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Locked In

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 9:16 am
by Kyra
How is everyone doing with the "New World" out there. I am alright editing photos I was behind on from working and then still same fun stomache business...>< Now I am laid off at moment but I am ok with that, last 3 weeks of work was exhausting. No one was in my department and only so much 7 of us can do with no product for us coming is to work and nothing to replace because nothing was selling. We have 3 vacuums and used them 3 times a day even after cleaning staff came in for something to do. I got out of that by counting customers leaving the store since only 20 were allowed in, now we are closed to public but do curb side sales. SO my department got laid off. So Taking Niki on longer walks, so gets 2-3 a day an hour long but now we go for like 3 since can't play with other pups. That the downside to this, no dog park play dates with pups she misses them!

*hope you guys are all well, your families are good and you all stay safe*

PS I start a thread of board games to try or card games and you can message me or post if you want to know the rules-- been doing that for some of my co- workers-- not the board game generation so board out of their minds, so maybe it help you guys!^^


Re: Locked In

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:08 am
by Vineda
Life’s pretty much the same routine for me, though actual at work game is different. We’ve kept our hours the same but are seeing patients telephonically so the phones are nonstop. Lots of acquaintances are grumbling about having to stay at home (though many are getting paid :x ) and I want to tell them I’ll gladly trade for a week or two, but then I remind myself to be glad I have a job.

Hubby’s been laid off for weeks now but still did all the calls, emails, conferences (virtually), and sales pitches he normally would -and then some. They just hired him back on part time starting next week since he’s gone above and beyond even without pay and none of his coworkers did (not that i blame them, personally). So his part time status will let him make commission, which will be better than unemployment theoretically. Full time effort? I expect so. His stress level should go down a lot with just having the job officially backI’m hoping.

I’ve a few games to add to the list, but they are more for the weekend. During the week we’ve been worn out and stressed a lot so we settle for a random episode from a random season of one of our old shows - top gear, monk, downton abbey, dexter, elementary, chuck, veronica mars, gilmore girls, etc. It’s time to start a new one, just haven’t figured out what yet.

Re: Locked In

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:05 pm
by SunBlind
I write software so as long as I have an internet connection and something like zoom to interact with my colleagues the only real change is the lack of commute and trying to get my work done on a tiny laptop screen (at least I find the bugs where our user interfaces are not responsive to screen size). But much as I wouldn't mind some time off I agree with the "but then I remind myself to be glad I have a job" comment since yeah, would be worse to be unemployed.

I try to get out for walks but hard to do if I have a busy work day, or it's pouring rain (like today). Decided I would use one of my vacation days today to have an extra long weekend, since I only get Friday off usually. The weekend still went by too fast!