Serian Circle Information

A Serian does not form herds in the way an ordinary equine would. Instead, they form Circles, which are so named because of the balance they create. Serian Circles are intimate, and they are very hard to get into. Being invited into a Circle is always the finest moment in a Serian's life, more important even than Bonding, for though the Bond may break, the Circle never will. Because of this, it is near-impossible to meet a Serian that has ever left their Circle.

Forming Circles

A Serian Circle must have at least 1 mare and 1 stallion, and they MUST be on webpages. Because Circles are rarely large, however, there is a limit of 4 mares and 4 stallions per Circle. If you wish to add a Serian to your Circle, or create an entirely new one, just contact Foxxfyre in the forums. Permission must also be sent from any other adopters who have Serians joining the Circle. As long as you don't go over the limit, you can add Serians to your Circle at any time.

If you wish to make a personal page for your Circle, go ahead. As soon as your Circle is created, Foxxfyre will make a page that lists the members and their offspring, and you can either link to that, or make your own.


The naming rule for Circles is very simple. The Circle naming format is simply Circle of the _______ ________. For example, the name of one Circle is 'Circle of the Fallen Star'. If for some reason the name is rejected, you will always be allowed to re-submit a new Circle name.

Strict Rules

  • No Circle member can be directly related to another (only relevant with 2nd gen. Serians).
  • If you make a Circle page, you must link back to Sionayra ( )
  • If you try and get a Serian to join your Circle before it has grown from a foal to an adult, knowingly attempt to have 2 related Serians in the same Circle, or annoy people with Circles about joining when they have already declined your offer, you risk being banned.


  • You need to have a Circle to breed your Serians, no exceptions.
  • Circles that get foals will be able to choose who they are adopted out to, if the parents are unsure.
  • Your Circle recieves a page in Sionayra and is listed in the Circle Records.