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Changes in the Land (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:06 pm
by Keira
Pixie stepped cautiously in the meadow that had been a safe haven of healing and love but a few short years ago. In those few years, though the land had already been changed, was changing even more. There was enough of a power running through it that he had been stirred from the happy frolicking with his mate to feel that things were changing in their home realm. The place they had all been born and most of them raised.

There was a new life here, one that had he had not felt since soon after he reached adulthood. Things were stirring and blossoming, growing and evolving. A long familiar, but suppressed pang rose up in his heart. Seeing the new land made the ever present longing for a foal spring up and clutch his heart in an icy grip. He loved his boy, don't get him wrong, Darroch was growing in to such a fine stallion and as a father he couldn't be prouder. But saving the land had cost him the chance to see him grow.

He wanted another chance, selfish as it was. To be a proper father. To be there through all the ups and downs and all of the growing pains. He dare not express his feelings to his beloved. They were raw, a bare nerve easily pained and triggered even more easily. Often times as he would sit and watch Path dancing he would long to confide in her, expressing how much he wanted them to add to their family.

If he was being completely honest with himself he was scared that she would feel past that point in her life. With a grown son already he wasn't so sure she'd want to be tied down with a foal again. Logically he knew he'd never know unless he broached the subject, but every time he thought about it he had to will himself not to get emotional and would promptly join in the dance and lose himself to the wild freedom that came with it.

Taking a deep breath to steel himself he cautiously prodded the earth with his hoof and opened up that part of him that had been wholly connected to the land for so many years.

Re: Changes in the Land (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:40 pm
by Songhue
Path hadn't been much of a wanderer before her Pixie happened to her. Now, she rarely went home; she wandered with him wherever he was needed, wherever the lands called him. Her son was grown and no longer needed her, her bondmates looked to others to guide and protect them, and the one place she was happiest was with her beloved mate; though of course she adored the rest of her circle-mates as well. It wasn't that their company wasn't welcomed; it was simply that she needed to be with the one that held her heart of hearts.

She'd gone home once again, for a short time; wanderer though her beloved may be, she would still need to maintain the ties. The new filly was astonishing, the bonded's life had erupted, Darroch was content to aimless adventures, and there was no illness within any of their hearts; not any longer. Even Thorn had healed his bitterness, although that particular stallion would always prefer solitude.

Caught up with current events, meals and nuzzling noses shared, and the warmth of being home and belonging tingling in her bones, Path had taken time to rest and struck out once more to meet again with the one she loved. There was a small joke that she was traveling even more than Tribe was, lately, although it was always said with a gentle smile that shared in the joy only Pixie could grant her. And Tribe was a gypsy of a mare, drawn to trinkets and treasures and always willing to go to the next place that would have a new shiny for her to discover.

Path was essentially doing the same thing; returning to her own treasure.

She stepped lightly when she saw him, knowing he would feel it anyway, trying not to disturb or distract him. He'd never discouraged this consideration; in fact, he rather seemed to enjoy watching her delicate, high prancing steps as she tried not to interrupt.

If it was important, she knew he would work until he finished; if it wasn't, he would distract himself with play, with her. There had been a sadness in his eyes for a while now, and she hoped that returning to where so much of his time and effort had gone might banish those shadows more permanently than the small distractions she could offer.

He would talk to her when he was ready; she wasn't worried about that. Until then, she would do what she could, even if it meant dozing for days while he worked. He'd done that before, when he was needed desperately enough; he would do it again. And she would wait with him again.

Never, not even once, would he be allowed to disappear on her, leaving her behind to wait and wait. If she waited it would be by his side, or not at all.

Re: Changes in the Land (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:14 pm
by Keira
As he opened his senses to the vastness of the countryside he dug deep within. Not merely content to look through the soil and the plants, but deep in to the root systems as well. In fact, he plunged farther in to the earth than he'd ever felt neccissary to do before. The last time this place had been wracked with sickness it had come from deep within the belly of the earth and he'd not sensed it until it was too late.

This time would be different. This time he would make sure that he went as deep as possible and found any source of trauma that may be present. He stood there for an unknown (to him at least) amount of time, slowly prodding his way down the earth.

