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Mod Notices

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:39 am
by Tigress
This will be where my updates and future plans go, mostly related to adoptions but also including small to-do lists and notes to self.

!!!Adoption Notice!!!
Next adoptions will be April 1st
Next abandoneds will be May ???

These people have custom tickets for future Serians or Redraws:
Kyra- 1 Custom jewellery/accessory: small
Sethelu- 1 Custom physical trait: large
Songhue- 1 Custom physical trait: large
Storm's Fury- 1 Custom jewellery/accessory: large

Custom Item tickets:
Custom jewellery/accessory: small (think earrings, bracelets, necklaces, feathers/flowers woven into mane, an apple by the feet, etc)
Custom jewelry/accessory: large (think Veil's veil, Scry's sheer fabric, Avalir's wing decorations, etc)
Custom physical trait: small (horns, cat eyes, dog ears, fox tail, body spikes, etc)
Custom physical trait: large (wings of any kind, aquatic Serian, animal features set- fox ears AND tail/cat eyes ears and tail/dog ears and tail, kirin Serian, etc)

Unknown RP

Re: Mod Notices

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:13 pm
by Tigress
Just going to leave a note in here, I get comments/ questions on this a lot so I may as well make a pubic note.
RE: Abandoneds
If you take in an abandoned who has some kind of history- be it roleplay threads, a mate, a circle, all or some of the above, you are under NO obligation to keep to any of that :). You're totally within your rights to begin with a completely clean slate! If you'd like me to delete any old threads or take Serians out of no-longer-relevant Circles, I'm happy to do so. Also, Foxx has said that she can only make so many babies from the same parents before it gets redundant so if anything, you're giving her new material to work with so I'm sure she enjoys some pairs getting "revamped" when the situation calls for it ^_~.

When it comes to non-abandoned Serians it'll be handled on a case-by-case basis (as Circle choices, at the least, are supposed to be fairly concrete), but if their mate has been abandoned then they would most likely qualify ^^.