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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

Relevant tales, each of them, and yet Bubble, for one, had been hoping for something more; not that he had elaborated. That had been intentional, a means of determining where their natural mindset went; it was perhaps a positive trait that nobody had begun the tale of how one of their bondeds grew pink spots after eating a tasty fruit on a beach.

Though that would have been quite hilarious to hear, and probably would have helped to ease some of the tension, it was also good that Keidas' plight had not been treated plithly.

Sign felt a pull towards one of the tales, one an origin that would offer unique knowledge to the risks their kind took for the sake of these strange species, another granting the intimate knowledge of ghosts. There was only one more thing they needed to determine, and it would be up to Bubble how they went about it; he was the "game master" in this scenario, she the final judge.

Thank you for sharing, she murmured, and offered a kind smile with her words, the gentle rain pattering in sympathy to the long journey each of them had known. The days can be long and the nights cold, after such betrayals, and often the words rip open fresh pain when spoken.

Her gaze glassed over for a moment, a small insight to the fact that she held such knowledge as well. She had once had such ties broken, as well, although she had not drifted unbound as her son now did; she had been handed over to another as if she were little more than a seashell, granted a new start as the first she had tied her heart to moved on without her. She was grateful for it, however; how many of her kind never returned to this land of theirs, the portals between worlds sealed away from them.

It could have been worse; so much worse, as the endless loneliness Bubble had known. He truly tried to be happy, but it was so very hard for him to trust again after so much pain had darkened his smiles.

His was the weakest bond with the bonded they all shared. And yet, he had at least allowed a bond to form, however distant it was compared to others. Even that had taken a little extra effort on her part, but their bonded had put in the work; perhaps that was enough for there to be hope.

Sign tossed her head as the heavy stories rolled over her mind as the rain glided down her hide, peeling her mane from her neck with the motion. The clouds were beginning to break apart, small rays of light dappling the land as the last of the water trickled its way to the ground. A glance upwards revealed that Torrent and Keidas were both standing in a patch of sun, the water steaming off their flanks as the light returned.

It seemed fitting.

You'll understand, then, Bubble told those gathered before him, that while he wants to bond again, it's hard for him. It's hard for all of us, when we start to find that we miss the bond more than we hurt from its loss.

It's time, Sign called, and her gentle voice carried easily up the distant hill to the pair that had waited for those very words. Torrent bucked around behind Keidas and crowded close, and for all that the young stallion had been straining to join everyone else earlier he now tried to zig and zag his way out of coming to them now. He was no match for Torrent, though, as the stranger pressed him down the hill no matter what direction he tried to cut across, the blue-toned fellow prancing from side to side and carrying him along in what was nearly a headlong rush.

You remember what you went through, Sign said, and practically hid behind Bubble as the two stallions finally joined their small gathering, and you remember how hard it is to move on.

Your final task is to try and make it easier for him to move on. Keidas will let you know who walks beside him.

Don't get too carried away in memory; who you wish you'd had, or who you eventually found. Flow with what is here, now, Torrent offered, and his voice was a gentle rush of kindness, as limpid as his gaze and as urgent as his movements.

Keidas said nothing as he drew to a halt, but he did raise his head, arch his neck; angle his horn. His eyes revealed the dual storm that so many abandoneds faced; sincere interest warring with fear and anger. There were no words for such a state. The small creatures before him held all his attention, eclipsing even the presence of his mother, who thought that standing behind the two stallions would be enough for her to escape his notice. He knew her; she wasn't forgotten. But she could wait, for now, and be dealt with later. It was the binding of his soul that demanded his focus now. However proud Keidas was, he was not a fool.

These creatures would be wise to remember such things.
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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

To Zyria's immediate relief, the voice echoing inside her head expressed understanding and gratitude. Sign thanked them for sharing their experiences and appreciated that their stories might not have been the easiest to tell. The thickness in the air, the pressure she felt on her very being, seemed to lessen with that affirmation. Had she passed the test? She couldn't possibly know for sure, not yet. She hadn't exhausted any of them with her rambling at the very least, that she could sense. No one was snoring anyway.

