crabby Dryads that really needed to brighten up.

Ah, but then - an argument, perhaps? No, Miss Fancy declared it well-intended, a form of teasing, perhaps, although she was quick to shush them in a somewhat matronly manner. It seemed that while Treasure had taken the introductions, it was this mare that held the Circle to order, perhaps held it together - the lead mare had quite the responsibility, she knew that much. The bickery-tease seemed a bit unusual from such a bright tone as Sunray had, but then of course the vibrant sunlight always held a gentle battle with the frozen ice; perhaps the 'banter' was truly quite normal, and Miss Fancy was simply asking for some better manners upon first impressions. That seemed rather reasonable, to her mind, but then she had met many creatures with many cultures and had learned to be far more accepting than some might realize.

And then the choice fell to her, after having had it offered up to the group as a whole. Well, then, the answer was quite simple as far as she was concerned; she had wanted to show her beloved this little rendezvous anyway, and the travel there was guaranteed to be far more interesting, besides!

Greetings to each of you! she laughed, and nipped at Gypsy's ear in a playfully affectionate manner. Mine, she thought happily, and beamed her joy. I say we find this island together at first, if the choice is to be mine, and I am quite happy to note, Avvie dear, that there is a lovely peak set right in the middle of it for your snowcapades.

With that, she turned and gave the shoreline a somewhat squinty glare, considering. The easiest solution was to call upon the friends of her bondkin Bubble, although she normally didn't cheat in such a way. Perhaps if she could find enough spare wood-

Ah, but there! A glint of silvery-green just in the distance, peeking above the water and then gone again. A waterbearer, passing through on their long journey - and the island she knew of was not far from their path.

She called out, a toneless whoop of welcome rolling over the water like the shushing of an oncoming storm, and the flicker of silver-green returned again, disappeared, and then was replaced by a strange looking head. It was essentially a newt head covered with the skin of a whale and with a great fin set back towards the neck that pulsated with the tiniest of vibrations.

Grokni! she cried with true delight, and bumped Gypsy as if he would somehow share in her fond excitement. Look how you've grown, darlin'! How fares the journey?

Long, but with plenty of fish! came the answer, and the grinning visage disappeared for a moment before surfacing again in the shallows. There was truly no manner one could imagine him having made such a swim in such a short time - and yet, here he was, and other silver-green flecks began to speckle the ocean where he had been.

A good season, then, Tribe smiled, and reached down to bump his nose with her own. Ah, but it had been long since she had visited with them. Meet my friends, dear; this is Treasure, Avvie, Sunray, and Fancy. And this brilliant Magpie here is my mate, named Gypsy.

You found your dance partner! Grokni cried, and splashed around in a rather wet display of joy, making her laugh again.

Indeed I have, she said fondly, and couldn't help but nuzzle into Gypsy's shoulder as she did. Everyone, allow me to introduce my friend Grokni, a Waterbearer. When I last saw him he seemed to be but a tadpole, and now he's already a sound young salamand. Why you must be half grown by now, she added, turning back to the head bobbing in the shallows.

Almost, he agreed with the pride of the youthful, and waddled out further onto the shoreline, revealing a long, snake-like neck that disappeared into the narrow build of a gecko, and every inch of him shifting iridescently between silver and seaweed green. The front fin that flopped onto land started with a sturdy leg, transitioning smoothly into the kind of delicate water-fin that fluttered on his head and lay flat against his long back, even tipping his long tail in a strangely beautiful cross between a shark and a fish tail.

Oh, my, you've grown into your mander colors already! Tribe cried with evident delight, and smiled as the young male preened once more. Your mamdi must be proud.

You have to tell her hello, she'll be so glad to hear the news, Grokni demanded, and Tribe smiled again, pouncing on the opportunity she had been waiting for.

I was rather hoping I might be able to, she admitted, and nuzzled Gypsy's neck once again, the touch as absent-minded as it was sincere. Do you think your clan would be willing to give my friends and I a ride to that island with the copy-birds? I can't quite remember if it would be your mother's cycle as the head of the clan or not, dear, and I'm sorry for that - who is it I should ask?

Draknu is the head of clan this cycle, but he will be glad to help, Grokni announced, and with a quick flick of his long tail he waddled back into the shallows and disappeared for a moment.

