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Re: Persona Characteristics

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Krinlith wrote:Name- Krinlith

List of forms-
-Wolf (coal gray/black)
-Dragon (black with blue tribal markings, has a purple glow when angry)
-Pixie (tan skin, pointed ears, shaggy hair and butterfly wings)
-Panther (black panther, with fur as black as night)
-Elf (Facial tattoos and chest tattoos, shaggy hair, pointed ears)
-Unisus (Deep, shadow blue-black, with faint hints of other colors in his wings)
-Shadow Hound (sooty black, uncut fur)
-Merman (Greyish black with a regal head fin and a back fin)
-Bear (Brown bear with a healthy, shiny coat, the fur giving off almost a honey color look)
-Phoenix (Rather dark feathers, with the color of lava.)
-Human (About 5'9", rather muscular with shaggy, unkempt hair.)
-Blue Roan Stallion
-Bull Elephant
-Hooker Sea Lion
-Grey Main Coon cat
-Spider Monkey

Gifts- warding/sheilding, controlling the flow and balance of energies and battle control over elements the wind and the earth. He also has a dual nature that allows him to understand both sides of an argument or a battle, leading to a better analysis of situations.

General- Though he can speak in every form, the sounds he makes (growling, purring, roaring, etc) depend upon the form he is currently in. His voice remains the same in every form, however: Deep, and commanding, yet at the same time calm and smooth. His eyes are the deepest blue-black, with his pupils being almost lost in the darkness of his eyes.
Just updated the info. ^^;
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