The chaos in the clouds had begun to ease. The darkness that had blemished the sky above was whittling away to the edges of the horizon. Thin glimmers of light peeked out shyly from behind the clouds. Zyria lifted her gaze to see that the crest of the hill where the abandoned Serian stood was illuminated. Despite the cool touch of raindrops and chill of the wind on her skin, she felt a warmness begin to spread in her heart. Somehow, everything was going to work out for Keidas in the end. She just knew it. Regardless of who was worthy of the opportunity to earn his trust, Zyria had a feeling he was going to find what he was looking for. Or perhaps, he'd find what he needed, whether he was looking for it or not.

It's time, Sign's voice seemed to echo throughout the clearing, even over the distance, wind and soft rain. At that moment, the two stallions in the distance on the hill began to descend. Zyria kept her eyes on Keidas, studying his movements and taking note of how he carried himself. At first, he seemed to have zero interest in joining the rest of them, and he darted back and forth in an attempt to flee. The other stallion would not allow it. After a few moments, the two of them approached and came to a halt. Zyria lifted her gaze and adjusted her stance to stand tall and show determined, fearless body language.

Bubble gave the next order. Then, with little forethought, the words just poured out of her. Her stance softened as emotion took over. "At no other time are you better positioned to become self-possessed than when abandonment has pulled the rug out from under you." she began, ignoring the heavy pounding of her heart as she spoke. "Keidas, you are strong. You are undefeatable. The worst that could ever happen has happened to you, yet here you are. Still standing. Still fighting. You may always feel pain when you reflect on the past, but you grow wiser from the lessons you've learned. Each trial you overcome makes you stronger."

She trembled and took in a breath. "Just look at the sky." she urged, turning her own gaze to the dispersing clouds above. "Every storm has a conclusion. Some storms are worse than others and cause chaos and destruction, but even the worst of storms must pass. The earth heals, the plants regrow, the fire extinguishes. Remember your strength, Keidas. You can overcome this hurdle. You will regrow and flourish. You will persevere." Before she knew it she was short of breath and a tear was rolling down her cheek. She paused to take a few deep breaths to calm herself back down. She was fired up, she couldn't help herself. She had no idea how this was going to end, but she needed Keidas to remember his strength and realize he can grow and learn from his past.

"Whatever happens this evening, know that you have this amazing support system surrounding you. You don't have to go through this alone. And you will get through this. You will be able to trust and find love again. I just know it." A gentle, caring smile spread across her lips. In a quick motion she nonchalantly brushed the tear away with her fingers, slightly embarrassed. She hoped her words would at least spark something inside him. Even the tiniest of sparks can ignite and set ablaze.

Having said her piece, she lowered her head and took a step back. Now that she had played her part, she relaxed. What happened next was out of her control. She scanned her surroundings and met each of the Serian's eyes around her, trying to read their expressions and get some sort of idea of what was to come.
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Re: Determination {Unbonded RP}

OOC| I think at this point it's best to simply wrap this up. ^.^;

BIC| There was a moment where the otherwise stoic stallion laid his ears back, and even that mild reaction was enough to seem severe. The concept of growing wiser, growing stronger through such abuse of trust was not at all something that he wanted to hear; to imply that there could be anything positive about this entire fiasco, and then to claim he wasn't alone in the suffering! He was the very definition of alone-

You remind me of my own bonded, his mother said, her rain-soft voice breaking into his inner tirade. The smile on her face was enough to bring his ears forward, a sharp twist in his chest acting as a poignant reminder that the peace in her expression was what he had been seeking for himself. He wouldn't find it by pushing everyone away...

She has the same practicality within her elfish shapes, Torrent agreed with a nod, and Bubble, quiescent up to this point, gave a sharp double take.