Oh, how I have wished for such fins, Tribe sighed, and no sooner had she spoken than Grokni had returned - closely followed by 5 others, each of them a different tone of blue, green, or purple. Grokni was the smallest - not quite half grown as of yet, then, but growing all the same.

Smiling, she turned to the others in invitation, tilting her head compellingly before carefully climbing onto Grokni's back and gripping the base of his head fin with her teeth. She fit easily in the small dip created at the base of his shoulders, her body stretching over the length of his neck to reach the topfin he used as a form of radar.

The rest of them awaited, smiling in welcome as they waited to introduce themselves to these new friends that would dance through the waters with them.

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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

Post by Vineda »

His heart would surely burst at watching his lovely lady slide right through the social wave with a grace that kept his gaze locked on the beauty of it. And of course she would have a quick answer to the conundrum of their getting to this island. He felt the eyes of his Bondkin on him, some occasionally, some steadily. Treasure smiled at him nonstop, beaming her pleasure clearly but also looking adoringly at Tribe in a way that indicated she more than approved. Fancy’s was the steadier of the looks, studying them both in her quieter way. She would make her thoughts clear in her own time. He was glad they approved and seemed to have gotten on through introductions so well. Gypsy shook his head at Avvie’s whoop of joy to hear of a snowcap on this isle. It must be a rather large isle, then!

There was one thing he wanted to whisper to his love, but it would have to wait a bit. Her conversation with the water dweller wound down a bit, and though this Grokni disappeared Gypsy had caught enough of the conversation to know there would be a return. He brushed against her again. What an impressive creature! And from the sound of it an interesting society structure. I must protest though... if you had fins I could not hope to keep up with you my darling Tribe he teased laughingly.

As she nuzzled in he wrapped around her, maximizing their contact as murmurs and greetings to the Waterbearer came from each of the SunShadow clan. Gypsy watched carefully as his fearless water flower climbed nimbly onto the body of the water creature. He looked to the Circle, searching for reactions. Avvie and Treasure came forward with an eager hesitance that made him smile in fondness. She made it gently onto the shoulder dip of a large purple Bearer with some fumbling here and there, mostly it seemed in an attempt to avoid paining or troubling it - her? Avvie was a bit haphazard but shared what sounded like a chuckle with a silver blue fellow. Fancy came next, thanking him for his assistance then glancing over to Tribe to compare her position for correctness. Sunray had hung back a bit and was clearly nervous, but the kind deep green Bearer that rambled forward a length or two fixed the sun lordling with a challenging stare that made him clench a jaw and struggle up. After such a challenge, Gypsy was impressed to see that the Bearer even moved his leg and shoulder to give the stallion a boost that got him right where he needed to be.

Lastly it was Gypsy’s turn, and he looked to the remaining Bearer. He could hear others murmuring to their new companions but was so focused on his own new partner in this voyage that he missed their words. As he began the process which had seemed so relatively easy upon watching but now seemed quite a bit more complicated upon actually attempting, he tried to start up his own conversation with the being. Good greetings, and thank you for allowing us passage. Excuse me - he had to shove his weight over a bit of shoulder rise to settle in the dip everyone else seemed to have found. - sorry - whoop - there, is that right? My name is Gypsy. Pleased to make your acquaintance and very grateful for your help. He looked around to check on everyone else with a glance at his new ladylove, then focused back on the Bearer.

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Re: Wandering Hearts (Gypsy and Tribe)

Post by Songhue »

It was surprising in a refreshing way, that everyone would load up so willingly. She couldn't guess as to why nobody questioned the inclusion of Sunray among the riders, but any questions they had would be answered soon enough. It might simply be an attempt to be polite, with nobody being willing to take the awkward position of pointing out his wings, or maybe simply open trust. Or they could merely be willing to humor this new mare of their Gypsy.


The thought came so suddenly that it was gone just as quickly as it surfaced, the very abruptness of it bringing surprise in its wake to instantly drown it. Their gypsy of old, with tales and history aplenty, there was no doubt, but not their gypsy alone. She was no outsider attempting to insert herself, but another that claimed him as her own that sought to combine affections and unify the love of many. It was not only she who would no longer be alone; Gypsy would be all of theirs to surround in love and familiarity.

She would never give up her claim on him, her right to call him beloved. Their Gypsy, yes; and hers, at least as much.

Mine, she thought again, and this time found herself smiling.

