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Re: Life

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:23 pm
by Silverdust
Congratulations on the engagement, Aria! That's wonderful news :D

I just posted a reply, Song, and sorry if it's a mess--it's been so long since I've written for fun and in Astarte's voice, so it might be a wreck. But I am super excited to pick the thread up again <3

I taught Comp 101, which isn't really my area of expertise but my program makes all their grad TA's teach it :lol: I didn't have any major rebellions, which was nice, and the students gave a relatively good effort. You learn college freshman really are like kids in some ways, like getting excited over the animals they're assigned in the Google Doc they're working on ^^;; I get to teach Lit next semester, which I feel might be more my wheelhouse, but we'll see what happens--they stuck me with the three-hour Friday class, so I thinnk most of my job is helping my students not start crawling up the walls in boredom xD

Re: Life

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:39 pm
by Songhue
It was beautiful, no worries. ^_^ I'm afraid mine rather got away from me, though.

Bills suck. >_< That's mostly what's going on, lately. Surprise medical bills are making life a whole ton more difficult than I would like it to be. Last year we ran some tests and ended up paying enough from those that the deductible for insurance was met; this year we never met the deductible, so rather than getting one clear notice of the balance difference from insurance we have a year of office visits that accrued (moving twice this year probably didn't help that, either).

Re: Life

PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 5:26 am
by Songhue
Our dogs had puppies (oops) and they turned 7 weeks old on Saturday night - I got to watch the first one get born. ^_^ Fully watch, I mean, I saw the second one start to get spit out and then had to scramble to get ready for work >_<

In a week, the puppies I didn't find homes for go to the shelter, along with the mother. In two weeks I get the check that comes after paying rent - rent check doesn't really count -and hubby gets his first month of SSI for disability.

The good news is that in a couple of weeks everything will be more or less wrapped up. We've been going through the requirements to get him on disability for a few years, now, and he's looking forward to the relief that'll bring. he even has a basic plan on how to afford the therapist who specializes in his brand of C-PTSD (biweekly visits, rather than weekly, and payment options for what's owed while paying new fees as they happen). I'm mostly looking forward to not having my house smell like puppy mess again, heh.

The biggest factor is going to be dealing with our respective issues - between his disability and my own disorders, it's a day-by-day method. He's had a few hard days, lately, and I can feel my own issues flaring up, so it's gonna be about a week of us trying to cling to a life raft together.

Any time I consider backsliding and using alcohol to cope, though, I think of AuraSidra and the support she represents. I've had a relapse or two, but hubby helps keep that from getting too bad - he doesn't deal with alcohol well.

Now I gotta get back to work. Tonight is inventory prep and it suuuuucks, much more than I thought it would. Crawling around under shelves is a different beast when you do it all night, rather than just an hour.