A Moment in Thyme

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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Re: A Moment in Thyme

Post by Songhue »

He smiled, all but glowing himself as she took the first step forward; saw the roots that carved the passageway, the flickering light that clung to the soul of the trees. He joined her, tucking his nose into her mane for a moment as he drew beside her; he found his little Sprite much more appealing than the greatest beauty the woods could offer.

Every step of every experience, for as long as you'll have me, he vowed, and stared forward with an easy step into the hidden heart of the forest.

The depths revealed a moment's darkness, for all but only a breath, before a light was seen ahead. At the end of it, vibrant sunlight streaked through the canopy to replace the gentle glow of bioluminescence, the roots parting at the base of a massive redwood tree.

Thyme blinked as he stepped forward, letting his eyes adjust to the brighter light, however dim it still was, of the setting sun through the canopy. Ferns littered the ground where they could reach sunlight through the towering monoliths, flowers swaying on vines that dripped with butterflies. A vague fog hovered over the ground, playing with his fetlocks, and in the distance he could see a fox peeking from under one of the low scrub brush plants that hid the opening to her den.

They were home; how, he couldn't know, as his home wasn't of the realm they had just been in. The wilds were smaller, the network of his bonded's people reaching as a web, obliterating the isolated pockets they had held in safety from the other inhabitants - perhaps that had made the passage easier, allowed them to traverse realms without the dangers of fiery boars or creeping spirits.

My new sister, BlackIce said as he appeared from the shadows hidden in the roots of the great trees. The Dryad finally found you, finally brought you home to your circle.

His voice was astonishingly warm for a stallion of ice and darkness as he stepped forward, though one ear was tilted in a mild scolding for Thyme's sake. Thyme simply smiled, stepping aside to see if she needed help taking that last step over the roots; BlackIce was ever the grandfather, ever kind and guiding. And always willing to 'forget' certain facts that needed forgetting, such as her previous ties.

She was theirs, now. That, as far as he was concerned, was all there was to it.

It seems that we are each other's grand adventure, my love, he said, and stepped towards her to help welcome her to his home, to this gentle celebration of her coming. The three of them, at first; small gatherings, gentle laughter. Then Caelum would have his turn to share his joy, and then finally each of them together, a circle of joy to surround her with love.

There was no greater joy than this.

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Re: A Moment in Thyme

Post by Talia »

His words never ceased to warm her, and she knew she was glowing. His sincerity and affections woke something in her. She couldn't remember a time that she had felt so alive, and so loved. She knew then that she would do anything for him, much as he would do anything for her. He was truly her mate, her match, in every sense of the word.

Oh Thyme, she replied, adopting a teasing yet gentle tone, You poor soul. You are well and truly stuck with me now.

As they stepped into the sunlight, she could help but gasp in sheer delight. The other room had been truly beautiful, but this stole her breath away. A few butterflies drifted their way and one settled on Thyme's head. It spread its wings idly, basking in the filtered light from the setting sun. Gently, she nosed the butterfly until it took flight, and giggled when it lit on her muzzle, ever so briefly. Instead of the bright golden hues of the earlier light, the room was filled with a rich amber glow; smatterings of reds, oranges and yellows. It was almost magical. Even the fog seemed to lend to the area's otherworldly appearance.

It was in that moment that something just... clicked. This place was the final piece of the puzzle. There was a sense of belonging, of rightness, that she felt when she stepped foot into the mist. Her sudden realization was cut short by a voice that she hadn't heard in what felt like forever. Before she even spotted its owner, a smile stole across her features. She turned and caught sight of BlackIce emerging from the shadows, and when he spoke, his words made her blush. Not out of embarrassment mind you, but being Thyme's mate was so new that she couldn't help but revert back to her usual bashful behaviour for one small moment.

Find me he did. Your Dryad is quite persuasive, she added with a grin in Thyme's direction. As she stepped up and over the last bit of roots to meet Thyme, she nudged him gently and leaned against him briefly with a contented sigh. It's good to be home, and it's good to see you again, BlackIce.

The stallion was so welcoming that she couldn't help but feel a sudden rush of fondness towards her new circle-mates. Were it anyone else, they may have questioned her sincerity, the easy disconnect to her previous ties. But not Thyme, and not her new circle. They accepted her. Or Thyme and BlackIce did at least. Sooner or later, she had no doubt that she would meet up again with Caelum and Tundra and see if they were of a like mind.

She turned her face to Thyme's and touched noses with him as she closed her eyes, feeling utterly fulfilled. I can think of no better adventure.

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