Tribe let go of the head fin as the others clambered aboard their hosts, arching her neck around to see how everyone was settling in; her gaze lingered a little longer on Gypsy than the rest, admiring once more the solid build and vibrant color of a stallion who looked as if he could literally carry her through anything.

I might think you were a cannibal, the way you look at him, Grokni teased lightly. You seem ready to devour the poor thing.

And don't think I won't, Tribe answered laughingly, her voice warming with affection, as I will never have my fill of him.

Then may it be that your rivers are never dry, he answered, earning himself an affectionate tweak of his head fin. He truly had grown on her.

An idea sparked as she glanced around, setting a new blaze of excitement alight in her heart. She had said as much quite easily to Grokni, but she needed to tell her Magpie, himself. She should dream up a composition for him, something to truly convey these thoughts that would allow him to feel what her heart held for him. Her first love ballad!

Finally, everyone seemed settled, and the Waterbeareres began to move away from the shoreline. She couldn't tell what they were all saying as they became acquainted, only that there seemed to be no real troubles with getting started. Be easy with your dance, friends, as these new companions do not yet know your skills, she called, cautioning their hosts to move slowly at first. A rumbling sound came from the older Bearers, something akin to the deep churning of powerful currents, and she smiled; they were answering her caution with a slight chuckle, having noticed the added flattery.

It was interesting talking to them as they didn't use the mindspeak of Serians, but rather verbalized aloud. Their voices held the shaking, shushing rumble of water as they aged, yet the young spoke with squeaks and pops in their words, reflecting the bright notes of rain on the surface and refracted sunlight that shattered in ripples. The ocean only seemed to amplify and carry their sounds, as if the very waters spoke for them. The good natured chuckle easily carried to her.

You know the dance, Grokni squeaked, and there was a playful challenge to his voice. In answer, Tribe pressed her weight into the hollow between his shoulders, her profile streamlining against the curve of his neck as he outraced his companions.

She wasn't holding his head fin for stability, but rather she moved with him, matching his powerful strokes with a seamlessness that almost seemed supernatural. A wave came up and bumped them playfully in the side, making her laugh as they rolled with the impact and swerved wide before dashing ahead on the crest of another swell. The next one they dove beneath, her shape pressed and melded into him as they moved with a unison that kept her seated, yet when he broke the surface she went flying.

Grokni spiraled in a backflip while Tribe pirouetted beneath him, only to slide smoothly back into place as they dove back under the playful sea, the pair hardly making more than a ripple. When they surfaced again he was nestled comfortably at the base of a steady swell, with hardly anything other than Tribe's neck visible before the rushing water. She laughed from the simple joy of it even as her head bobbed in time with his, matching the dance of the sea.

Show off, someone called from behind them, and though she couldn't know who said it the water carried the words through the very wave that they rode. Grokni's answer was a squeaking chirp, a sound to placate an elder after the gentle scolding; for while they were all still young, he was the youngest. Sliding back to coast along the surface, he tossed a guilty glance back over his shoulder as the waves gently bounce them. The urge to compete would be strong after his display, each one itching to show off their best moves in practice, as male and female alike would seek one who could match the song in their heart. With novice passengers, however, these few would need to refrain.

Tribe glanced back with him, curious rather anyone had attempted to release the safety of gripping the head fin for assistance in matching the flowing motions of their hosts. Hopefully nobody was so uncomfortable as to be miserable; she knew that there were many who were not of the sea and would never dance to her songs.

That was one thing Tribe was good at; dance. She was no singer, but she eagerly anticipated the day when she could bring life to one of her beloved's songs. She already cherished the casual tunes he had shared with her, precious gems that she had paused to soak in, though she had made a point not to fawn. Let him hum as he wished, with no pressure from her. Still, she would have to thank him; acknowledging his gift to her was just as important as being sure not to push for more of such moments.

Others surrounded them all as Grokni settled down, the ferry group having reached the main body. A vibrant rose gold Bearer swam up level with the two of them, deeper tones of peach highlighting her face and fins and edging her belly. She had a narrower face than Grokni, more fine boned, and it was one that Tribe knew well, although she has been the shivering silver green of matronhood the last time they met rather than the dusky golds of pregnancy.

You still have to apologize, she told Grokni, and bumped him under the chin with her nose in a slight rebuke.

Yes, Mamdi, he answered - or tried to at least, over Tribe's exuberance.

