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Re: Life

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:40 am
by Songhue
The family came in from out of state, prompting me to spend a solid week to (FINALLY!!!) finish getting the house in order, and as a result tracking down the last piece of my laptop charger. ^_^ My best friend on the planet is about to move away, also prompting me to make that extra effort to go Pokémoning with her each Monday, and the extra activity is resulting in some more positive mental shifts. I've had plenty of muse, just a lot of trouble with my mindset (showering/washing my hair is a huge trial by itself).

I'm playing it by ear for the holidays - we're massively broke still, so it's bound to be small, and the concept of putting out a tree is overwhelming for me right now anyway. xD

I'm really glad the diet trick worked for you, Kyra! It was red meats, for me - I can do seafood, and *some* chicken upon occasion, but that's it.

I've got nothing to offer for help with your attacks though, Sunblind. :/ People look for all kinds of answers in all kinds of places with mysterious stuff like that, so I'm sure you might hear everything from ghosts to religious stuff to anxiety. Hopefully it dissipates as suddenly as it started and never strikes at work, whatever's going on!

I've really wanted Keidas's thread to be the first one I get back into - even when things were crazy I resolved that if I saw Tal's reply I would make a point to get to it instantly. Would y'all mind if I picked up a few of my other threads while we wait? He's still my priority, and I've by no means forgotten him!

Re: Life

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:15 pm
by Vineda
Kyra, I’m super glad things are better! Elimination diet and food diaries are the best things to help pinpoint what’s causing issues, sounds like your stomach forced that one on you whether you liked it or not. Hope your scope goes well! Sticking to a diet can be so tough but just remember how not fun the consequences are and the cheese-less salad hopefully won’t seem quite as dull.

Mystery health issues are no fun :( I’ve had this congestion for about 4 years now that just does not go away, tried every allergy med I can find. Strange to have an allergy now, never used to. Should probably try cutting out some foods to see if it has any impact but i’m a lazy bones.

Have you tried things like breathing/stretching exercises, SunBlind? In case it is anxiety related?

Good for good crazy, Foxx! Hope it’s the kind you can look around and enjoy as you go : )
Holiday shopping is stressful, realllly need to learn to knit so I can knit presents instead :lol: Getting some snow here which is helping with holiday spirit. I think the tree will be next weekend, first christmas in our new house so we’ll have to figure out where to fit it.

Been stealing the hubby’s ipad for my posting since we moved, which may have directly affected my nosedive in posts. I’ll have to follow in Songhue’s footsteps and resurrect the laptop.

I’d love to pick up any threads that were going as well if others in the thread are game. Very much looking forward to seeing Keidas’s thread progress and him homed : )

Anyone traveling for holidays?

Re: Life

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:43 pm
by Silverdust
Hi all :) My first semester teaching is wrapping up, so I finally have time to check-in--I've been lurking for the most part, but I'm glad to see the holiday activity wave is perking back up. I've missed you all <3 Feel free to poke me if there are replies I need to catch up on!

Holidays for me are just a return home to the Midwest, where my bro and I will probably be speed running through the Kingdom Hearts series in preparation for the KH3 drop in January. Aside from that, I've got lesson planning for my next lit course and choosing thesis advisers--academia grind just keeps going ^^;;

Re: Life

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:39 pm
by Aria
Goodness it feels good to see some people out and about and some new posts! I've been checking in but honestly, the frequency had lessened more and more as time went on (shout out to Vineda for tapping me on the shoulder).

I kinda have a lot going on, but I will do my best to get some replies to you guys ASAP. There's a ton of pressure at work to get some major projects finished by the end of the year. I also recently got engaged! So there has been some interviewing of wedding planners and some researching, just trying to get a "weddings for dummies" rundown so I know what I need to do and when (I have zero experience with weddings). Then of course, the holidays are coming up. We will be traveling to visit his side of the family for a few days, and then my family is coming to visit us after that... *drowns*

Anywho! I've missed you all! I will be on and replying as soon as I possibly can! <3

Re: Life

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:30 pm
by Songhue
so much awesome stuff for you guys! Congrats on teaching, Silv, and on the engagement, Aria! Sounds like its "good busy" all the way around. ^_^ I hope it stays that way and stress is a stranger for a while!

I did pick up our thread with Astrate again, Silv, if you're still interested in that?

Re: Life

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:27 am
by Vineda
How’d you like your first semester Silverdust? Now there’s a game i’d love to go through again!