She has two-leg forms? he asked, and there was a touch of something akin to alarm in his voice for the first time.

Oh, a few, yeah, Torrent answered absently, If you count her monkey shape, she has four. But there's five with hands, if you keep the monkey and add a mermaid. No, wait, six - there's that one with three fingers, as well.

The fact that Torrent was so readily able to answer these things was deeply troubling. Torrent was an even newer bond than he was; he shouldn't know so much...

Practicality might be a good word for it, Sign said, oblivious to her companion's disquiet as she tilted her head and peeled her heavy mane off her damp neck. It seems she has a certain inability to cater to indignant pity-parties, even while attempting to be comforting. One would never hear anything about the "poor dear who's suffered so much," but only how to move forward.

The same look of realization - a sort of ping - flashed through Keidas' and Bubble's eyes at the exact same moment. Indignant pity parties... No wonder Torrent knew more than Bubble, even with his relative newness. Bubble had been a right prick, now that he thought of it; there was a certain amount of reservation that could be understood, and then there was simply refusing to allow someone to be close. Perhaps it was time to rectify things; or past time, if he were to be honest. He had done everything except outright refuse to bond; to his knowledge none other had given her such trouble as this. Not even Caelum, and everyone knew that his elemental talents gave the creature migraines. Something about the concept of fitting the entirety of the ocean into a thimble.

If you're ready to help this son of yours move forward, I think it's time for me to move on as well, he said, and offered a reassuring smile in answer to the touch of surprise that Sign regarded him with. Surprise was quickly overshadowed with curiosity, and then she was nodding to him in farewell as he turned away. Whatever could have him flittering off like so many bubbles in the current?

Then she took a deep, steadying breath, and finally turned to face her son, all trace of timidity hidden. She was well and truly a mother in that moment.

You don't need someone that would pander to you, she told him, and there was a knowing sort of scolding to her tone, an indication that she had seen those ears twitch back, thank you very much, and no question at all as to what she thought of that. Understanding and patience are certainly required, but not pandering. You have your father's firey soul, but remember that you are more than fierce battles and aggression. You are my son, Keidas. I'll not forget that, nor will I allow you to do so.

A flash of her eyes and a shifting of sunlight through clouds, and for a moment the scars on her hide were highlighted, a stark and somewhat grotesque reminder that she knew of struggle herself. Her cove may be tranquil, her nature gentle and watchful, but she was of the sea; and the sea knew rage just as well as the desert knew ruthlessness.

For a brief instant there was a look of true shame to Keidas' gaze as he touched upon the old wound that never healed well, the scars that stew drew tight and inflexible in cold weather. He had judged her unfairly because of the peace she knew now, peace he craved; and sought to make others fight to achieve. It was natural, perhaps; a way of proving that they would care better than those previously trusted. But it was unfair, even still.

He nodded, unable to say anything, worried it would deteriorate into more anger just to bury the hurt, uncertain what he could say regardless. She was right; his nod was enough to indicate his understanding, his agreement.

She is your choice, then? Torrent asked, and as Sign smiled and nodded the striking stallion rushed forward, pressing Keidas towards the svelte elf. And for once, Keidas didn't try to oppose the onrush of the blue fellow that dogged his heels; he stepped forward with his ears perked, and a faint glint of hope in his eyes. Here was his future, the one he would trust his soul to. His mother and her friends had given an array of small tests, and he not only trusted in their perceptions (unclouded by hurt and angst as his was), but he felt drawn to her himself. She felt as deeply as he himself did, to have her eyes well so quickly, her spine soften so drastically; surely she would understand the fire in his heart and the storms of his emotions better than any other could hope.

Cautiously, he stepped to within touching distance and sniffed, putting her scent to his memory, wrapping it in his heart; and for the first time that day, for the first time in what felt a lifetime, he smiled.

He had a home again.

OOC| Congratulations Aria! Keidas would like to go home with you, with his mother's most sincere blessing!

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