Sashimet! May the moon bless you, darlin'! I didn't know you were to sprout a leafling! Tribe cried, offering her congratulations.

And may her light smile upon you, Sashimet answered happily, giving the usual thanks in return. I had hoped the surprise would bring you joy, although I hear there is another whom is tasked with hearing the song of your heart now.

There is, Tribe answered, and couldn't help but look around again, first at Gypsy then the others. She wasn't the kind to forget about her people.

Will you be staying again? Sashimet asked, and Tribe turned back to her with a smile.

Not this time, she answered fondly, but let me speak with my dance partner about visiting again soon.

Will you see a leafling for yourselves, soon? You had said there were others at your home who would sprout soon, are they well?

My bonded was to sprout soon, yes, Tribe smiled, and shook her head a little at the idea of foals so soon. I heard it was difficult, and that there was danger, but sorrow did not find us. What of your kind, do any ever prefer solitude?

Not to my memory, Sashimet answered thoughtfully, to sprout is something that we share happily among other mamdis, embracing one another's joys and pains. Were you traveling at the time?

Not then, no, Tribe answered after a pause to think. I heard that there were few of even her own kind present, though. I'm not certain which I would prefer, myself, she added with a touch of amusement, but such is of no concern for now. Leaflings are far in the future for me; the shores of my heart are brimming already, and I'm glad to hold such joy. I have no need to seek more right now.

Grokni sighed a bit wistfully, old enough now to appreciate what he used to think of as inane chatter. He saw the joy others found in one another and wished for the same, some day.

Your time will come, Sashimet said fondly, and added with a gentle smile, remember the wait that Shimi Tribe endured, and be glad if yours is only half so long.

Every drought must end, Tribe added, repeating the words she had been given on her last visit, though we may not live to see it, the water will come. All droughts end.

She knew that some wouldn't find that very comforting at all, but the practicality was more reassuring for her than empty platitudes would be. Grokni chirped in agreement, saying with youthful earnestness I'm happy for you, Shimi Tribe, I truly am, and then squeaked out a laugh as his mother splashed him playfully and sped off.

Sashimet reached a half dozen lengths ahead, bobbing gently in the churning water, and then between one moment and the next she disappeared. There was nothing for miles but open water; yet she was gone, and others ahead of them began to vanish in the same way.

Hold on tight! Tribe called, taking hardly a second to glance behind her, And hold your breath!

Then Grokni dove, and all of her focus was on matching his movements as the water shivered and buffeted them, tumbling them over themselves even as he swerved and corrected to push forward. The water pushed from all sides, as if hugging them or hoping to seize and hold them, and he spiraled. Moments past, and for a heartbeat it felt as if they had successfully been suspended, and then with a faint rush of passing ocean they were breaking the surface.

They were just off the shore of what Tribe called the copy island, although nothing had been there previously. The volcano that had created the island was huge, big enough that there truly was permanent frost at the top of the jagged peaks, and the eruption had been equally massive. Beach stretched for farther than they could see, though she knew from experience that it took no more than a moon cycle to walk the entire sandy skirt.

The moment her head broke the surface she tumbled off of her host, freeing him to hurry ahead with the others. Now that they were this far they would be eager to reach their destination; no time to stop.

She looked around as he sped off, wanting to find the others before heading to shore, and more than half curious if Sunray would launch himself into the air as he surfaced. She rather hoped so; it would be a wasted opportunity otherwise!

May it be that your rivers are never dry! She called to her departing companions, and smiled as some of them began to leap and spin in the air, landing with barely more than a ripple. As more joined small, gentle clouds began to gather, and a drop fell for each time one of them leaped and met the water again. Rather it was excitement or a showy farewell, it was hard to guess, but the spattering drizzle followed them as they raced out of sight.

Chuckling, Tribe turned about again to check on everyone before heading to shore. There were only two things she truly needed to show them: the copy birds and the wishing pond, so they might be able to find (or create) a passage back to the island that they could access with a little more ease. The beach was spattered with portals if one didn't watch their step; oddly, none opened to the lush greenery inland. They could explore a few of those, scale the peak in search of snow, try out those strange plants that either granted rest or energy - honestly, she was looking forward to finding out what they all wanted to do as it would help her learn more about them.

Now that they were here she was just as excited as a young salamand.

OOC| I tried to wait - I really did, to let you just enjoy having it done. Tribe was having none of it, though. None of it! :lol:

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