There were certain points in every world. Places where leylines cross and energy fields meet. Places where the weft and weave of the world can be felt and information gathered. He stood on such a point now. From this point he would be able to feel the energy currents for hundreds and sometimes even thousands, depending on the size of the world, of miles away. He had already checked the other points for their home world, this was his final check.

He smiled as he started pulling back, double checking as he came back up, there were no signs of any sort of disruption. If anything, he had learned from this trip that their home world was thriving. While so many were off world right now and the land held precious few of their kind currently the land was very much alive and growing at a rate he had neither felt nor heard tell of before.

He opened his eyes and saw that the land around him was dark, the light of the full moon gently gracing all it touched. It was a quiet night, with no wind and the animals tucked quietly in their dens. He could feel her at once, his mate, his Path. Smiling he glanced around slowly, trying to see where in the shadows she would be.

Re: Changes in the Land (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:52 pm
by Songhue
Only two days, this time; not so long as other forays into his element, if he was repairing. She had grazed and dozed, trying her best not to be a disturbance, resisting the nearly overwhelming urge to dance with the setting sun.

She was dozing now, sheltered among the trees and barely noticeable among the dappled moonlight. The vibrant yellow sunlight that stained her coat seemed muted under the moon, an almost dusty tone settling over her hide so that she seemed a paler shadow among the dark bones of the trees.

Path could feel it when he finally returned to himself, to her. The lands always reacted to his attentions, and even without his particular talents she could sense the buzzing joy that greeted his touch. As all her kind, she had at least a touch of her own magic, although hers was not aligned to the earth as his was. Being unable to paint with flowers didn't make her blind.

It was a subtle sensation, but enough to rouse her. She lifted her head with a quiet snort, blinking away sleep as she swayed on her hooves, regaining her waking balance. It took a moment for her to realize what she had felt, what had brought her from her dozing slumber; he had returned to her.

He always did.

Smiling, Path stepped forward, unaware of how the bright tones of her coat shimmered dully, perfectly mimicking the sun as it set while she moved from shadow to moonlight.

Re: Changes in the Land (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:57 pm
by Keira
OOC: ugh! I'm sorry, so so sorry, its been this long since I've responded. On a happy note other than 1 dr apt in salt lake at the end of the month I should be done with the craziness for a while!

BIC: Smiling warmly at his love as she stepped from the moonlight he felt more at peace than he had dreamed of when deciding on returning to this land. While the last trip here had been so awful with the land in turmoil, this trip had indeed been a blessing!

The land was fertile and blooming in the full throws of healing energy. The time was ripe for new beginnings all over the place. "My love" he said hoarsely, a tremor running deep through his body. He knew it was time to broach the subject of family. A wiser one may have waited the night for more strength to return but his heart was full and he could contain himself no longer.

Reaching her he nuzzled her neck with his nose and breathed in her fresh scent. "I think it is time I talked with you about something dear to me. Would you like to talk here or would you like to wander some?" He hoped that she would be receptive to a talk at this point in the night, but there was only one way to find out.

Re: Changes in the Land (Pixie X Path)

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:35 am
by Songhue
Pushing himself again, insisting on talking, taking the extra time with her rather than resting; it was no surprise. It was often one of the traits that she adored in her mate, the way he strove to be everything that was needed, pushed to be strong enough. But still, if he could stand there and ask if they might take that time together, she could at least prove a decent mare and help to care for him.

She nuzzled him, wordlessly at first, breathing in the scent and texture of him after two days of waiting. She loved the feel of him, loved that when he danced with her they always touched, the slightest brush of flesh on flesh as their bodies twisted together.

He was the only one she could touch this way.

Let it be that we choose both, beloved, she answered, and shifted slightly to walk with him to a nearby stream, half-hidden through the trees. Wandering, perhaps, but still close; still here. Thy need for sustenance is truly demanding, and cool relief as might be found here shall be welcome for my own wake from slumber.

She drank deep, a happy murmur escaping her as the sticky vestiges of sleep sloughed down her throat, and returned quickly to his side; there had been times where she had needed to help him stand after his escapades, a fair trade for the protection he offered as they wandered, for his careful consideration of bringing her the food and water she required. He took such care of her; she enjoyed being attentive in return.

What is it that lies in thy heart, my love?