Belated May Adoptions!

What I'm currently working on, and what has just been finished. Suggestions welcome!

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Re: Belated May Adoptions!

Post by SunBlind »

Foxx, you weren't the only one with a cold, going through one now myself :P

But these were definitely worth the wait! I like how Erratic looks so sweet but with that name...the puzzle like markings on Aerial a lovely and I absolutely adore Arbalest's fuzzy tummy though with those paws not sure I'd have much more luck rubbing it than I do with my cat :)

Now, let's see if I have recovered enough functioning brain cells from my cold to put together a proper page for my newest Serian inhabitant!

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Re: Belated May Adoptions!

Post by Talia »

Beautiful as always Foxx! Congrats everyone! :D

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